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  1. It seems to be working again! So you can try again tmr Good evening everyone, I hope you are keeping well as we start a new week. How did April fly by so fast!
  2. Me too! And it will be a nice quick 8-episode show. But it's probably at the same time as Hospital Playlist so I don't know if I will be give this one energy. Haha!
  3. @bluepebbles@Tofu I am back to continue watching River. I think I stopped at Ep 12 or 14? Not even sure which set I stopped at, haha! I wanted to ask if you know whether the re-filmed Eps 1-8 are up on any websites? Does Viu have them already? I haven't watched them yet and I want to start at the beginning this time.
  4. Finally! I am going back to River Where The Moon Rises first before I go on to Weightlifting Fairy! I am pretty simple in my drama watching too - I prefer low-key, light and pleasant romantic comedies. For me, work is already challenging enough, I don't want to work too hard when I watch dramas.
  5. @SilverMoonTea @mademoiselle @JenL I finally finished A Piece Of Your Mind. TBH I wasn't paying as much as attention to the last two episodes because I was mentally checked out by then. Thought they were rather lackluster too and just trying to close up the story. Overall pretty drama, an interesting premise to the storyline whose exploration suffered due to the pacing. You definitely can, haha! Where's that travel bubble
  6. The casting of Jinyoung for Babi is pretty unexpected for me. I always thought Babi would be a little older than Yumi so I was expecting someone older. I wonder how they will play visually together as well. Filming pics of Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun! ABH really looks the part of Woong, right down to the same t-shirt in the webtoon! Go Eun as Yumi looks rather more polished than Yumi in the webtoon though.
  7. We got our Sia (her name in the webtoon)!
  8. It's decent and has outlets all over! It's the nearest of any KorFC franchise for me too. I think their strategy is to penetrate the suburbs quickly. Congratulations @SilverMoonTea and @Darkarcana for your promotion! Well done! Nahh I don't think I will watch their dramas unless there is an interesting one. I think they released a last album, I will go listen to that. Then I don't want to eat pizza with you! I bought McDonalds today because Spicy McNuggets is going away so I need one last fix!
  9. Wah wah wah! Who is Park Joon Young, I only know Real.Be now!
  10. Oh yeah quite worth for its price. Got one near my workplace too. I am watching the last episode of Arashi's Diary Voyage. Finally! It's sinking in that Arashi is really on hiatus now. @SnowBlob How about you?
  11. Hahaha I know it's a big favourite around here. I always assume I will get around to it eventually. Wow IT'S the reason you are here? I will definitely be watching it! @SilverMoonTea I napped today too. Which ramen did you get? Reporting that I had Korean Fried Chicken on Thursday (from 4 Fingers). Yums!
  12. I hope he does appear. It will be nice to see some sister-brother interaction!
  13. I haven't watched PP. I don't know why but it just doesn't call out to me. Haha his cameo in Goblin was better than his lead roles? Hahahahah! Hae-in ah please make better choices! @abs-oluteM @im0202 So relieved to know you are both negative! Take care and still rest yeah! GAHHHH I AM SO EXCITED FOR HOSPITAL PLAYLIST S2. The one year wait is really coming to an end!
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