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  1. Oh yay! More friends to watch the drama! Glad that you've caught up @ktcjdrama and hi to @stroppyse.. I thought I'll have to talk to empty spaces for awhile hahaha.. I'm glad you both enjoying the drama so far. With Yeon Ju got her memories back, they're going to step up the game for sure. She need to be opened about her father's identity to Seung Wook first, but I think there's possibility that Yeon Ju's dad took the blame for the arsonist while the real culprit was the other person (probably the current chairman or Seung Hye). They have to come clean towards each other before they can work together to bring down Hanju. It'll be interesting to see the rest of Chaebol family to move instead of just being on the background. Not that I want to have a makjang festival, but they are too silent for my liking. I'd like to see more Ms Kim and Mr Noh tough. They are so witty with their comments but quite helpful for our duo. And I hope we don't need an unnecessary love triangle between Yeon Ju, Seung Wook and Yu Jun. Together they can bring down the dirty people faster.
  2. Lee Yong Dae was my Oppa in there lol.. I've been watching his matches when he's still active as national athlete whenever the badminton tournaments were on my local TV. I recognized Do Joon and knew he's quite athletic. I thought he's already in celebrity soccer club? Ooh I used to watch Cool Kiz on the Block too.. If I remember correctly I followed the badminton and swimming categories, but after that I missed a lot of another sports sections. Do you also watch the badminton tournaments regularly? @SnowBlob sister, we might have a common friend to talk about badminton, other than the two of us xD Maybe I'll check out the variety once it comes out. I wonder why they didn't invite Nichkhun of 2pm or Jae from Day6 too? I knew Nichkhun could play very well and Jae was quite a good player too when he appeared in Cool Kiz with Nichkhun in one of the episodes...
  3. It's the chaebol eldest daughter. She ordered someone to kill Mi Na, however because they looked so similar with eachother, that driver mistook Yeon Ju as Mi Na and hit her instead. The prosecutor who's looking after Yeon Ju is her superior and he's worried that Yeon Ju was digging around something bad he did by losing the criminal and con man Lee Bong Shik and wanted to expose that probably. I personally think that flashback that Seung Wook had everything he came across with something that brought comfort to him from his past memories, it wasn't with Mi Na but with Yeon Ju. At first I also thought that it was Mi Na, but it was too much coincidence for Yeon Ju to re-do everything the same with the girl in Seung Wook memory unless it was her past self. No matter even if her memories was currently locked at the moment, her unconscious mind and body would probably remember what she experienced and had to do with her life. If not then how can they explained her good fighting abilities? And about this, epilogue in ep 7 will gave you more clear explanation. I knew that my suspicions are proved already. ----- So in ep 7 drama is going to put romance and probably love triangle into the mixed into the upcoming episodes. While I do like Yu Jun for his quick mind and good characteristics so far as prosecutor and as Yeon Ju friends, I am already rooting for Yeon Ju and Seung Wook to be together. Not because of the teenager backstory, but for their current interaction so far. Now that Yeon Ju has started to find out about her old self, I hope she can be more pro active in bringing down the corrupted chaebol and used the power she had while impersonating Mi Na for good cause. Interesting facts that Yeon Ju was supposedly had Kang as her family name but she changed it to Cho / Jo because she didn't want to be related with her father who got imprisoned for the arson case of Hanju Factory years ago. What if Mi Na and Yeon Ju are actually twins that got separated by birth? We never got the story about Yeon Ju mother after all. It would be a very common makjang story but I'm looking forward to find it out. So far the story was still fun because of the comedy antics that beautifully done by Lee Ha Nee. Together with Lee Sang Yoon and Kim Chang Wan when they were arguing it made the drama much more fun. I could care less about the chaebol because most of them are useless. On the other hand, Ms Kim the head maid is another interesting person that I want to find out more. And it looks like the drama has gained stable popularity with SK citizens because it latest episode hit 15% Congratulations to casts and staffs.. Let's keep doing good until the end of drama!
  4. I forgot that even young Mi Na and young Yeon Ju also had the same face. I guess Seung Wook mistook teenage Yeon Ju whom he met on the hospital rooftop on the day of his father death with teenage Mi Na who was hospitalised due to her trying to kill herself because of the bad treatment from her family.. because almost everything that comforts him back then, he got it back from Yeon Ju. And he couldn't help but being soft to her despite saying no to her request. He might grumble but still come to her help.. I can't wait until Yeon Ju regained her memories back. While it's fun to see her pretending to be Mi Na, I want to see her real self while tackling the whole chaebol affairs with her 100% capabilities and ability. It would be funnier to see it.
  5. Seconded this.. Back then, when I was lurking around in a fast paced thread I would be confuse when they mentioned the characters name using the initial only. Because characters initial could be the same when their actual name is different from one to another. For example, KJH it could stand for many variations of name! Kang Jae Hyun, Kim Jae Hyun, Kang Ji Hoo, Kim Jae Han, Kim Ji Hyun, Kang Ji Hye etc etc How could I differentiate it between man and woman when the characters have same letters initial?? Like in Hosplay for example SH could stand for Song Hwa and Seok Hyeong, while JW could stand for Jeong Won and Jun Wan. That's why at the beginning stage for Hosplay on season 1, I pretty much insisted to use their family name if I want to shorten their characters name. Drama title is another tricky part. Sometimes the Korean title and English title didn't have any connection and hard to figure it out. Especially drama with long tittle hahaha I swear what comes to the mind of the writers naming their drama so long? Wow Chinese Internet Slang? Amazing! sometimes I would even lost in English internet slang lol. For me the blues are already crawling in when it's Saturday evening.. Like I can't believe how fast the sun is already setting. I couldn't believe times flies so fast when I barely moving from my bed or being a couch potato On Sunday, I would be very sensitive if I have to spend my time doing other things that I don't want to but consume a lot of time, because it means my sunday break is getting shorter!
  6. You can catch up with dramas but not with the resting time.. Take a little break to rest, because if you fell sick, you can't watch the drama (speaking from experience, got sick on weekend because forced my tired body to still fulfil my drama quotas for the day and suffered the whole weekend on bed back then) @im0202 Oh no, I wish him a speedy recovery. Hopefully he will recover soon. I also heard the news that the cases in SG is increasing rapidly. Wish other SG havenites that I knew is also doing well despite the raising cases. @Chocolate @Jane @SilverMoonTea @mademoiselle I myself is also weak against those initials. Shortening the drama name with their first word, especially for the english title is confusing and feels like a hard quiz to me. I prefer to just make it shorten or sometimes use the romanized of Korean title Hopefully everyone is staying safe and healthy.. I can't believe saturday is almost over and soon it will be sunday and monday again ?!
  7. @SilverMoonTea I got the CEO boyfriend Now where do I can find that CEO boyfriend in real life? Maybe if it's really like what they mentioned in the test, I don't have to work till my body break anymore and can just fangirling to my heart contents lol I watched almost all the suggested drama but only didn't finish My Secret Romance.. Watched it to half episodes but bored and left it behind..
  8. Did she plan the supposed accident for her to hit someone else whose looks is similar to her? I don't think so. But the plan to get away from her hellish life at her living place? Yes I believe she is.. It's quite funny really this drama. I enjoyed all of it and I really prefer Yeon Ju over the meek and silent Mi Na. ----- I thought by the end of ep 4 Yeon Ju has figured out that she used to be a prosecutor. But then she thought herself as a con artist who are quick to tell lies and made up stories. Han family is slowly getting suspicious of her, especially when they are trying to kill Mi Na with her allergies but it didn't work, they will become instantly curious.. The villain eldest sister is getting braver in making her hands dirty with people blood. What made me curious was about the epilogue. It was shown the culprit to the factory arson years ago was Yeon Ju father and he is still serving in the prison for it. Did he really do that? Or did he get pay from the current Han chairman so that he could take the position from Seung Wook father back then?
  9. I think he did meet with Gwang Nam face to face after he got released from the prison? The man who helped to pick up the ball at the playground? CS lied to GN by saying that that man died maybe because that man is an ex convict? No matter whether he's guilty or not, he did spend time in jail and maybe to CS it's better for GN to not find out about the truth? And when BH asked him to not approach GN, I think they just want to close the opportunity if someday the real truth comes knocking on them. I think GN won't looking for the man since she believed the lies that he's dead for several years before.
  10. It's the first two episodes of total 50 episodes.. We can say it's the beginning stages and I couldn't really give a quick judgement, but the big age gap between the leads made me uncomfortable. If my math is correct then the gap is about 14 years. Dan Dan was shown to be born on 1995 and her mother left not too long after she's born on that year (?). During the drinking in ep 2, it was mentioned that Young Guk are currently 41 (Korean Age). Let's say DD is now 27 (by Korean Age) so the age difference is 14 years, isn't it? I guess maybe because the unnecessary childhood meeting between the two when DD was still a teenager and YG a soldier that made me feel more uncomfortable. It just made their age differences become so significance rather than if they just made the two met on the mountains.. I don't know what to feel in the future when he developed a feeling for her. The house felt so familiar to me. Anyone in here have watched angel's last mission by Shin Hye Sun and Kim Myung Soo? The house they used in that drama and this drama is the same, no? For the outer appearance at least. From the gate and to the yard it all felt the same. And the clothes brand that YG supposed to have. I think I have seen that brand in almost all KBS weekend drama that I watched lol. Is that brand a fixed sponsor for KBS drama? Well for the casts, I knew several senior actress that I came across while watching the weekend drama. The actress who played DD, isn't she the new ER fellow in HP season 2 @stroppyse @ktcjdrama ? And I think I saw Lee Il Hwa as part of the casts line up, but so far she hasn't appeared yet. Don't tell me she's going to play the missing DD mother? Based on the poster or stills that I have seen she looked quite okay, so is her character reach her dream as a fashion designer? I will try maybe about 2 to 4 episodes more to see whether I'll continue to watch or drop it all together. I'm tempted to leave it while I was in the middle of watching ep 2 because I felt bored hahaha
  11. Another OST from weekend drama that I enjoyed.. it's OST from Homemade Love Story. There times where the drama was quite frustrating for me for some parts however thanks to the main couple and later the elder couple I stayed. And this song is probably the main theme for both couple. When they're united together, it played in the background. The lyrics are beautiful. Jin Min Ho - Love can't be stopped like a time (Live version from the original singer) eng trans cr : popgasa You can’t try much When it comes to love Feelings can’t be stopped Just like you can’t stop time Opposites attract Just like magnets That’s why I was able to fill My ruined and pierced heart When I see you, I start to smile You give me rest at the end of a long day Your rain Is drenching me This love that came without warning Colors me I lived without purpose But you’ve become my meaning The person who taught me love It’s you We were so different from each other That’s why we were able to fill This puzzle called life When I see you, I start to smile You give me rest at the end of a long day Your rain Is drenching me This love that came without warning Colors me I lived without purpose But you’ve become my meaning Now my days are perfect You couldn’t be stopped Just like you can’t stop time I’m so thankful For this kind of love I lived without purpose But you’ve become my meaning The person who taught me love I love you Even if I don’t try My heart grows every day Like the starlight My life shines because of you
  12. Anyone currently like Wi Ha Joon because of squid game? I don't watch the series nor following him but it looks like many people I follow like him and his related tweets keeps appearing. Wi Ha Joon dancing to twice cheer up
  13. @ktcjdrama The crazy elements from Fiery Priest, like the lead who has a lot of temper is definitely the fun part in this drama so far. Chaebol family fighting for gaining the highest position while using dirty tricks in Graceful family, you can also find it. What I like is that because our focus in this story is the female lead, you get the woman power from Mine. And sometimes there is short comment here and there which gives you touching feelings, so I really enjoyed the first 4 episodes so far. You know, I think binge watching this drama won't be a problem because it's quite fun. Maybe once you both cleared up your watching schedule then you can pick this up? For me because I haven't any long watching list currently, that's why I have no problem in watching this Don't read the below part because it contained spoilers. But read away if you want :D ----- Hoo another interesting development in ep 4. I hope the story will develop slowly but steady because it's really fun to piece the puzzle one by one. We got a short backstory why male lead wanted to go back and have a revenge on his paternal side of family. And the supposed heiress, Mi Na fled away from the country by riding a boat with a help from a criminal that are being chased down by our badass prosecutor, Yeon Ju. When Yeon Ju got chosen as the chairwoman, inheriting her father position after practically black mailing and threatening the board directors with their dirty secrets, many people start to feel uneasy. And slowly her memories as prosecutor seems to crawling back because she keeps have to deal with prosecutor and legal terms because of people who want to make her fell down by framing Mi Na and want to put her inside the jail. Those people don't know what they're handling with a crazy prosecutor Moreover, they still don't realise that it's a different people all together. Are they really people who watched her like a hawk or just imagine her meek and timid personality as something from their imagination? I swear this chaebol people think they're above anything but can't even distinguish people from one to another. And Seung Wook, he's not that pure in helping Yeon Ju to pose as Mi Na because he wants to use her for his own gain. However both seems to have a soft spot for each other, so we can't cross the romance department in this drama too. Moreover, I want to know whether Yeon Ju is really the heiress from a gangster or it's just a fake identity she made so that she could investigate what happened to her grandmother hit and run accident years ago and what's with that blurry past she had related to her father. So much things to be solved and even though I have to lower my expectation for the drama because it's still in the early stages, I can't help but want this drama to be a hit! Reaching 12% rating for episode 4 is quite a feat. And also the epilogue scenes are also a fun part. Apparently Mi Na is enjoying her life in some beach in another country where Yeon Ju has to work hard to save Mi Na position in SK.
  14. @SilverMoonTea Yeah saw the news.. It still in discussion stage so it's not confirmed yet.. I wonder if they will use the same old store or moving to a new one.. Are you going to watch this if the season 2 is confirmed?
  15. I've watched ep 3 and I like how it developed so far. The body does remember even when the mind didn't. Hyeon Ju is kicking and fighting the gangsters so nimbly and I really like how she's using her brain and got her own deduction that she's not the daughter and daughter in law from chaebol family. Her sharp mind as prosecutor and all her investigation skills are on fire. @SilverMoonTea You sure you can't keep watching this when LSY becomes more handsome in suit? Not that his casual look isn't dashing but he's really oozing with charms the rich chaebol son who's going to have his revenge on his backstabbing uncle's family while also trying to regain his long last love? hahaha For now I don't know whether we will have a romance between the lead or not, but the plot is quite interesting. The eldest daughter is pretty much the villain here. I wonder where is the real Mi Na..
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