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  1. i just watched all the episodes of this drama...... liked it although few episodes are dragged and we can predict a lot of things but i think i like xu kaicheng in modern outfit more.... he was sexy as hell in well intended love...
  2. after vincenzo , this is one drama which i am watching in real time. That shows something about the drama. a PICKY Person like me watching it !!! lol....
  3. The Hair first and foremost... both Go Eun and the guy's .... oh God... and also the story...it seems like I am forcing myself to sit through it.....lol....
  4. i am struggling to watch this drama even if i like go-Eun....
  5. @gilaswan you are absolutely on point when you mentioned they look like professionally distanced.... personally in real life I don't see any chemistry between them...
  6. @mademoiselle i purchased it..... who cares about money??? He is priceless to me.... hahahaha...
  7. @Mouse you have seen Descendant of The Sun before, right? He was one of the soldier in alpha team under big boss ( song joong ki ).
  8. They have a grand grand grand marriage sequence in the book. I cannot wait to see it... @bairama @Tofu @Alice Wonderland
  9. wow....what a shrine ..... Hats off to @bairama
  10. i am really liking this drama.... though very predictable storyline yet its kinda keeping me hooked because of the acting maybe...?? i don't know but for me as well one hour feels too short.
  11. now this has again postponed... Sigh !!!! Like seriously??????
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