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  1. I am in the midst of setting up my new July-Dec book, I will take pictures and upload to show you then. I have customised the system very much to fit my own needs. For example, I work on an overall six month schedule. I will draw out July - Dec 2021 and my future log is for Jan - June 2022. Within each month, I work on a weekly system so that it contains all the notes I make in a work week. I carry forward from week to week (which is good to show me how much I am procrastinating on some tasks. I don't use collections because I find it all over the place too. I have always been a pen and paper person so having it manual is not a problem for me. I find it quite therapeutic sometimes when working on each month. In the past I would use two notebooks, a pre-drawn schedule and a blank notebook. But with the customisation of the bullet journal method, I can combine them in one.
  2. Friends, I am so sorry I haven't been around a lot recently but just know that my Wintergarden heart is still screaming at what we got last week and all the content after!
  3. Hello everyone! I am sorry I couldn't get here earlier to share my thoughts of the episode (SO BUSY THIS FORTNIGHT). But here now, hopefully things will ease off and I can get here sooner. This episode did not disappoint, it was clearly meant to be a crowd-pleaser, giving us everything we missed about the show (daily life, petty fights, the characters we know and love), picking up the loose ends from S1Ep12 to tie them up or springboard towards new narratives, all with a nice balance of humour, romance, pain and poignancy. I think that the only thing we are missing is a Lacking 5 meal! The only downside for me was the numerous parallels to S1 that the show incorporated. Some of them I thought were really important, but the frequency of it felt *a bit much*. One way I am choosing to look at these parallels is as a narrative device to recall the first season and what happened there. Some thoughts and observations after watching the episode. Watching Seokhyung deliberate about his response to Minha showed me that he does have a care for her feelings even though he eventually went with the less-friendly sounding message. Sigh, Minha was already at the restaurant when she sent the text! And the way she was going through with it rather than just asking for the food to be taken away! She’s so optimistic and hopeful to really go after what she wants. I wasn’t surprised when she directly asked Seokhyung who YSH was. My stocks are invested in GomGom, we will see where this ride takes us! Bidulgi is so adorable! And I love how she’s pretending that they are not that far away by saying she will take the bus to come see him. So cute that the elders are having their own Christmas gathering! So Gyeoul really was the first to know that Jeongwon is staying since he only called Rosa and the Hospital Director after he got home! And Rosa is so quick on the update, she’s already figured out that Gyeoul contributed towards Jeongwon’s change of heart! And Rosa Best Mum not caring about Gyeoul’s background as long as her son is happy! From Ikjun’s appearance to Minha talking to Seokhyung, all the happenings here are just one day - 6 January 2020. I thought it was a span of a few weeks! Gomgom mirroring each other’s expressions in this episode are so cute. BRB investing in Gomgom stocks! Finally the Lacking 5 are together again! Took the show long enough! I think this is a cute callback to S1 when she was getting picked up but now she’s the one picking them up! I wasn’t sure why Ikjun was opening the window in the car but it reminded me of how Songhwa wanted to open the window when it was raining in Ep11. I sigh at the pain of Iksong right now, especially when I remember the happiness of the band scene for MTYYTM immediately after the confession. The rainbows in the tunnel, being artificial illuminations, to me was a symbol of the artificial peace they are going to try to maintain in their relationship after she rejects him. I hope they emerge into clearer air soon.
  4. Fan subs of the TMI interviews that was posted last week. Gosh, so much content! I can barely keep up!
  5. That's Kang Han Na? I didn't recognise her? Kinda thought she was a Chinese actress at first glance!
  6. I just ordered a new one actually but I don't dare to tell him
  7. I voted for Wintergarden! But really I am investing new stocks into GomGom! Their story has so many ways to go at this moment!
  8. You might want to join our Book Lounge, lots of discussion on books there :)
  9. Somewhat stationery related but my boss noticed my current notebook is nearing the end and HE GIFTED ME A NEW ONE. I am so touched!
  10. That may just start a riot! Isn't that exciting! You have more junk food to look forward to!
  11. Oh yes, it's so good! I had a honey phase for awhile, made hot honey water a lot! The flavoured honey I had in Japan was also sooo good. Would re-purchase!
  12. You can try too, just bring your own honey Hmm possibly, but I think its the texture of the honey that weirds me out too. I don't like KFC at all now, maybe it's just bad in SG. There's another local brand called Arnold's that's so much better! Or Jollibee! I just tried it recently. I feel like I have to now. Lol!
  13. That's what I have been doing ever since it's out! I need to pluck up the courage to try it. For science.
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