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  1. They're going to dub Jasper's voice???? But why???? I love his voice! Even if I can't understand a single thing he's saying.
  2. I feel as if I need to watch Beyond Evil before I vote for anything since that seems to have a lot of nominations, but I didn't even watch 1 episode of it.
  3. I am, too. I thought he might die since he was part of the bad guys, even if he had turned over a new leaf. However, it seems fitting that he dies at the hands of his crazy real brother. VC had tried to warn HS to go into hiding for a few months until everything is over, but HS had accepted that it could cause him his life and refused to go. And, ultimately, it was through HS, that VC is able to track JW down and kill him. Frankly, both CMH and JJW's deaths were totally horrifying, though given how much pain and death they had dealt to numerous others, probably fitting. The rest ab
  4. Nice recap. He had actually attached himself to the Italian Diplomatic Delegation who had come for the celebration of Korean-Italian relations. And, that's why he could only stay for a day since he has to leave with the delegation as well. I did like the kiss at the end as VC confesses his love for HCY and tells her that he has a room set aside for her on the island. Even though they're parting again, it feels implied that she'll be visiting his island when she can. However, they both have their work to do, and so they definitely won't be a typical couple.
  5. Yes, I found the transitions between flashbacks and present scenes rather annoying as well. I'll watch episode 5 and 6 to see if I want to stick with it. There are parts of the story that could be compelling.
  6. I'm just finishing episode 4 now, but the pacing on this drama feels a bit draggy for me. Which is a shame because I was really looking forward to this drama. Is it just me, or anyone else feel the same? I like some of the individual dynamics, but the pacing of the story means that I'm not always the most eager to see these episodes. Plus, I keep wanting to smack some of the characters around. I guess that means that they are doing a good job?
  7. It's been fun reading everyone's posts! Thanks for participating during the TAXI DRIVER EVENT and looking forward to continuing to read your posts until the end of this drama! Points will be awarded shortly. Happy watching!
  8. Okay, finally got enough tissues that I made it to the end of the drama. I feel my heart is rather broken by the disease, though I appreciate where the drama ended. When SS tells her father that she'll take care of him and that she'll teach him, it was a tender, heartbreaking moment since her father is not like a child in that he won't be teachable as he loses his memories and his motor skills. When SG tells his father that he wants to be a doctor again so that he can do his best to help his patients get as much time as they can, that was a sweet tender moment infused w
  9. A translation of the preview scene for ep 7. @abs-oluteM KHN: Making a person confused. KHN: Let’s talk for a bit. KHN: You said you were in the Planning Department, right? Let’s get some information. You have 2 things to consider here. 1. You do not need to be working for a criminal. 2. You can earn some money. For a good informant, we also pay a lot of money. And, that money isn’t dirty, it’s clean. If you had not been a part of Blue Bird, I wouldn’t be speaking to you like this. I would have just arrested and jailed the entire lot of you. KHN: It’s good to earn
  10. Just the start of episode 11, and I'm crying already.
  11. I think it's normal for actors to lose weight while they're shooting their dramas. It's a lot of work and a lot of hours that they are on set. And, when they're not on set, they're prepping for the next scenes.
  12. As a part of this event, we've stocked the Members Shop with a couple of badges of Lee Je Hoon as Do Ki that you can purchase with all the points you're making by posting during this event.
  13. Even though it's being played as comedy, it feels rather tragic. The baby daddy seems to be a bit clueless and immature, and definitely not someone that the girl can depend on. The girl has gotten into Seoul National University, which is the premier university in the country, but she won't be able to attend as a mother. Her acceptance into SNU is her mother's only point of pride right now as the mother finds herself being pushed to the side at work, and for some reason, the mother seems to be the only breadwinner in the family right now, so the mother is going to be dev
  14. Translation of text preview for ep 19 Vincenzo has returned. Having already planned with Cha Young to rescue CEO Jo, Chief Kim and several colleagues had blocked the way already. Vincenzo and Cha Young prepare for Babel Group’s final trial. Backed into a corner, Myung Hee gets Jung Woo out of prison without Vincenzo and Cha Young finding out.
  15. A translation of ep 19 preview JJW: Come to me so that no one knows. By yourself. VC: This time, you really can stay out of it, Lawyer-nim. HCY: The law, you don’t respect it the least bit. CMH: The only one who can face off against Vincenzo is Chairman Jang Han Seok. HCY: No matter how much I think about it, you’re not even a human being. Man: If anything happens to Lawyer Hong Cha Young, you’ll die. JJW: Because I want to see you die first. VC: Whether you want to make amends or not, I don’t care. You’re going to suffer beyond anything you can imagine.
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