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  1. Yes, every now & then. Strange but what helps me are some light exercises - brisk walk, some squats, yoga... Mentioning exercises... Do you like cardio exercises?
  2. I was off for so long, don't know what to expect anymore... :cry:

    1. abs-oluteM


      Hello dear , how have you been ? What have you been watching? Come by the Dabang & chat. 

    2. stroppyse


      Welcome back!

    3. bai


      dramas are always there! And us hhhhaaaahahahah I'm thirst for new Soohyun content anw WHENNNN


  3. Yes. It is a Turkish one and gives me such good vibes: Do you like signing while taking a shower?
  4. Can't even begin to describe how much I relate to that statement. :D Not a regular at all & no idea what I am getting myself into... But I am in!
  5. Thanks for the description, sweetie! Super interesting! <3 No, I don't. Generally, I hate winters - here it goes around -15-20C, lots of snow, lots of dirt, lots of ice. So... best time to cozy up with a book and hot tea... and stay inside. :D Do you like to cook? (And if yes, what's you favourite meal to cook ehehe?)
  6. Super good, yes. Although it's already cold here. :/ Speaking of cold... Do you like winter? ( And, I know it is not only "yes" or "no" question but interested to know what is the winter in the country you live. :) )
  7. True, I've been gone for quite some time. All is super good, just trying to get most of life before the next lockdown. Been busy with work and going out right after that. So... not really lot of time to sit in front of the laptop. How are you, love? (And all the loves, tbh. ;d)
  8. Ahahahah. :D I see what you did there. On the other side, I wish I had homework. All is work now. *siiiiigh*
  9. Aaaaagh! Very good, love! I believe in you! Keep me posted for sure!
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