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  1. Honestly, I appreciate their straight forward approach. It was a bit of an antidote to DS' dismissive, defensive posture and HJ's hangups about class and position.
  2. I don't think it's the killing itself. There are already loads of movies and dramas in any number of languages with violence, and truthfully, the violence is what initially put me off after watching the first episode. That Red Light Green Light game is brutal. I wonder if it's the social commentaries about the brutal fight for life where we may compromise ourselves for so many reasons, with the primary one being survival? Or how privilege can nullify one's sense of humanity in terms of the less fortunate? There are a number of pieces that has done a good job of analyzing the various social commentary in this drama. I think that commentary also matches these turbulent times we live in. And, perhaps all times are turbulent, depending on where you live. However, this time when we are in a global pandemic as well as in political turmoil in a number of jurisdictions including ones thought to have been stable for so long, as well as our sense of connection which goes beyond geographical boundaries and even cultures seems to make this an unusually turbulent time in our collective history. However, I can also speculate that I am full of it and myself. :)
  3. They're the same age, but she's actually been an actress longer than he has, so she is his senior in experience in both terms of length of activity as well as the projects done. . It wouldn't surprise me to hear that he addressed her as sunbae-nim when they met. Jun Ji Hyun has made the romance drama Il Mare with Lee Jung Jae in 2000 that was very well received, then went on to make the rom-com My Sassy Girl with Cha Tae Hyun the next year that made box office record in Korea and was successfully exported around the world. More recently, she's been in blockbuster Korean movies such as The Thieves and The Berlin File as well as 2 of the highest rated k-dramas in My Love from the Stars and Legend of the Blue Sea/ Ju Ji Hoon's first lead was in the 2006 romance Princess Hours with Yoon Eun Hye, and while he has done very well as an actor, he doesn't have nearly the acclaim that Jun Ji Hyun has, nor the earning power or the movie star glamour, for that matter. Having said all that, I'm anticipating this drama a lot given the acting prowess of both of these leads as well as the entire cast. The only thing I'm curious about is the script since I wasn't a fan of the original movie that this is supposed to be based on. However, it sounds different enough that I expect this drama to be better. Btw, this... She looks so fierce!
  4. Fair enough. *grumble* *grumble* It's true that she loved him a lot and they have a son and history together. Plus, she's not a vindictive person at all, unlike some other people who might not be as forgiving. I guess I'm just glad that Hwa Jeong is happy. The other couple who I think is rather adorable is Mi Seon and Policeman Cha. He took some time to sort out how he feels, but then went all in for her. Awww.
  5. Oooh, we think alike! I also think that the real culprit will be Hanju, though not sure if it's the chairman or the grandfather who gave the position to the chairman after SW's death. Anyway, it's definitely mixed up with Hanju. Also, it seems as if SW's father's death may be fishy as well. He may not have been an innocent victim caught up in it all. I am expecting YJ to be as forthright about things to SW as she has been about almost everything else in her life. But they need to clear things between them so that they can agree to bring Hanju and the real arsonist/murderer down. I'm not sure that they are silent so much as ineffective and too narcissistic to have much of a role in anything. The drama makes the comment that nepotism is a very bad thing for companies after all. Either they are extremely ineffective as in the Yumin Group, or they barely check in at work like Hanju Group (aside from the chairman and his daughter who actually runs things). Ms. Kim is an interesting character. She must have seen plenty and knows a lot having working in the Han household for so long, and she mostly seems to stay neutral, but I think she is starting to pick sides. She clearly has a lot of affection for SW. As for Mr. Noh, I think he's hilarious, and the bromance with him and SW is entertaining as is the way he treats YJ. I would be happy to forgo any actual romance in order to keep the three of them working together! I like YJ a lot so I don't want his heart broken, at least not while I'm watching. However, SW and YJ are clearly meant together, even with their flashback scenes of their youth.
  6. @ktcjdrama and @Mouse, thanks for your explanations. Now I understand why Hwa Jeong divorced Young Guk. It probably was a combination of everything, thinking that YG will be able to go be who he wants to be with rather than being tied down to someone he doesn't love, but also that she doesn't want to spend the rest of her life with someone who doesn't love her and only longs for another woman. The first part is because she really loves YG and wants him to be happy, however, the second would hopefully be for herself and about pride and self-respect. I can only imagine how much it must hurt to think that she was "convenient" since he couldn't have what he really wanted. That actually makes me madder at YG, and confirms that he doesn't deserve her. However, she's such a good person and so in love with YG, that she probably forgave him as soon as he came running. Grrr. He needed to suffer more. Especially since he just gave her the divorce when she asked for it without even bothering to try to find out why she wanted a divorce in the first place. YG has never had to try hard with HJ much less try at all, so it would have been good if he could have suffered more, but it doesn't sound like it. Anyway, thank you both. HI @YourHighness, welcome to JangHaven! I totally understand what you mean. As much as Hye Jin and Du Shik look good together and are clearly meant for each other, I loved the relationship between Ji PD and Hye Jin as well. Still, as you pointed out, all three of the leads develop and maintain good relationships with each other and will probably continue to be friends.
  7. The divorce wasn't real. It's the FL trying to figure out how to qualify to get an apartment in Gangnam. She thought that if she was a single mom she might be able to qualify for more assistance or something to afford it. I've only seen him in a couple of dramas, and he had makjang characters in both! Agree that the wife story is a bit boring, and her husband is rather weak and her MIL is a straight up nightmare though at least not rich so she can't do truly evil things. Then again, I guess if MIL was rich then she would have insisted that her son marry a rich woman rather than one who had to work to support him. :P
  8. I'm kind of leery of sad things right now, and have been for a long time now, I guess. It's just that RL has so much sadness, that I don't want to start knowing that I'm going to cry. Perhaps if you tell me that the drama isn't like that at all....
  9. First song on the radio that I actually remembered listening to
  10. No, I try my best to meet time commitments. Wondering what costume to wear for Halloween?
  11. Would someone mind telling me what happened between Hwa Jeong and Young Guk? Namely, why HJ asked for the divorce? I see from your posts that they are back together again, but does YG really deserve to be with Hwa Jeong when he's been holding on to his first love for CH all this time? Btw, it does not surprise me that CH likes HJ. In another drama, that might have been a rather beautiful love story.
  12. Wow, he really looks good in those pics! I want to watch this drama, but I'm afraid to watch this drama? Lots of violence, plus lots of confusion is what I'm gleaning from all of your posts.
  13. CPR really started as a 20th century practice. Though as @mademoiselle said, wikipedia does note techniques that are mentioned to try to resuscitate and keep people alive. Reading the entries and doing a little digging, however, most of these don't seem to have involved chest compressions which is now stressed as being the most important aspect of CPR. Haven't started watching this drama yet, btw. Park Eun Bin looks too pretty to be a guy, though. Not to mention, aren't they going to start wondering about lack of facial hair and why he(she) keeps refusing royal attendants to help her dress?
  14. Seems that the FL has asked her husband for a divorce? The MIL is something else yet again. It's kind of funny how proud she is of her son, but so not appreciative of his wife who supported him and earned the money to get him through grad school. Then again, I guess that's typical, in dramas anyway, for the mother to be blind to her own children's flaws while nitpicking everyone else's flaws. Definitely looks like it. He didn't like being set up on the blind date anyway.
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