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  1. @SnowBlob too confusing to me. I would lose every round.
  2. I don't know what I expected for this drama. But not this. I honestly don't know if I'm going to continue to watch this or wait till this is finished and see how this end. There where so many WTH scenes and scenes that made no sense that it took me a while to finish the episodes.
  3. @abs-oluteM I´m having high hopes for Jisoo and for the happy ending. the first 4 episodes were amazing. I´m wondering how the princess is going to go back to her life in the royal family?
  4. the second episode was emotional! burning you own eyes to stop Dal for leaving!
  5. @abs-oluteM I think I read somewhere that they do get married or at least lives like a couple. So there is a big chance that this time it is going to be happy ending for Jisoo character. But who knows how this ends. At least we are going to see them fall in love. I really liked the 1 episode.
  6. Well don't really know if I like this or not. Too much chasing around.
  7. @Chocolate sorry for the late answer. been little busy lately. In my opinion it up to writer. as long as he/she has the warnings about the upcoming +18 scenes and maybe put in tags telling that there is smut or hardcore smut.
  8. I thought I was the only one who did not like HP. I actually did try to watch bc I liked Prison playbook and Life but No. I dropped it in like episode 5. I really wanted to like it bc the amazing cast but unfortunately it was not for me.
  9. @abs-oluteM I'm thinking about watching this.
  10. Title: River Where the Moon Rises Category: Kdrama, Historical, romance Screenwriter: Han Ji Hoon plot/synopsis: A love story between Pyong Gang and On Dal. Pyong Gang (Kim So-Hyun) is princess of Goguryeo. She was raised as a soldier for Goguryeo as soon as she was born. She is ambitious enough to dream of becoming the King of Goguryeo. She meets a man named On Dal (Ji Soo).
  11. @stroppyse it's hard to choose the favorite. I´m between mae ok and suk hwan. but if I had to choose I would pick Mae ok. She´s the mother of the team.
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