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  1. I cracked up so hard when I was watching them roll SJK, especially since SJK was supposed to be this sophisticated mafioso consigliere, and he totally got rolled! It hadn't been that long since I watched Space Sweepers, so I kind of liked the idea of Tiger Park pulling a fast one on Tae Oh. Also, thanks @ssteph for the Jenga video. So cute!
  2. Congratulations @katakwasabi! Sung Shin Rok seems fitting to be the ULTIMATE VILLAIN! Please note that all points have been awarded. If you don't see the points that you've won, please let me know. Thanks @SnowBlob for another fun, fantastic event!
  3. I liked episode 4. Got over the shock of HYM's accident at the end of ep 3, so I was prepared for the start of ep 4, and I appreciated that it does become the driver for a lot of things. HCY had the most growth in this episode. I was cheering as HCY gave her resignation after she hears about the "suicide" of the researcher, and realizes that Babel and Wusang may have had something to do with their deaths, not to mention the smear campaigns on both men. I actually felt bad for HCY in her realization that she had been doing the dirty work for the people who callously killed her fathe
  4. I like that idea better as well, but it feels as if it would be a better twist to have TC be the Big Bad Villain. Also, that would take TC outside of his comfort zone rather than being the "good guy" who doesn't quite manage to stand out as he's been in so many of his dramas, even ones where he is nominally the lead.
  5. Preview for episode 4, with a translation. VC: Don’t you know better than anyone? That you can’t win against Babel using ordinary means. HCY: For raising the stakes, thank you?? JJW: Sunbae! Sunbae, if you keep this up, then I won’t see you ever again. HCY: Why in the world did you do something like that?! VC: That is my way. To give back as much I’ve received. HCY: Surely, you’re not going to shoot a gun or anything like that, right? VC: Who gave you the order? CMH: No matter what you do, you’re in the palm of my hand, aren’t you? JHS: If you did s
  6. Ahhhh! This drama is driving me crazy, but in a good way! I can't believe that Babel Pharma killed off the entire research team to prevent any more runaways. Wow, that's painting Babel to be very, very dark and ruthless. I think Lawyer Hong, the father, is going to die as well. It's going to be the trigger that makes it more personal for Vincenzo, especially with the connection to his mother, and it will cause HCY to at least start questioning her representation of Babel whereas right now she's refusing to believe anything negative while insisting that there is no point
  7. Round 5 The hero that you're facing this time is... So, get ready, get set, GO!
  8. Round 4 2 points! Round 4 has ended and points are being tallied. Round 5 will start soon-ish.
  9. I know that I haven't contributed much to this thread, but that's because this drama is mostly a fail for me. I didn't have any expectations beyond being curious about the chemistry between Cho Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye, but now I think that there is none. The rest in the spoiler since it's highly negative. Don't read if you're enjoying this already. Okay, enough with the ranting. I guess I'll keep an eye on the thread to see if you all are enjoying it or not. I keep having wistful thoughts of what CSW and PSH could do. However, I think I had better take a break from watchin
  10. But his dimples are soooo deep... Aren't dimples better than luck?
  11. Yes, you won Round 3, but there are many more rounds to play! So, make a guess and post for Round 4! @AwkwarDerp, you did a fabulous intro of your villain and posted pictures of him facing left and right. Now, to participate in a round, you just have to post a single picture of him facing either left OR right. You can just copy and paste one of the pictures that you've already posted. But, in your last post, since you posted 2 pictures of him, I wasn't sure which one was your entry for the round, if you meant to enter either one. So, get posting for Round 4 now, please!
  12. Fortunately, there are still plenty of rounds left to play. For Round 3, only @Alice Wonderlandgot it right anyway. So, after 3 rounds, there is now a 3 way tie: Min Tae Gu (Hyun Bin) Jang Do Han (Kim Young Kwang) Cha Luo (Jiil Hsu) It's still any villain's game! Villains Fighting! (Wait. Should I really be rooting for a villain to win?!? Okay, okay, okay. SUGA fighting! )
  13. Round 4 The hero that you're up against is Ready, Steady, GO!
  14. Round 3 3 points Round 3 has now ended. Keep an eye out for Round 4 which will begin soon.
  15. You are still welcome to play. You've missed the first 2 rounds, but there are still plenty of more rounds before the game finishes on Monday! @AwkwarDerp, now that you've introduced the villain, you have to play the game to get him some points! So, pick either left facing or right facing and post it before Round 3 finishes! Cham Cham Cham!
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