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  1. New crumbs from last night Hadeutori: Shin PD and his team are main members of WG stockholders!!! They really liked teasing AJW & Gyeoul.
  2. Hadeutori is back! Hadeutori Ep 34 - Behind the scene of HPS S1 Episode 7: I really enjoyed Wise Camping Life, but I cannot lie that I also miss Hadeutori! And I think last night episode was full package with not only 99 squad but also Gyeoul, Iksun, Minha and even the ending fairy Do Jaehak (I love the ending! LOL!). Although, many people expected for S2 trailer last night, but maybe we need to wait for little bit longer but definitely it is really coming soon!! A coffee truck post with Jung Kyungho was a good sign already a
  3. A song that is stuck in my head but unfortunately not yet available in Spotify:
  4. It has been long time since I visited JangHaven! Nice to meet you again all~ :smile:

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    2. Tammy_fullofdrama


      Hi Triplem! Happy to be back here! 

      I only watch Vincenzo and still wait patiently for Hospital Season 2! :love:


    3. SilverMoonTea


      Oh yuhuuu so nice to see you here dear 🥰🥰🥰

    4. Chocolate


      Welcome back!

  5. Hi @Jane @abs-oluteM! Very very sorry for not around so much in here! I mostly use laptop for lurking in the forum instead of smartphone. *I think I need to check my eye's condition asap! LOL! The last Thursday was a party for HP stan and WG shipper!! I think many of us already miss them so much and very excited for the Season 2. Unfortunately, the subtitle is not yet up but the views are already more than 1 millions! And yes, beside the part of "she is not my cup of tea", I was also super curious to see YYS's expression when Gyeoul and Ikjun talked about Jeongwon
  6. Yes, hope it will be subbed! Finally will be able to see him cooking again after Coffee Friends. I saw it too! JKH is very cute and lovely hyung!
  7. Hi all, with so many ongoing Kdramas now, am I the only one who are very obsessed with this drama?! I am spamming to much in twitter to the point that I feel guilty for maybe I was giving spoilers too much. Hahaha. But, I know that the story is not that unusual (quite classic actually), but maybe that the point makes me finally overcome my drama slump! It has been a while for me to be able watching Kdrama without skipping any scenes and enjoying every minutes of it. What I love from this drama, all characters' stories are something that happen so often in life: - W
  8. Hi @abs-oluteM, I am changing my username (again)! Hehe It's been a while since visiting the forum. I am sorry works are super hectic so I just lurk often in twitter now days. And very glad that we have so many (maybe too many) updates from him almost everyday! Oppa is working so hard! Hahaha. I think the latest update is he will be a guest in variety show with Park Sung-woong and Go Ahsung
  9. @wallflowersforjane Thank you for tagging me! :) I just started watching More than Friends last night for both Ep1-2. And I enjoy it more than I expected. Currently I also watch Do You Like Brahms and Record of The Youth, but personally I love MTF the most. I almost didn't skip any scenes and enjoy all cuteness and pain. Lee Soo is very straightforward on words and action but he rejected Woo-yeon and asked for remaining be friends only, he must has some reasons. But, would you still want to remain be friend with someone who are very caring and showing
  10. Yess, I very recommend this movie to all of you. For me it is not heavy at all. I know that I might be quite subjective as I am big fan of Gong Yoo, but the movie is full of messages. I already interested with this movie since the book is very sensational that many women celebrity are hated as feminist just because they read and post about it. But the movie is not feminist movie at all for me. It just tells a very relatable story for many women in Korea in particular and also in Asia in general. I mentioned about one of my fav part in my twitter
  11. Is this spoiler or preview for this week episodes?! Please, don't let him die
  12. Son Yejin Update!! I love so much SYJ! She is very sweet and appreciate all fans gift, even take picture and upload it in her Instagram. And she also very cool to also include Binjin cake -- that picture is very couple goal vibe! Maybe this is also a sign for our ship?! Let's cross our finger!
  13. Hi @Chocolate!Thank you for creating Binjin Shipper thread! Very happy that finally Binnie back to Korea and I loves how witty and funny, the reaction from Binjin shippers in twitter:
  14. Hi all~ I am a newbie in this thread! How do you all feel with Ep9?! Still clueless like me?! LOL! What I learned from S1, Secret Forest is a drama that trowing us question and questions from Ep 1 to Ep 14, finally give viewers a hint of the answer in Ep 15, and wrap up all the mystery only in Ep 16! And I fell it happen again in S2! So far, the hunch that I get until Ep 9 are: 1) Tongyeong Drowning case, Park Gwang-su case, and Segok case are related to SDJ's kidnap. And solving SDJ case will also reveal all those cases. 2) All above case also relat
  15. Yees, I miss it too! However, I am quite surprise with your current DP!! Didn't know that you also like Siwon. He was (why am i using past tense?! LOL) my first crush oppa! I even had cried 3 times in a day after the confirmation that he cancelled to come to the concert that I already bought the ticket. TMI!! LOL! 😁 Many friends talk about watching movies -- well, the situation in my country are still very bad and cinemas are still closed. So when I heard that here has karaoke session - it makes me very excited!! 🤩
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