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  1. Today was Yumi's Cells' Presscon! And they released a 4-min highlights reel of the show. I can't believe how true to the webtoon it is! Subbed Ep 1 Preview Is no one else going to watch this drama with me? It's really very adorable and the webtoon story is ace! Calling chingus @LaLa @JenL @bairama @im0202 ! He is! I am so happy for him!
  2. Shin Hyunbeen was featured on Elle Korea recently for a shoot with Ferragamo timepieces!
  3. Casting news round-up You better believe I screamed the house down when I saw the news of this cameo by Sangyi! ASSDHLKSJLDAJJKS I AM STILL SCREAMING. Not sure what role he will be playing but the only male roles left are Yumi's ex Wook (who makes an early-is appearance in the webtoon, and yes same name as Lee Minho's Wook) and Control Z (a later appearance, probably S2). So it shoulddd be the ex. How cute that will be for Goeun and Sangyi as university friends to act together. I am so anticipating the BTS! I can't say much here because otherwise I will spoil it for watchers who didn't read the webtoon! However, seeing as they are announcing an S2 character, I think this means S1 could be done and they are moving on to the S2 episodes soon.
  4. Yet another drama to add to the ones that she's filming or just completed. Been is one busy lady. I like how her choices has been very diverse so far.
  5. Round up of some the recent trailers! Subbed Trailer 2 Trailer 3 (30s) Trailer 3 (15s) I am so happy to see Trailer 3 for more glimpses of how they are going to incorporate the animated cells as part of this drama. I didn't expect the live action and animation to be separated so cleanly but I will reserve judgement on this for now. The cells are still super cute and I am looking forward to see how they will show us the cells controlling Yumi's outward actions. In Trailer 3, we see the ordinary worker life of Yumi with her colleagues. Spoiler alert (or perhaps not at this point), Yumi has a crush on Wook (Choi Minho). The trailer shows us the early chapters of the webtoon! And ooh at the end, we have Woong (Anh Bo Hyun) who is perfectly giving the gruffness and roughness of Woong! What a contrast of Wook and Woong, amirite!
  6. Hi hi! Gosh this thread is moving so fast, I need to get back into the forum rhythm! Haha I know right! I am like Hyejin, I don't carry any cash and at this point, I rely on my phone for all my payments! Although that ATM going down was really a crazy stroke of bad luck! TVN posted the epilogue! I am pretty sure I will be rewatching this a lot in between episodes!
  7. I enjoyed the first episode very much. It's exactly the easy, breezy romantic comedy that I have been wanting to watch for awhile now. I like that the episode very quickly set up the essential characteristics of Hyejin and Dushik as well as hints of their background (for HJ) and the mystery of why and Dushik does odd-jobs around Gongjin. I found myself wondering how does he manage his schedule of so many different jobs and how many hours does he get to sleep? Also how did he manage to learn and accumulate so many skills in his young life. Ooh this is an interesting possibility to consider how he came to Gongjin. It's still possible that he left Gongjin as a young adult and maybe came back when he was older? I am looking forward to his backstory. Speaking of Gongjin, I feel like we got a mini-tour tour of Gongjin as Dushik went around taking care of the elderly and I am looking forward to getting to know the town and its residents better. Thank you @stroppyse and @im0202 for elaborating more on the village chief title, that was a little confusing with the subs. And gosh this drama is so aesthetically pleasing! I loved the opening sequence as they transitioned back and forth between Seoul and Gongjin. Especially that shot when the sea was mirrored in the building! And of course, the beautiful beautiful leads! I am glad! Seonho alone is already driving me crazy, when Sangyi joins in, you will have to pick me up from the ground!
  8. Oh wow, Jen, you started your own channel! I followed you too. I love watching stationery vids because it makes me feel better about myself Love the washi swatches @NiteWalker
  9. HAHAHAH I mainly buy on Shopee too but my brother buys electronics on Lazada and he says there are better deals there. So you can still try to be loyal to both in this category? How is a hot dog worse than a cheeseburger? Thought it would be the other way around!
  10. Hyun Bin is endorsing Lazada's next sale and he's everywhere on publicity boards. Which means I think of @Chocolate all the time HAHAHAHA I think she's very happy this month whenever she goes out.
  11. I hope I can be watching regularly with everyone too! Gahhhh, the pictures are so so pretty! This cast is so photogenic!
  12. Missed you too, bb! How have you been? Tofu, you shoulddd! The series is so so good and the friendships between the guys so wholesome! Yes! They are college friends and they are in the same cohort (and friends) with Kim Go Eun, Park So Dam and Kim Sung Cheol! They are the legendary 2010 class at Korea National University of the Arts! Eun Jin and Sang Yi have also acted opposite each other in theatre plays earlier in their careers, you can find some clips on youtube if you search. Singapore just came out of our most recent 'lockdown'. But we have differentiations between vaccinated and unvaccinated folks, so the numbers to dine out, gather etc is contingent on your vaccinated status. Random share: I am watching Birthcare Centre It's a really good drama!
  13. Second trailer of Yumi's Cells released today! One Step Behind Cell is true to form arriving late and spoiling the show for everyone! Look at Prime Love Cell blushing, Fashion Cell looking closer, and Naughty Cell getting all naughty! Ahhhh, so adorable!
  14. Happy Anniversary JangHaven! Thank you for being a haven, in name and in friends. Congratulations and great job to the staff who have been working so hard to build this community and to every member who found the haven and found their favourite spaces here!
  15. I agree, it's not the same without that grill, the banchan and the whole atmosphere of a kbbq restaurant with kpop blasting all around you and soju bottles clinking! You want the video? Hahaha
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