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  1. @ktcjdrama this is also my first fan meeting ever... At my country , ppl don't do fan meets and stuff... But it was good...twitter saved me .. there is someone who was live tweeting about what he is saying in fan meeting..
  2. @ssteph the way he was cringing so badly when KSC was teaching jae jae how to pronounce tae ho.... :D
  3. I also feel the same way...it is getting so hard to forget vincenzo and i am so hung up on vincenzo and cha young that i want to see more of them...no not separately but together .. He did not tell us about the genre in particular but said that he will just keep entertaining us... Next will be bogota which is a thriller ... And its a movie...i hope it gets to be released in theatre.... There will be drought for next few months so there is no other option than to wait...maybe sjk videos on history dnc yt channel will help us to keep going through... BTW he does not
  4. @abs-oluteM yes And also both of them tactfully avoided talking about arthdal... I have a feeling they will not shoot arthdal anymore... In case you don't know, both sjk and ksc know each other from arthdal.
  5. q: what happened to inzaghi? a: i think inzaghi came all the way from italy when vincenzo came to korea. you can see a bird fly by in the first ep. it’s a fantasy element of course. but he’s kind of like a guardian angel for vincenzo q: final thoughts? a: i’ve been waiting for this so i had so much fun. i prepared something for you guys, so on history d&c’s youtube channel we’ll be uploading a lot of content so stay tuned every week! So That's all I guess.... Wait till he announces new project...
  6. joongki is good at giving compliments but is super shy when receiving them sungcheol promoting his upcoming drama! q: chayoung or minseong a: of course chayoung. i don’t even have to think about it q: plans for the future? a: i think i’ll rest for a bit after filming for vincenzo for so long. right now i think i’ll keep looking for ways to communicate with the fans like this fanmeeting. i won’t take long, and i’ll meet y’all with another project soon. joongki’s final thoughts in asmr “everyone. it’s already time to go. you worked hard today. goodnight. i was happy bc of
  7. @abs-oluteM Thanks for motivation... i will keep posting... SJK : “when we filmed arthdal, there was a scene where we both hugged each other really tight bc it was cold and we were scared we would get sick... it was then was everyone said it would be cute if y’all had a romance scene” SUNG CHEOL : sungcheol talking about him appearing in ep 20 “tbh i’m such a big fan of the show so when joongki called me i was like ‘omg i’m going to be in ep 20??’” SJK : joongki said he laughed so hard bc of sungcheol bc the staff didn’t have a prison outfit and then o
  8. kim sung cheol is the special guest.... :D SJK is super emabarassed.... :D... joongki said “can you go over there” and then sungcheol was like “ah hyung, we’re used to being together right??” also not sungcheol teaching jaejae the right way to say “taeho” jaejae said that vincenzo x minseong might win couple of the year at this rate and joongki said “no that’s def not happening” joongki said i really love sungcheol but the day we filmed ep 8 everything he did was annoying. but overall it was really fun haha joongki asked sungcheol to
  9. @abs-oluteM someone already subbing it..... in Twitter... this girl is awake and doing all of the important parts...
  10. @abs-oluteM no i don't want it either.... it was terrible.... in fact his arthdal hairstyle...
  11. for the first time , i will be attending a fan meeting where I will not understand a single word but i will keep looking at him as if he is the best thing I have ever known in my life.... :)
  12. @ssteph @mademoiselle @abs-oluteM @stroppyse he is on a roll..... :D Song Joong Ki Confirmed To Appear In Heize’s Upcoming MV | Soompi
  13. @mademoiselle now i can see that TKEM was not successful as far as LMH standard and Kim Eun Sook standard.... Vincenzo has become really really big and thats because the whole cast were having so much fun and they were so happy together.... SJK was crying at last..... all those amazing background scores.... SJK acting through green canvas...his eyes.... Quirky JYB.... Adorable Kwak Dong Yeon and hottest but cutest villain Ok Taecyeon.... i think this drama has given new shape to each one's career.... now how they maintain that career graph is something we are yet to see..... i wis
  14. @mademoiselle mine is at no. 5 .... i remember king the eternal monarch used to be at no. 9 ...
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