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  1. Apparently the production team sold the script books for the whole episodes to public. A fan of Kim Jung Hyun who have his/her book made a compilation video of the different dialogue or possibility of ad-lib scenes of Kim Jung Hyun. He/She has read all the scripts and comparing it with the released episodes. She marked on her comments that all the scenes she compiled, were the one that not originally written on the scripts. It might be an ad-lib by Kim Jung Hyun or a improvised lines that was done on the set while the actors and PD were rehearsing. The
  2. Maybe this is a hidden mission? Playing games while appreciating oppa great features @SnowBlob I don't watch Voice but even I knew about Mo Tae Gu. His character is really scary from what I read. Oh since you are EO, you can't nominate your choice of villain. But if you could, who will you nominate? You watch many detective or crime dramas, which always have villain role @katakwasabi not going to use Shin Sung Rok's character from My Love from the Star?
  3. These days many dramas air on Netflix which provides a fast subbed episode after it aired in SK. Nothing much that I can share We rarely shared the same thread for a long time... You are easy to leave the drama that has lost your interest while I stayed till the end My points
  4. @abs-oluteM I don't think I'll add any other posts for now. The basic info is quite enough I guess? Feel free to start posting :) Hi Mouse :) I'm doing good. How's the weather at your place? In my country it has been raining all week non stop that my AC took a good rest every night. It made me harder to move away from my bed to go to work I'm always open for whatever you want to share with me And what kind of skills do you mean?
  5. Casts Main Cast Choi Kang Hee as Ban Ha Ni (37) Lee Re as teen Ha Ni (17) Kim Young Kwang as Han Yoo Hyun (30) Eum Moon Suk as Anthony / Yang Chun Shik (37) Ha Ni's family Kim Byung Choon as Ban Ki Tae (Ha Ni's father) cameo Yoon Bok In as Ji Ok Jung (Ha Ni's mother) Kim Yong Rim as Lee Hong Nyun (Ki Tae's mother / Ha Ni's grandmother) Jung Yi Rang as Ban Ha Young (Ha Ni's older sister) Moon Sung Hyun as Chae Jung Woo (Ha Young's son) Yoo Hyun's family Kim Yoo Mi as Oh Ji Eun Ji Seung Hyun as Yang Do Yoon Yoon Joo Sang as Han Ji Man Baek H
  6. Ehh really? There's few watchers? Hmm okay here it is the thread. The drama info is very basic. Found something in instant while trying to fight off the urge for me to close my eyes x) Everyone who enjoys the first 2 episodes of Hello? It's Me let's move to discuss the drama in here (while also help me gaining some points :P)
  7. Hello? It's Me! Drama Introduction (KBS drama homepage) To the 37 years old protagonist who has become unenthusiastic in all relationships, work and dreams; the 17 years old side of her, who wasn't afraid of anything in the world and was so passionate in everything, has come. A fantasy romentic comedy drama that brings comfort to me Synopsis (dramawiki) Ban Ha Ni is a single woman in her mid-30s who feels like her life is adrift and going nowhere. She's single not by choice, but by sheer lack of interest from the opposite sex. She's a temp worker so he
  8. @SilverMoonTea Poor your oppa.. He's doing all the hard work in ep 2. He ran all over the place, fight the culprit and even got shot by the SWAT team while trying to stop the culprit from escaping. I think no matter how hard Jung In tries to prevent the death of her father for now, every thing that she and Jin Woo tried will end up the same. Because she keeps seeing the article of the assassination attempt. I wonder why she only read the title and not the detail of the story of the news The suspect of this case probably the right hand of President Seo, the assemblywoman
  9. @SilverMoonTea You are currently the richest person in Haven with the Haven Points o.O coming close is @abs-oluteM And the member shop is just barely opened for the first day I'm waiting for sale period so I can some badges that I'm eying for. I'm so broke right now hahaha Is the red panda noodle is referring to SK ramyeon Neoguri? That's what I can think about when I saw that badges My current badges wishlist - IkSong (I root for them but for now I only have WG badges as a gift of participating in the event) - HP playlist mixtape (I remember this is desi
  10. For those who didn't know about the game, here is some clips about how the game played in running man. (They haven't played this game yet in 2D1N?) As far as I know, there is 2 side, the offense and the defense. The offense will be the one who decide the direction (left or right) and the defense has to move their head on the opposite way to win (ex: offense move their hand to right and the defense move their head to left). The defense will lose when they move to the same directions as the offense (ex: offense -> right ; defense -> right) Most of the cham cham c
  11. Yeah. I wonder what makes him so carefree with money without trying to work for it. He got so many licenses, but during the 1 week deadline, he chose to work in the sauna. And when he's penniless, he keeps buying stuff as if he's loaded. Aah I see.. I guess the IkSong and BinJin is part of the new badges. Since it's not the 15th day since Lunar New Year, can we receive haven points as the replacement for angpaos? I'm borrowing @SilverMoonTea 's word when we exchanging Lunar New Year's greetings :P
  12. I'm enjoying the first 2 episodes! I'm laughing at Vincenzo's expressions when he's cursing in Italian and his dumbfounded look at all the strange things he has to face on the first few days of his stay in SK. I've watched 3 dramas from the writer (Good Doctor, Good Manager, Fiery Priest) and I enjoyed all of 3. Vincenzo gave a similar feeling with Good Manager (for the plot and the male lead character) but also a mixed of Fiery Priest (the female lead character and the comedy). The male lead is clever and at first all his moves and tactics is for gaining more money (or in this cas
  13. The first 2 episodes were funny. I couldn't believe I watch those squid dancing scenes in the imagination of Ha Ni The drama is quite light, and I guess the plot isn't really hard to guess. Young Ha Ni will help the older one to become better and gain back her confidence self after that accident. Older Ha Ni will teach more life lesson to the younger one. I really hope we will see a growth in KYK's character (Yu Hyeon) soon. His whiny and slapstick comedy is fun but if he keeps acting that way, it starts to annoy me a little bit. I guess his father did have some sickness (?),
  14. I'll try to watch Vincenzo and Sisyphus The Myth.. Oh and hello it's me (?) the one with Choi Kang Hee and Kim Young Kwang Oh yes I did watch the additional episodes. The love story of the police is a little bit strange, that's true. We didn't even know whether he likes the actress back or not.. I feel better if they use it for explaining more about Rin I and Kyeong Jun more or better just use all for Eun Oh and Jae Won hahaha It has been raining for days in here.. I've been sleeping without turning on the AC for the past week. Very hard to separate myself from my bed to
  15. @SnowBlobThe eng sub is out :) The part where we IkSong shippers are excited about is the waiting room scenes for the biopsy results and the flashback scenes during the first meeting at the Uni Interview right? For the biopsy results it's said that there's no NG for this scenes and Shin PD decided to give us a full cut in different versions about them. You can see clearly how Song Hwa's expressions change, how both reassure each other before going in to the doctor's room. And for the first meeting scenes (flashback), most of the scenes focus on how hard
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