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  1. Also, Caeleb Dressel picked up his 4th and 5th Gold Medal of the Tokyo Games, for the 50 m freestyle and the Men's 4x100 Medley Relay! Set an OR for the 50 m, and helped set a WR for the Medley Relay! I can't help but type with all exclamation points about this!
  2. Total respect to the Daddies! I think it's interesting to note what is considered "old" in the Sporting World. I read that Ahsan and his partner beat Lee Yong Dae and his partner, which brings me full circle back to Racket Boys.
  3. Whew! Just caught up on reading this thread, though sad it was so short. So... I'm watching a lot of badminton because of Racket Boys! Though lost a bit of interest when it became China v China. Prior to that, though, was amazed at the skill. Who are the Daddies, btw? I'm guessing Malaysian badminton players? I can't believe that SK put up graphics like that on television for the Olympics! Are they determined to convince the world that they are backward rubes who are so busy navel gazing that they have less sensitivity than a clam? I mean, really! We've seen endless dramas of how everything has to be approved via various layers of senior people. And, they came up with those antiquated stereotypes? Please tell me that they are as disgusted in SK as we the international community are. @Tofu, I even posted a pic of Caeleb Dressel (and his abs) who is America's fastest swimmer, plus have won a few medals in Tokyo and Rio. Anyway, I really appreciate that there is streaming available so that I can watch more than just US attempts on display. Actually, the rest of the world is definitely doing well, and the US is not as dominant in these games. So far anyway. Really looking forward to skateboarding and sport climbing as well. That should be loads of fun! Plus endless hours of watching the fastest people on earth running! I really think that they should have the athletes run against a cheetah or something though. Just for kicks, and to keep them humble about where they really are in terms of speed? J/K Okay, need to take a break to take a breath... err, give my hands a break from typing.
  4. Just need to do a bit of an appreciation for Caeleb Dressel. He is America's fastest swimmer right now! Plus, he has abs. So far, he's won gold medals in the 100 m freestyle, 100 m butterfly, and the Men's 4x100 freestyle relay, and has 2 more races to swim: the 50 m freestyle and the Men's 4x100 medley. Go Caeleb! (Tagging @abs-oluteMto check out his abs. LOL)
  5. Losing respect for South Korean men after reading about their fuss about An San's hair. She's an absolutely brilliant archer, only 20 years old, and completely cool under pressure. And, she won an individual gold medal for SK, plus helped win 2 other gold medals (Women's Team, Mixed Team). They should be singing her praise as a goddess of archery rather than criticizing her hair length. Grrrr. What is wrong with those guys??? I've already been irritated with the SK press because they go on and on about the Men's Team but wasn't saying much about the Women's Team, despite the women having more success than the men in Archery over the years. Let's take a look at the 2 teams in 2020 Olympics, shall we? SK Women's Archery Team 1 Individual Gold Medal 1 Team Gold Medal 1 Mixed Gold Medal SK Men's Archery Team 1 Team Gold Medal 1 Mixed Gold Medal 0 Individual Medals of any color I think both teams did really well, but I think that An San is a total goddess! Oh, and btw, the SK women have won gold medal in EVERY Olympic Team Competition since they started having team competitions in archery as an event. Thanks for starting this thread @Tofu. Sorry it took me awhile to get here.
  6. Oh no! Why is he crying? Is it about GW? Or is it about one of his patients? I hate to see him cry. Actually, I hate to see any of them cry. Can't wait until the next episode.
  7. BTS did a performance for BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. They performed 3 songs - "Permission to Dance", "Dynamite", and a cover of "I'll Be Missing You" which is a 1997 song by Puff Daddy and Faith Evans as a tribute to The Notorious BIG (Faith Evan's husband) which also sampled the music and lyrics of the Police song "Every Breath You Take" All three performances were fantastic, but it's their cover of "I'll Be Missing You" which is trending worldwide. It's pretty amazing with the Vocal Line showing off their vocal dexterity and harmony, and with Suga and J-Hope adding rap verses in Korean that are topical and meaningful in addition to RM's lead in rap in English that is more faithful to the original. Here are the Rap Lines' lyrics, as noted by numerous commenters on YT. I couldn't figure out who the original translator was to give credit to from the many who posted these. [RM Intro] Yeah, this right here goes out to everyone that can't see someone that they truly love (check it, yo) [RM verse] In the future, can't wait to see If you'll open up the gates for me Reminisce some time The night they took my chance Try to black it out, but it plays again When it's real, feelings hard to conceal Can't imagine all the pain I feel Give anything to see half your face I know we're still living our lives after this [SUGA verse (translated)] We're now used to our routines taken away But still can't give up living on We're more worn out because we don't know where this ends We're an island we made ourselves because we couldn't trust each other Hope an end comes for this tiring pandemic virus Negative thoughts can sometimes be a minus I knew it wasn't the end so I couldn't say bye When that day comes, will say "hi" like nothing happened [J Hope verse (translated)] I hate this world, our traces became memories I just empty my mind, trust without conditions I fill it every day with just loneliness Not like the longing that encircles me We miss you, baby Whenever it may be Here’s hoping we meet again, I promise Heck, even Sting who wrote the original song for the Synchronicity album gave this song his approval via twitter. :)
  8. Translation of the pre-release clip that @Tofu posted above. Jin: Don’t you go the other way? GY: That’s right. Jin: Then why? GY: Just because I want to walk. Jin: Children shouldn’t be running around at night. GY: I’m not a child. Jin: If you’re younger than me, then you’re a child. (meaning he’s a child to her) GY: It’s not just that I wanted to go for a walk either. (Jin looks at GY) GY: I’m walking you home. Jin: Really? What do you think I am? I’m okay to go by myself. GY: Noona may be okay, but I’m not okay with you walking by yourself. Jin: Really? Okay, if you want. GY: A little while ago. When that noona said that for the sake of the person she loved, she was even willing to forgo her dream, that was pretty cool. Jin: What does a little thing like you know? GY: But I’m taller than noona. (stepping in front of Jin) This much. Jin: Oh. Really? It must be nice for you being so tall. Jin: But I thought that it was a bit sad. That the most important thing in her life was another person. Living is so difficult anyway. GY: That noona will be okay, right? Since she’ll get her wish. Jin: We have to hope that she’ll be okay. Jin: Oh, right. You! What about your school? GY: I’m thinking about it. Whether there is another way or not. Jin: Okay. I don’t think it’s that important which path you take. What’s important is how you feel about that path. GY: I… there is a movie that I want to see. Jin: A movie? (sighs) Speaking of that, it feels as if it’s been a hundred thousand years since I’ve watched a movie. GY: Oh! Then do you want to go watch a movie with me? On Sunday? Jin: Sure. I don’t have anything to do anyway. (turning back to him) However, it can be anything other than a horror movie. I hate those. Because I keep having nightmares, I dislike them even more.
  9. Totally! ARMY up in arms! I agree with you that the story doesn't feel particularly smoothly told. I think it may be an issue of the directing and editing, though I blame some of it on the writing. It's enhanced by the fact that the drama seems to be telling 2 different stories with 2 different points, namely a coming of age tale with our Racket Boys and Girls, and a formation and preservation of community tale with the Villagers. Then they squeezed in Tae Son's story right at the end as well. The three stories seem disjointed rather than part of an organic whole. Oh well, I'm still enjoying this drama a lot!
  10. I burst out laughing at that part. I think the Racket Boy Scouts are sweet, but I'll take the Bulletproof Boy Scouts every time! I'm with the guys as well that Coach Yoon shouldn't go around saying such things, even though he means it sincerely. Loved episode 15, and can't wait for episode 16. I assume that this is a happy drama, so no real life lessons or anything like that in the finale, please! I agree. The boys (and girls) are all maturing, both on the court and off the court, learning more about themselves and what they want and are willing to do to get it. I do find it rather fantastic that they are each other's motivations as much as because they want it for themselves. I think some of the set ups were a bit obvious, e.g. Woo Chan playing doubles wasn't really much of a surprise. I'm still not vested in Tae Son's journey, but I think he's basically an interrupted journey. Things happened to him to lose his way, and it took awhile for him to figure himself out as well. It just feels a bit too sudden to have all this focus on him now, even though TS had been mentioned almost from the first episode. I suppose it also fleshes out more of Coach Bae, so that's okay. It still felt rough for Coach Bae to not go with the guys to the national championships, but I guess Coach Bae got word that TS was back in town. It was slightly manipulative of the story to put TS with the guys so that TS could get some confidence from the guys, but then again, I guess TS is the cautionary version of the Racket Boys. Then again, I guess the guys themselves are doing fine for the most part. Btw, I'm expecting HK to confess to SY even before he plays on court, perhaps realizing that it's silly to wait to let the girl he likes know that he likes her. Looking forward to ep 16, even though I'll miss the kids when they are no longer on our screens. This has caused me to watch more badminton at the Olympics though, so probably watch even more once this drama is done.
  11. The last time I can remember him getting the girl was in Waikiki 2? It's probably time for him to get the girl again. Anyway, cute couple! With big dimples!
  12. Yang Yang looks so good! As usual. And, Dilireba looks nice as well. I see that Yang Yang is playing a character who likes to play basketball again. It makes me think that perhaps he likes to play basketball in RL? Despite having to read the subs which means I can't multi-task watching, I do want to watch this drama. I would like a relatively light and fluffy romance which this seems to be. Though when Yang Yang is doing his smouldering gaze, it feels very intense to me. Btw, since I haven't read any of the source materials, and only think that it's light and fluffy from your comments here, if this is actually a tragedy or an ending where one of the leads dies, then I'll be on the warpath on this thread. Just warning you all!
  13. I was wondering if HR has to pay some price for her granting the wishes? Btw, I'm not seeing GY as being like Chief Oh, though I'm not sure about the relationship between Chief Oh and HR. I'm actually not getting a good read on the world that is shown in this drama, so not sure what role Chief Oh really plays either.
  14. Me, too. The coffee truck was so sweet. Btw, the banner on the truck says "Yulje Family ~ This is Chi Hong. You are all doing well, right?" Awww. Come back Chi Hong! At least for a cameo!
  15. Okay. Binged the first 3 episodes, so I'm caught up now. In the first episode, after HR closes her restaurant, she talks about going to "that child". It wasn't clear whether she meant Jin or GY, though the drama seems to want you think think that it's Jin with all the child flashbacks. I wonder about that though, and whether it's not GY whom she had wanted to meet? HR was definitely pleased with GY's wish and responses to her even if she did call GY a fool. Anyway, it makes sense to me that HR had met both Jin and GY as children though, and I like the idea that they may have been the result of wishes made by their parents. I wonder what Jin's powers and nightmares are leading to. Maybe she is going to become the next witch after HR completely disappears. It would be nice to get more clarification on the basis for HR disappearing though. Is it if she grants her own wish? I like the chemistry between Jin and GY, but not sure I buy it on a romance level. That may have to do with the fact that they made GY be a high schooler though, even if GY is contemplating dropping out of school. I think I'm in the minority here when I say that I wasn't actually swept away by GY's reasons for wanting to stay by Jin's side. Basically, it boils down to GY thinks Jin is pretty when she smiles. I know he's meant to be intrigued when she gives him confusing advice for living as a nice person or not, but at the end of the day, it seems to be because Jin is pretty. I'm fine with that as the basis for a crush, but not as a lifelong longing to be with someone. Aside from that though, I do like the interactions between Jin and GY, as well as their interactions with HR. Your comment made me totally laugh! I think that Bae Yoon Gi will be fine. He's winning an award and a monetary reward as a brave citizen, as shown on the news for his bravery. That should be the start of his opportunity. The fame may be momentary, but it means more people are aware of who he is, and it could open new doors for him since he's not just one of the many resumes albeit one with fewer specs than others. Plus, as @mademoiselle, they can probably stitch his fingers back. Btw, I actually wondered if by costing him an arm, it was going to be a broken arm rather than an amputation of some kind? So, perhaps the finger amputation may have been worse than a broken arm. though it sounded better to YG in terms of 2 fingers versus 1 arm. So, next episode, we're going to see Min Ha from Hospital Playlist as the case of the once happiest woman on earth. Wonder if she's going to hope that Seok Hyeong gives her a chance???
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