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  1. Well the politic fight isn't my favorite, but the highlight preview that I've watched looks interesting and I knew both leads so I'll try to watch. The supporting casts are all established actors and actress so it gives a similar feeling with Chief of Staff (which I dropped in the middle because it's too heavy for me) but it mixed with the family love so I hope it won't be that heavy? :D Although I have to prepare instead of heavy politic fights, in the future we will get some angst between the couple once the identity of Jung Hyun / Seok Gyu is known to his family. I've watched ep
  2. Uhmm not really a cult but the new life church isn't exactly a good and real one, in my opinion. Almost all the evils came from there. The psychopath serial murder, and the way they use the some passages and script from the bible from there and twist it to their own meaning.. But I might be wrong too because more than one years have passed and I forgot the detail of dramas hahaha.. I only have some snippets that I could remember
  3. It depends. Sometimes I would drop the drama if I found it confusing and strange (ahem Alice), but at the other hand I would continue to watch only to see what happened in the end. My biggest factor in deciding to drop a drama is my mood. If I feel like I don't want to continue it anymore, then I could just drop it and never picked it up again. Maybe if I'm still curious a little bit, I'll just follow from the news or see what happened in the end. For Times, It's a politic drama which genre isn't something that I like. I check it out because of @SilverMoonTea dimple oppa whose per
  4. Yay finally UData case is finished. I really dislike seeing that boss face. I'm having a hard time watching Tomorrow with You because of his character LOL Next revenge case is voice phishing / phone scammed and for this case, we won't see goofy Je Hoon because the one who will act is another blue bird member. Is it somehow related with his story about how his sister/brother got scammed? Or did I remember it wrongly? And I'm glad to see a cheerful Go Eun is back to help the team again! She won the fight! Atta girl!
  5. A very rough translations for the finale preview (beware of many mistakes) VC: There's 2 things that I fear the most MH: What is your plan? HSk: Make sure that the thing that I've said... HSk: Don't make any mistakes Man: His blood pressure(?) is dropping low HSk: Since you are going to send me away, I'm going to give you a real ... (?) Man: With this I will shoot (?) him VC: Do you remember everything that I've said to you until now? I'm going to make you to feel the pain beyond your imagination Looks like Cha Young is alright after
  6. @mademoiselle congratulations for being shifu My completed (and soon to be completed) watching list so far: - Hello, It's Me! (2021) - Homemade Love Story (2020 - 2021) - Mr Queen (2021) - Vincenzo (2021) (will end this weekend) - Uncanny Counter (2021) - Times (2021) - Run On (2021) - Sisyphus the Myth (2021) - Lovestruck in the City (2021) Two dramas that made me suffer a little in finishing it were Times and Sisyphus. I'm just glad finally I finished it hahaha
  7. Well she is older than him so of course he has to call her noona hahaha. But I guess they are close enough for him to call her as noona. Jang Na Ra has established her career longer than him and she is quite senior than Yong Hwa and if they are just being a normal senior and junior, he might refer her as sunbae-nim, in a formal way. Or maybe Na Ra told him to just call her comfortably as noona rather than sunbae-nim since it will make her so old. So around 3:08 YH is asked about his chemistry with Na Ra. YH said that while rehearsing the script, he can feel the synergy (?) between
  8. @abs-oluteM yes from his character description on the chart I rough translated before, Seung Goo did have the autism disorder but it looks like it developed late? His action on the flashback scenes with Seok Gyu's father look normal. Based on the character charts, the woman is the former agent of NSA, just like Seok Gyu did before. I wonder if they have worked together or not. This is a spoiler for upcoming episodes, but has shown in the highlight preview.
  9. Are you asking me about what happened in the making video or that particular gif? Na Ra was practicing her action scenes where Ji Ah has to restrain the possessed In Beom and stabbed him. After she practiced it with the director, she suddenly call for YH to come and she will rehearse it with him. YH jokingly said why she came so closely to him, but Na Ra immediately broke the romance atmosphere by saying she didn't care for that and ask him to practice the action move lol It's getting interesting. In Beom got possessed by his own uncle spirit and suddenly he had a super streng
  10. Finally I got the time to finish 2 first episodes, with sub. I watched the sub from the dark side and they credited the subs taken from kplus channel, so I guess in the future we will have a delay for the subs until it airs in kplus channel then? It's alright, I'm just thankful that we got a sub. We got an interesting opening in ep 1, where Yeon Soo points a gun to Jung Hyun and asking about his identity. We knew it won't happened until the later in the story, but I guess it's a way to make us anticipate about the rest of drama. And I can't say it didn't help because the drama pac
  11. Cho Jung Seok has been chosen as a new model for Woong Jin Foods (Beverage) Barley Tea 'Sky Barley' Woong Jin Foods expects that 'Sky Barley' 's cool and savvy brand image and Cho Jung-seok's bright and pleasant image will show synergy. It will be aired on TV from May 1st. source: 1, 2 [If You Combined Cho Jung Seok's CFs, It Will Become One Drama!] (original article -> link ) Thread translations by @ .jojoelSUBS at twitter Actor Cho Jung Seok profile has been released by KoBiz! Check it out -> here
  12. Making scenes and short interview with Jeon Mi Do, for Elensilia Collagen Eye Cream *beware of ads promotion* rough translations To the staffs: Hello~ Uh which camera should I look? Ah yes Hello, I'm actress Jeon Mi Do. When I am shooting, the wrinkles around my eyes and lips can be seen easily on the screen and I can't help but feel bothered. For managing it thoroughly, I started to use Elensilia collagen eye cream. It has rich nutrients for the skin and after using it I could feel the changed of my skin's elasticity. I want to invite you all to
  13. @SilverMoonTea A little bit late but his is rough translations for the character descriptions Manager Joo and Manager Heo Joo Hwa Jung - Daebak Real Estate Office Manager She is friendly and has very straightforward personality. She is a total professional office manager who never lose her business smile despite the power-trip that her clients do. A relationship that started with the feeling of being heavily indebted to Hong Mi Jin who helped her during her immature days, She has been faithfully staying by Jia's side for 10 years since Jia started her job as the lonely exorcis
  14. That black dog is a Casanova. Almost every elder who visited the store said their female dog had his puppy Tae Hyun got attached with him is so cute. He realized that the dog has been missing all morning. I knew it why I found his eyes familiar when I saw the preview last week. I claim that I am a VIP (Bigbang fandom's name) but I couldn't recognize him until he tell his name He's a good and kind man. I see that he also appear in the Hit the Top? Hopefully one day he will get the chance to bloom and get the publication like others. It's sad when Tae Hyun pointed ou
  15. Helping @SilverMoonTea a little bit. Daebak Real Estate (or another English title is Sell Your Haunted House) main leads are Jung Yong Hwa (male lead from The Package) and Jang Nara (I think so far the drama that you mentioned has no Jang Nara as the female lead). But well, because it does have ghost element, I guess it's already crossed because it's included in your prohibited list. Hmm I would like to suggest Hello, (it's) Me but because it's a fantasy, time travel drama and already finished airing, it doesn't fit to your criteria as well. You might know the main lead f
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