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  1. @PhikylHave you tried New World? @TRaNzHave you seen the Red Velvet Teasers so far? I actually really like everything so far.
  2. Sunmi as judge! Can you imagine having her as your teacher, with her bright smile and aiming for perfection? This will be so good! And some girls from Cherry Bullet are also there. I am looking forward to this show. I just hope I won't fall into another buying spree like last year with the chinese survivial show "Youth with You". I am also on a Subway eating streak. Three days in a row I got a chicken Teriyaki sandwich. I would be the perfect drama advertisement.
  3. @TRaNzYou going to watch 'Girls Planet 999'? Actually quite excited about it, a few idols I know participate. Some teaser videos were also very funny.
  4. Mhmm, already 6 episodes in, but only one ep per week. That's fine. But from what I read so far it doesn't look like a slice of life drama, rather a youth-discovers-love kinda drama and two people falling in love. Not very appealing. Overall it doesn't look like a drama that is able to do something for me. It reads like it doesn't have anything to offer for me. I need drama that are able to teach me or make me think. I prefer actresses around my age. But who am I telling this, you know about this. I actually have my eyes set on "The second Husband", it looks dark and the first lead is hot. The story also sounded very, very interesting. But I have the feeling it will also trigger me a lot by injustice and the male lead, who dumps a pretty woman......... So I also discovered "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha", it sounds so innocent and peaceful, two adults seeking their place in life. Sounds like something for me.
  5. So you gonna tell me that 80% of the show has already aired and only now both of you are telling me about it? Haven't you learned anything? I even posted an official list about stuff I like and don't like! Hey, the second lead may be beautiful, but come on, how am I supposed to watch 10 hours (please tell me episodes aren't longer than an hour) of drama? Not to mention, how many posts I need to write for 10 episodes straight.
  6. @abs-oluteM10? Did you just say TEN? Oh boy.....
  7. I see what you try to do here Such a, I would almost say pathetic attempt......do you really think just reminding me of the cute second lead would work to make me give it a chance?
  8. We don't really have something like 'rainy season' here. It is very unusual, that's why it's the biggest catastrophy in history since ww2. None of our cities were prepared for our reservoir dams or small rivers to overflow. We got used due to the climate change that our summers got a lot hotter in the past decade, but such heavy rainfall was new to us. Voice 4? I really enjoyed Season 1, but besides the nice second lead of course, I liked it because of Moo Jin-Hyuk. Starting with Season 4 after missing two seasons looks a bit meh to me. I also saw that the drama went from OCN to tvN? I don't know how it affects the drama. I hope the first line isn't about Voice 4. Really? Two seasons feel like I might miss a lot of background story and chemistry between the leads.
  9. So you guys have lockdown again? Well, we just had so much heavy rain in my city/area, that our river swept over the shores and created a high tide in my state. Even our small little river flooded the whole inner city. I woke up in the middle of the night due to a siren ringing and warning everybody. Luckily my home is on top of a hill, so I wasn't affected at all. But the whole city was under lockdown to get rid of the water that was stuck in the center of the city. Sadly so far 106 people died in my state due to the water. Greatest catastrophe in my state since ww2. Due to that I also missed my vaccine appointment yesterday. Luckily though I was able to get another one today and now got my injection. @abs-oluteMSo I got Moderna now instead of Biontech, doc said it's pretty much the same.
  10. I'm actually scared of AstraZeneca, because I heard all kind of horrible stories. So I was kinda glad that I was able to choose. I expect pain in the arm aswell, but I hope that#s it. Oh good to know, I need to keep her in mind. @Beewas my go-to option about every kind of disease or medical advice. Glad she found her way here aswell. But I talked with lil sis koko about covid and I think I don't need to be worried. But I guess she has a very hard time in india with covid. I'm glad I'm able to talk to her again.
  11. So you weren't able to choose? Which one did you get? Did you had a lot of side effects? Ahhh where is my doc @bedifferent when I need her. Do you know if she is around here somewhere? Well, I guess I need to ask my sister kokodus then. I know she already got vaccined twice. Yeah, it's really bad that some areas of the world suffer way more than others. I heard in India, Africa and other countries vaccine is really short. Germany already began to ship out remaining AstraZeneca vaccines to Africa, Biontech is used here the most and by now everyone can get an injection.
  12. I was able to choose between them and I will be getting Biontech. Also got my second appointment with the first, so first one will be this Thursday, second one Mid August. Oh you have no idea. It's almost a political war here between the UEFA (who organizes the European Championship) and almost every european government. Not to mention all the shady friends the UEFA supports aswell to attend these games. The UEFA asks the governments to loosen (and with that I mean ignore) the covid formalities for their VIP guests, asks to ignore covid standards so more people can get into stadiums and every measure that targets UEFA's friends (like Munchen's attempt to let the stadium shine in rainbow colors) will be shut down immediately. Not to mention the scandal that was in place after Eriksen collabs in the first game, who was just dead for a few seconds, and the UEFA's solution that they need to finish the game just an hour afterwards. The show must go on. Here in Europe there is a lot of critisim about the Championship. But hey, tonight the whole world will see a stadium full of people, while more and more countries in Europe go back into lockdown and Germany marks more and more european countries as dangerous again. Wow, that seems tough. Our state only did two full lockdowns aswell so far, but with half of the population here vaccined, it looks like we won't have one anytime soon, unless the delta variant gets out of hand. In that case, the wheel spins again from the start and everything goes back to 0.
  13. Kinda quiet in here. Finally I got my appointment to get the vaccine this Wednesday. About time, most around me already got their second injection. How many lockdowns did you get? Is Australia somehow collecting lockdowns? On the other hand, the delta variant is currently raging in the UK (and Portugal), but they let 60.000 people into the football finals in London. This will be such a super spreader event, but well, that's how Europe functions. If king football is knocking, everyone bows and rules will be bent.
  14. I read it. I have also seen her written apology and parts of her live stream where she addressed the subject, mentioned reasons and also talked (and accused) about Jimin again. Really bad stuff again about Jimin's sexual behavior during their times in dorm. I was a bit surprised to be honest, since it was a totally different topic. It almost look like she wanted people to remind about it. AOA's legacy is really going into the bin. And on top new stuff about Seungri was revelead, including pictures of the infamous chatroom. Disgusting stuff aswell. What made me sick though, was his statement about it, saying that it were mistakes due to 'auto-correct'. Sad Kpop Days.
  15. @mademoiselleOh no Why does it have to be hot noona? Well, I only have one single valid theory, covid-19 saw the hot picture of Cha Ji Yeon aswell and immediately got attracted to her! Poor thing! I hope she has a mild progress and gets through it fast and easy.
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