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  1. Men Doubles from Indonesia that lost in the bronze match. Fans gave them that their nickname because both players are probably the oldest and older than most of other MD athletes and have married and each have 3 children. That's why they got that nickname. For badminton we got so many surprises when the top seeded players lost their matches to the unexpected players or before the quarter final stage. The most surprising athletes so far who reached an all new record for their performance are probably the MD from Chinese Taipei who won the gold medal and the semifinalist for MS who came from Guatemala. And An San really played well in her matches. I only watched several of her matches in Tokyo Olympics but her shot was quite deadly. She got mostly ten and nine. Occasionally missed to 8 but really gave the victory to her team. No wonder she did so well in individual stage. I don't understand the hate against her just because of her short hairstyle. Can those who hate her contribute the same as what she has done in Olympics? I don't watch many matches because the airing time isn't preferable to me (during work hours) and I don't really have good access for the matches. But from what I heard summer Olympics this season brought many new champions for the medal tally. To think that day will come... It's a reality but I really want them to get all the titles and championship medal that they could have before they retired
  2. @abs-oluteM I don't think @SnowBlob and I can talk to you right now.. Anyway congratulations for the first medal. They played good today. @SnowBlob we better have lots of IkSong moments for next Thursday to cure the wound in our hearts..
  3. @SnowBlob Our daddies lost... They lost to the youth power
  4. @im0202 Both @SnowBloband I are talking about the badminton match separately hahaha.. She has the time while on the other hand I mostly just watched the love score board because all of the matches happened during work hours... And I'm always wfo so no chances to watch the matches Yesterday matches were a shocking one to see top ranking of men singles lost against their fellow athletes who are not the favourites to win based on their statistics meeting. But it proved that statistics won't always true. Today another shocking from doubles team with the Top 1 MD and WD lost their matches. It's going to be interesting to see who will win the medals. I personally wish for Daddies to go to final and win the gold medals.. For women singles, it still going as expected.. Until now the pressure and curse (?) of Olympics haven't affected the women double yet.. I think I have watched men double played until 30 vs 31 hahahaha.. It's a very intense games
  5. Captain @SnowBlob fellow passengers @Lynne despite the one week off, we still can gather some crumbs for the 2nd half of season 2. @SnowBlob unnie, please describe about the butterfly in stomach scene that you want. I knew we talked briefly about how you missed the feeling of season 1, but their natural scenes is necessary I guess. In season 1, both were still freshly being single. One from divorced and one from break up. With the same reason, they got cheated from their partner. They need the time to heal and re-evaluate their mind and heart. From being best friends to another stage, closer than just best friends.
  6. Upcoming scenes for the 2nd half of season 2 Sit tight because we will have another roller coaster of emotions while watching it! Prepare some snacks because we will have eating scenes, some tissues to wipe our tears of sadness and laughter! And be prepared of your heart for the upcoming scenes of your favourite love line
  7. First teaser is out.. Whoa look at that visual Dimples festival from dimple couple
  8. I'm quite excited to watch the match for Olympics.. I think it's almost a year since I haven't watched any international match for badminton and I'm excited to see and root for all players (especially my favourite one). Other than the usual player from Asia, it's surprisingly fun to see some players outside the one in the top 20 to play and give their all out performance for a chance for medal. Other than badminton I also enjoy watching several matches that I watched last Saturday. I quite enjoy watching the archery match than I thought. The mixed team from Korea who won their first gold, they are still so young. The male is 17 years old! (Or was it 16?) and his female partner is just 20 years old. poke @SnowBlob unnie we got a thread for Olympics here if you are interested.. @abs-oluteM I'm sad to hear that Goh and Chan lost their 2 matches from group elimination stage They're the Silver medalist of Rio 2016. Is this Olympics going to be their last?
  9. Quick update of the characters from tvn site for 2021 timeline in Yulje Medical Center - Ik Jun has been promoted from assistant professor to associate professor. He's on the same level with Jun Wan and Song Hwa now - Gyeo Ul has become a fellow for HBP. Despite the love calls from other professors, she chose to work with Ik Jun. She wants to be a good senior to her juniors. She still remains as her old self, but she is more passionate about her patients. - Seok Min and Seon Bin have become NS fellows. Seok Min is back to Yulje to learn more because he realised he still need to learn more. And also to earn more money. Seon Bin still hesitate to handle and make a lone judgment about her patients but with Song Hwa by her side, she feel assured. - Min Ha has become a chief resident for Obstetrics and Gynecology. She is still hoping for her remaining 4 chances to not bring a heart broken results. - Jae Hak has become comfortable as a cardio-thoracic surgeon. He also becomes more understood about Joon Wan and want to be a good doctor to his patients. - Woo Joo is happily dating with Mo Ne but his father is still the best person for him. He can't wait to spend time with Ik Jun and go camping together. - Ik Sun felt upset and sorry when she knew that Jun Wan couldn't be honest because he's wary of her, so she chose to not become his burden and ask for break up. - Yun Bok and Hong Do has officially become Yulje family. They are still making many mistakes but they vow to work hard and become a better doctors When I have the time I'll do read the characters description more thoroughly and share a detailed one. Ep 6 has reach a new time high record for ratings! 13,2%
  10. Episodes 6 full or marriage talk and signal in the beginning (Jeong Won wants to propose for Gyeo Ul soon. Seok Min indirect proposal and Seon Bin answering it directly to him) and to teach us that it's okay to make mistakes. There are times when we don't know everything and we need time and experience to learn from it and become better. It's okay to cry it's okay to make mistakes because that what make us a human. That's what differentiates us from robot and machine. I really like the song choice for this episode. And to make it more better our favourite band Mido and Falasol will sing the OST! For now original songs while waiting for the OST to be released tomorrow noon KST Lee Han Chul - Superstar
  11. Captain, I'm here to report our couple progress in ep 6! - Having coffee together in the morning while Song Hwa is updating him about her work schedule. It sounds like a married couple thing to do when the wife just go back to work after some period of rest She calls him and even before she said something, he knew that she's going to buy coffee and let her know his order. They are going to meet up at the cafe. When Ik Jun arrive he even knew her preference in cup size. And the one who ask for a talk session is Song Hwa first and Ik Jun gladly follow her. She updates him about her work schedule. When he is looking at her with a disappointed look (?) she immediately assure him it's not much. She even accept the request from dr Cheon. He tries to persuade her to refuse the request, but knowing Song Hwa, it has no use. And when she leaves for emergency call, he as usual take care of her things that is left behind (her unfinished coffee cups) - Song Hwa room is my room. Ik Jun is resting at Song Hwa room when his everything in the world ( Woo Joo) calls and asks for him to go camping again. Ik Jun promises that they will go camping soon. But he doesn't want to give false hope to him (for breaking his promise again to Woo Joo) Song Hwa comes to her room and hear their conversation about camping. They're talking about how improve his vocabulary for a kindergarten. And then she tells him she's hungry and wants to order food. Her tone in here sounds so... How should I describe it? Gah I really love it. Our couple moment in episode 6 isn't that much, but preview for ep 7! I am so excited for it that I can barely contain my happiness. We need to calm down because it's not official yet but !!! She invites him to join her for camping?! And there are so many moments of them being together. Eating together, Song Hwa asks him if he really know everyone in Yul Je. She's looking at him with that kind of smile while interacting with people in hospital. If it's not love then what? Hmm And Ik Jun happily report the camping schedule to Woo Joo?! Gah I'm in love We have to wait foe 2 weeks to see them, but let's patiently wait. We have wait for this scene 1 year so it's alright for another 2 weeks (hypnotizing myself)
  12. Ah Ben.. She has sing many ballad and sad songs for several OSTs in several dramas that always pull this emotions when you heard her voice in sad scenes. For Oh Hae Young, probably my favourite one is among the list of OSTs are the brighter song. LOL
  13. Yep that's a mistake in my typing. I mean to write once every two years. Brain started to malfunction when it's almost midnight Talking about the songs, for the band session, Jun Wan glared a little to Ik Jun when the lyrics talked about wearing ring on left hand. It felt as if the song is talking about him. And I didn't catch it during the live stream, but actually the song was played first by Ik Sun when she's waiting in the Ik Jun's car. Sigh I really hope bidulgi will meet and talk face to face. Even if they don't want to rekindle their relationship again, at least end it in a good way. Not with misunderstanding I was thinking that she has enough with the marriage and Jung Hye treatment to her and just want to take back the ring that she brought as her dowry. Almost for the whole year of their marriage, Jung Hye pointed out how poor her family and Shin Hye just wanted Seok Hyeong family wealth. Maybe she just want to end it and let them pointed fingers at her that she's a thief. Deep down I guess she also wanted to fish out some reaction from Seok Hyeong so that they could have the overdue talk and try to maintain their marriage, but with his silence even at her wrong action, I think it's the last straw and she chose to end it rather than to have endured everything alone and suffered for longer time. Nurse Sonf knew about the problem. She was there with Ik Jun when he talked with the patient about the possibility that she got abused by her husband and whether she needed any help. For him to not letting Gyeo Ul knew about his suspicions was wrong and he could let the rest of the GS ward at least to be cautious about it. Or maybe he hoped that Nurse Song would let the rest of team know because she's in charge of the nusrse station. Fans on twitter started to speculate that the cameo news of Yoo Jae Myung (another parent from Reply 88 ) might be related with Gyeo Ul family background. All of about Gyeo Ul family background are pure speculation and we'll have to see until next week whether it would be addressed at all or not. We're going to see more of the new interns, residents and fellows in ep 6. I wonder where Yun Bok and Hong Do will have their internship when they begin their internship And for the big operations that almost many doctors and nurses are watching (based on the preview) I think it's held in a nursery. I'm trying to guess who are attending and I guess there's Jeong Won and possibility of Song Hwa. I think I also saw Seon Bin and Gyeo Ul. I wonder what happened? And is this a joint surgery by NS and PS? It would be interesting.
  14. Ohh I thought Ja Sung would find out about the bag and they would address the one sided love that puppy Gyeom currently has on Young Won but he didn't see it. And from the preview, I guess it will be addressed in next week episodes. I hope both men can talk to each other truthfully. Both didn't let the other one know about their affection for Young Won but Gyeom is being careful because he previously hide the fact that he's from rich family and don't want to put burden on Young Won. And he being younger man might also influenced his hesitation to take the step. The family vibes between Chief Choi, Editor Yeo and Nam are actually nice and kind of make me jealous. They are really have a good and warm friendship. Even though they are bickering with eachother almost every time, but when one is feeling low, they will make sure to comfort and lend their ears and shoulders. Next week must be a very touching moment for Ja Sung. After his parents death, there might be no one who celebrated his birthday and Young Won will be there for him. And to come home while having someone to greet and give you a surprise for your birthday mudt be so nice after all the loneliness he had to spend before. May they are always stay happy together @abs-oluteM I also wonder if this drama will only have sunny and rainbow episodes without angst... There is this Ja Sung hater that kept sending him hate message for one... Or maybe that already solved?
  15. For those who don't get the joke when Ik Jun and Jun Wan are acting dramatically about the snow crabs. It's a parody from old drama Autumn in My Heart. Here a fan kindly make a comparison about the two scenes. I too didn't realize about it until I saw this tweet. I knew the bgm sounds familiar but couldn't point to which scenes of drama that I have heard it before. Ep 5 ratings
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