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  1. he is , and he is doing a good job there.... i don't know whether you have seen his Love O2O..... he was extremely amazing as suave and shrewd xiao nai.... i have always been his fan.... can;t wait to see his chemistry with Zhao Lusi...
  2. but u know YY is very professional here.... during LoveO2O , he was more playful.... he is still playful but i don't see them being extra close...in reality , the characters he play is far from how he actually is.... a very fun loving playful guy...
  3. @bairama hmmmm i can also only see his hand's position in that exploding photo...
  4. @NiteWalker yep and both are managed by their own agency.... So they can collaborate if they want to....
  5. @bairama have you seen his loveo2o??? it is also written by gu man... the same screenplay writer and the novel writer..... if this is making u fall in lvoe with him , then u will be head over heals for him with love o2o...
  6. just completed watching 9 & 10....without subtitles... loving the face that JJ giving cold shoulder to Yu Tu... i desparately needed to see a woman who will not fall on the feet of a man.... loving both YY and Dilreba.... will not get into this debate of who is doing better who is not because both are shining... @NiteWalker That poster is HOTTTT.... literally.... red & black...gosh , both of them together on screen can actually burn it and then that red dress and YY in a suit... Gosh , my ultimate dreamy look...!!!! i hope they take some liberty while drafting the romance... romance in the book is more like everyday kind athing.... but on screen they can surely take a bit of leverage... Again the husband of JJ manager.... i just want to remember him as Li JianJian's father in Go Ahead....as of now , nothing can replace it.... moreover that way i stay connected to the love story of Li JianJian and Ling Xiao.... sorry for being off topic....lol...couldn't help it...
  7. i keep checking clippings here n there..... they are yet to release subtitles , I see...
  8. i am fed up.... there is no lboody link that is working here... !!!!
  9. @mademoiselle they created completely separate icon for this special episode. This has not continued as season 3 of JJH and Bae Doona Version. Normally we find the seasons under one drama header , right??? but here they have created separate thread kinda thing. hope this makes sense... @bairama i did not forget anything of Kingdom specially when I heard Jun Ji Hyun will be there. Two months before , I specifically watched the whole series once again. Jun Ji Hyun acting is to the point. it was pathetic and painful to see how she was separated from her family. In the end , she has to kill her father. watch it Guys.
  10. it is showing there.... but when i click it , netflix showing error....probably a lot of ppl trying to reach...lol
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