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  1. @ssteph paranoid because I am mah be reading too much into BTS...
  2. @ssteph the only thing that i notice in his eyes are melancholy in his eyes.... his BTS does not seem much fun and his smile does not reach his eyes.... there was a time when he always used to smile.. i could see in this BTS that he is sometimes not smiling... he does not seem to be that fun loving person anymore... Maybe I am a bit paranoid....
  3. i will be so worried wearing that..i would rather not wear that watch....lol
  4. @mademoiselle i know right? #40K approx....oh my eyes..... no doubt i was in love with that watch,... most importantly even after not liking it , he still goes there.... and makes him embarassed.... the funny thing was when tenants were doing that zombie practice , the kind of look SJK had on his face... Goshhh..
  5. @mademoiselle not just damaged suit but damaged meal too..... i mean how i wished him to eat food properly.... but in the end he ends up drinking...lol...and it will be interesting to watch how he falls in love for cha young lol.... both are like poles apart... two completely different personalities..
  6. @abs-oluteM i was also introduced to k drama by DOTS... as much cliched love story it was , i absolutely loved it;...hence SJK is my first actor to fall in love with then , i watched his MCW... at that time LMH name used to be very prominent...ppl could not stop gushing over him... that time i saw his heirs ... even more so it was kim eun sook writing... i absolutely did not like it... then i saw few here n there and then fell in love with BOF and then Goblin.... then i watched personal taste and coffee prince... thats how the journey of k drama was with me.. okay now enough with i
  7. Oh boy what an episode... Outstagram cracked me up...
  8. @Tofu you all have my blessings for all the things all of you decide but hey this is song joong ki's comeback drama... comeback in the sense of disaster that happened in his life... I would not miss it for world... I kept refreshing Netflix like crazy... He was my first oppa ... surprised? Yes it was not lee min ho...!! It was him..
  9. ok ok.... this is SJK drama after arthdal and i am not surprised... the flower boyish image that he has ... i did have doubt about how he will look but it indeed looked good.... he did convince me as a sort of mafia boss...he does choose good script.... i was not bored even one second..the mishaps those started happening the moment he reached korea...gosh it was funny.. pharma guys are scary but in front of vincenzo they are nothing....they dont know whom they are fighting with... its gonna be interesting to watch.. the best part of the drama was father daughter relation....they ge
  10. 1. and also those control bureau people were not looking up to find her... they were focussing down.... is it cinematic liberation or it has some inner meaning? 2. if she lost memory then why was she asked by her father to keep herself away from tae sul... her father might know about something./ eating banana like that can probably because she liked to eat like that ...but when she was asked to eat it by peeling it , she liked it... but it can also be because she wanted to keep her charade ... she might liked banana as whole...none knows.... :D i think it is indeed sounding lame.... but t
  11. i did not understand quite a few like when shin hye had a dream of their marriage and she is coming from future??? thats why she said that he should not open the box? is it? secondly why the hell govt was keeping it away?? thirdly that secretary guy also seem to be crooked... this particular actor never played any straight role either.... i think i think he knows a lot of things...
  12. @im0202 there is subtle romance but i think this will not be romance focussed drama... very few actors are there who can make me watch the first episode of a drama on the first day itself.... shin hye is one amongst them.... Cho Seung Woo looks a bit old compared to shin hye.... but either way i am hooked from first episode itself... @abs-oluteM needless to say that its an amazing write up..!
  13. Initial few moments are a bit lengthy...but i can understand that they were creating the story and it was necessary to give the background..
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