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  1. Not yet You know my rules. I just finish one drama and then move on to the next. So you will see me in about three weeks. Prrrrrepaarrrreeee.
  2. I followed every single word of his. Now I just need gold rings, gold chains and a fake pelt coat to go along with it. I found it even more smooth how he avoided the question about the restaurant of Madam Lim and completely changed the focus of the topic. He was such a fast thinker. I guess this will be our last case aswell. Do Ki will join, but probably destroy it from within aswell. And I have to say, I'm a bit sad how Baek's "company" changed over the episodes. During the first few episodes she really looked like someone with big influence and someone who is
  3. Or when they put him in the barrel and threw him in the ocean. You know how hard it is to find something underwater? What if the tides had turned or the waves carried it away. Park surely didn't have much air for long. This stuff also looked highly risky and unprofessional.
  4. Oh.....mhm......we have six episodes left of Taxi Driver right? So three weeks. Maybe I'm gonna start it somewhere around next week or wait until I finished Taxi Driver. I am definitely going to watch it, I just don't know when.
  5. Episode 10 CKK new hairstyle is kinda funny.....but for some weird reason I like it. This is definitely CK best role so far, I love his dark, husky voice. It also sounds so funny, but has a nice touch. He really plays the snob very well. How he gained Madam Lim's attention was so well played. She was hooked the moment she entered the booth. He also knows how to be charming. I can learn one or two things from him for sure. I should take notes. I really loved the part about "there are three things you must never show a woman". I totally liked it. And how he dealth with
  6. Ahhh, that makes a lot of sense. It explains her outstanding acting.
  7. Episode 9 The start of the episode was very interesting. Go Eun's worried look broke my heart when she asked DK what they should do next. She looks so cute, worried and almost innocent, I can imagine why DK chose to act different. It also speaks for her that she didn't want to kill him directly, saying that they wouldn't be different than them if they do. I wouldn't have thought Baek and her minions save Mr.Jang. She creeps me out everytime, they way she fed the fishes and talks in the meantime. Glad they were able to catch Choi though, I hope they lock him up again. I also
  8. Gosh seeing the cat in this, I can imagine how much Johnny would hate it.
  9. @mademoiselleIt totally does not
  10. That's another pile I would like to approach. First, like the CEO said, this storage is just one of many, every customer who downloaded or watched it still has access to it or will reupload it somewhere. I thought Go Eun would potentially create a virus for the video to self-erase itself. The internet doesn't forget, especially in the Darknet. They spent all time talking about taking down those videos, finding and destroying the mine, and when they find it. They attach bombs, tie up the CEO very loose nearby and then just walk away. Cutie-beauty begged DK to destroy e
  11. NICE But I read through it after you mentioned it and holy smoky, a prophet-superpower who sees the death of people? And if that wouldn't be already enough, the drama is more than a year old
  12. Episode 8 The drama really gives the impression that every road or highway in korea is completely without traffic. They drive and drive and do so many fancy stuff on the highway and not a single car is passing by or crosses them in any direction. I wished he would have just taken the crossbow and shoot the CEO right in his face, kill the others in the room afterwards and continue looking for the server. I mean, you can still search for it after everyone's dead and nobody is going to look in that bunker anyway. Go Eun cares so much for Do-Ki, they really have a special
  13. I see Yeah, no way I can do that
  14. Did you ever watch something so focussed, that your freshly made dinner/lunch in front of you went cold? So you finish dramas even though you don't like them anymore? Talking about, I dropped dramas because of this with only two episodes left.
  15. Finally able to watch Ep7 today Episode 7 Go Eun talking abour her sister was so sad and heart-breaking, especially the last meal they had together. Go Eun was so loud and bubbly, full of life and her sister the complete oppostive. She silently said farewell and knew she would end her life. Also, and this may just be a site note, what kind of police or medics would step over and over again on a bag lying on the ground? Not only due to the fact that it's possibly evidence, but also because it's disrespectful. Who steps stuff that is lying on the ground on purpose in a s
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