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  1. This starts today, right? I didn't even know Hyeri was in a new drama.
  2. Oh really? Better get head back to Netflix to keep watching then lol Charmed was always one of my favorite shows.
  3. @SilverMoonTea Subs yay! I'm willing to wait as long as it takes. Ohhhhh merch, I wish I could get something
  4. @SilverMoonTea It started? Yay!!!! I'm glad thus far it's doing well, now I need to find some subs.
  5. I have no idea what's being said, but I am excited. I've been in a drama rut for a while so I'm hoping this gives me some excitement.
  6. Sooyoung always looks amazing Kang Tae Oh (my heart) Red Velvet Yeri
  7. Amazing topic I feel like I have a special connection with and it's not because I actually wear glasses lol Pentagon's Yan An looks spectacular in specs, if I do say so myself.
  8. @SilverMoonTea I'll have to keep a look out, I had to hunt someone down when Coffee & Vanilla was airing lol
  9. April 5 broadcast?? Is it known who's subbing this or do I have to find some obscure site again? lol
  10. Favorite character is hard, aside from the main couple I really enjoy the Chae siblings and their continued support for one another. I smile ear to ear when they have scenes together, all of them have the cutest relationship. I also like the KLAR team's familyship, it really was evident when Song Ah was being talked about by others. They always come through for one another. Least favorite? Tie between Jae Shin, Hyo Joo, & the grandpa....probably mostly grandpa because he's way too harsh & it's upsetting how he looks down on everyone and ultimately doesn't value those around him even family (I want to know why he disowned Jae Woon & Hyo Joo's parents). Hyo Joo uses disgusting manipulation tactics to get what she wants & obviously failed with Jae Shin, but I actually am curious as to why she loves Jae Shin so much & how she became so attached. Jae Shin is obvious since he was truly selfish in his need to keep Song Ah around in the life he knowingly created, she didn't deserve to be kept in the dark about what he was doing as he gave her no options. I do feel sorry that he's had such a hard life & I get it to an extent, but never drag others down with you. I'm glad he did apologize though, that closed his chapter with her.
  11. Ok remember when I was all excited for this drama then suddenly I forget that it started & I look up and I'm literal weeks behind. So what do I do? Reactivate my VIP status on iQiyi and binge the show for like 2 days to catch up and man am I glad I did. Now I'm sitting here wondering what I should do since I'm all caught up...hmm... Well for starters, I knew I'd love Rowoon & Won Jin Ah have amazing chemistry and I am glad I was not wrong. These two have done an amazing job, I really have to commend them on bringing these characters to life. I have a lot to say about the plot & certain characters, but that's gonna be an entire page and I'm sure everyone has discussed this all in depth lol
  12. Is there a 3rd season that's suppose to happen? I'd hate to catch up and then CW cancel it lol
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