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  1. I've just gone through a very emotional moment while making a video that I want to share here. MMH might look like a typical romcom filled with tropes and cliches but its got so much depth. I've said here that it might look like I've become obsessed with all the parallel scenes (I have not, I promise! 🤣), but the parallel scenes have been speaking to me in a very different way. Here's the video and some stuff I said along with it: Some parallel scenes might just look like for fun and are absolutely unrelated. Call me delusional for reading into it too much, but sometimes I feel it's much more than that. Another more concrete example like the one above that I can think of is the MMH birthday scene. The parallel I've found to that is the exact moment Ji-ho says "I think this life is a failure, but I'll try my best" and Se-Hee responds with the iconic (and I'm assuming titular if translated) "after all, this life is the first for everyone." And there, JaSung is like celebrating his life again. His life has been miserable emotionally, but now he has entered a new chapter in his life with Young-won. Sure, I may be overthinking it. But it's things like these that go into my head when I find some of the parallels... And I love it.
  2. @abs-oluteM we talked about the sushi scene in the other thread. Here's something for you. 😉
  3. 😅😅😅 My favorite is still the sushi-cherry blossom-drinking scene. I really am a sucker for sweet moments before a couple becomes a "couple". Just like in BTIMFL, my favorite is their first real interaction at the back of the restaurant and they talked about football. 😍 Funny how the top 3 becomes more and more steamy. 😅 Speaking of steamy... I do want to share this set... more now since it reached number 1 in the list above. *is there a way to link a tweet and not include the tweet it is replying to?
  4. Yes. The picture I posted was from that time. That's the room she's been using while she's been staying at Ja-Sung's place.
  5. @abs-oluteM we actually have an older one here, a... V7? Latest I think is V15 already, but I think they might have skipped a few numbers. 😂 For decent-sized homes - like where our characters in kdramas usually live in - it actually works quite well. I think it will work much better for more frequent-but-quick cleaning sessions versus occasional deep cleaning sessions. For traditional heavy-duty vacuum cleaners, the setup is very inhibiting - you have to take it out, roll it around, unroll the the cord, etc. But for the cordless vacuum cleaners, you can just pick it up and go. I also like that I can use it for the car. Like @ktcjdrama said, there are now quite a few alternatives. I haven't really taken a look at them though so I have no idea how good they are. 😅 end of commercial Happy that OST 7 is out! I've been waiting for this one. So nice! I just remembered that I wanted to mention this for episode 13. Have they ever shown JaSung's current bedroom? They have shown his closet multiple times, but I can't seem to remember his room (please correct me if it was shown before). Just curious cause the room he was last shown looked very much like Young-won's room. 😂 Unless they have exactly the same decor... or did he just miss Young-won so much he decided to sleep there and save the prod team from preparing another bedroom? Anyway. Episode 14 is so nice. The resolution for me was actually unexpected - I thought they'll have us wait for the finale week. There was no real build up and it actually came quite out of the blue. Ja-sung did have some struggles and he did have to put in some effort, but its not much compared to what some shows have their characters go through before getting back together. No over-the-top, grandiose display of affection. No dramatic crying that just drags on and on. All it took was Young-won to realize how much Ja-Sung really cherishes her... and it worked for me. Then, when Young-won finally came to Ja-Sung, he was still very much open for her. They didn't have us go through another push and pull by making Ja-sung unavailable for whatever reason - like giving up or pushing back, or going on a date (thank goodness it was just a business meeting!). I think part of why it works so well is because of the scenes before Dragon's reveal. They already let the 'feels' creep in from Ui-Joo and Sang-soon's scene. Then there was so much tension when Young-won received Dragon's DM and they had a back and forth chat! Then Young-won's mom cried.... then Young-won is running... then... Me: My favorite is "forget about that bastard and think only about yourself" waaahhhhh. Duraegon-niiiimmm. 😂😂😂 Then, they were still able to make me laugh in the middle of all of that. Good job! 👏👏👏
  6. Aahhhhh. I love episode 14 so much. ♥️ I definitely did not expect things to get resolved this way (for now... at least?) But I am quite satisfied. 2 more episodes!!
  7. [Ep 13] At this stage of the show, I'm happy that they're still able to provide a full experience similar to their earlier episodes. This episode is very sombre - there's multiple one-on-one serious talks and reminiscing accompanied by sad music. However, they are still able to fit in some comical scenes and even life/home tips that we've come to love the show for. I particularly liked how they addressed the rooftop unit. I mentioned here before the show started that I was curious why probably 4/5 kdramas I've watched, there was at least one character that lives in a rooftop unit. I felt like it is used with great success in shows because they can provide good opportunity for setting up scenes - dramatic views, very effective for nice bokeh shots. In the show however, they point out that rooftop units aren't all that desirable. They probably aren't insulated, you have to climb multiple sets of stairs, and (one thing that I didn't consider before) you have to deal with flooding issues. This is probably why a lot of characters that aren't exactly well-off, end up living in rooftop units. This guy deserves a good smack in the face. Such a clueless side character that caused all this misunderstanding... Also, it's the first time I noticed that Chang calls Ja-sung 'hyung-nim', which makes me question what his actual role in the company is. I thought he was an actual employee-employee. Or am I misunderstanding the proper use of hyung-nim and who gets to use it? Speaking of, the three juniors in the company have somewhat similar living conditions. I've always wondered what the best reason is to get a place of your own so early, aside from independence. It's expensive, impractical, and probably can get lonely. I imagine these three to live together. Maybe then can be the first tenants of Ja-sung's recently acquired sharehouse? As per Ja-sung and Young-won, I agree with the others that they don't deserve to get back together yet. Good move for Young-won - who probably hasn't moved on yet, but still did what she did. As much as I want them to just get back together again, I know they still need some more time apart before things become better. Edit: just want to add. I always laugh when there's a mandatory cleaning scene in a kdrama just to show a Dyson in action. I'm actually quite amazed with the one Young-won used in this episode. It looks so high-tech! The light probably reveals dust and debris? 😂 (semi) Short BTIMFL x MMH comparison of this phase of the story below:
  8. So cute! Looking weird together in their own world. I love how she sits down then stands back up to continue 😄
  9. Just goes to show how awkward it is to be on the receiving end of a happy birthday song, even if they're just acting. 😄😄😄 It's like an eternity of not knowing what to do but smile! Love their BTS. 👏
  10. @bairama @ktcjdrama thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one that laughed at the crying scene. Makes me less guilty. 😂 Aahh. I like this. It's true, the break-up words were a bit too harsh, especially since it came out of nowhere. Was it just the night after they celebrated Ja-Sung's birthday? Here's one of the parallel scenes I've found for this episode. It's one of my favorites so far. Short and simple. 🤣🤣🤣
  11. [Ep 12] I liked the episode overall. Even with the somewhat forced conflict, the episode is still true to the show's character. Fun, airy, and not overly dramatic. In dramas that go through this kind of sad phase, the characters do stupid things - they whine, they get drunk, they cry their hearts out. Sometimes it's so exaggerated that I can't help but laugh by how absurd things get. In serious dramas, the intention is for the viewer to empathize with the characters or to evoke the same feelings. In MMH, they're just playing around that trope and they still intentionally want to make us laugh amidst the conflict and sadness the characters are going through. I think they were able to finesse it in a way that you get to be heartbroken but still laugh it out. One thing I appreciate is that at least they're not hiding the feelings of both Young Won and Ja Sung from us, versus just knowing the perspective of one party. I would have hated it if they didn't show how Ja Sung was struggling through all this as well. Random stuff: I know its sort of an emergency and all, but c'mon, why can't Ja Sung just message or call Young won before or even while going to the hospital? I think this episode was the most lines we got from Joo Hee (the girl with the mask and always on the phone). Funny how she was just relaying Ui-joo's messages though. I laughed SO hard when Ja Sung was crying at the end. Literally LOL'd! Why?? Cause: I've found a surprising amount of BTIMFL references this episode but they're a bit subtle so I'm not quite sure. I've noted 9 right now but might turn out to be less after I look at them closely.
  12. Agree! This is why I like what Shin Gyeom says when he gets angry at Ja Sung in the preview. Looks like Ja Sung will break up with her without talking to either party... but really, what's the point of breaking up with her if Shin is already ceding? However, it does seem that the next episode will still have its fun moments. Even Young Won's crying and wallowing is intended to be a bit comedic. In their outing (?) the three of them are all together having fun, so I'm guessing things get resolved somehow real quick? They'll probably be in an impasse of some sort, and they'll probably be like that till it gets fully resolved next week.... or the week after that... which is already finale week. 😭😭😭😭
  13. [Ep 11] I agree with sentiments above! Ja Sung was bound to know sooner or later, but why from Chan? I do sort of understand that it might be the only way for Ja Sung to learn about Shin Gyeom's crush, otherwise Shin Gyeom would just hold it in and never let Ja Sung know. But I wish it didn't come from Chan, or at least Shin was able to explain himself, not you know... unconscious. Well, at this point the show does require some conflict to happen.. so yeah. 😆 I did enjoy the entire episode. I liked that Ja Sung's appreciation gifts for his employees was thought of by himself, and not by Young-won. Young-won was also surprised by what he did and by the things he picked for them. I'm just curious why there's such a big gap between them when they were watching a movie alone at home. Funny how things are still a bit awkward, especially when they see the kissing scene in the movie. In my head I'm thinking "just kiss already! what's stopping you?" 🤣🤣🤣 I guess that'll be a bit too much for us viewers. Some random stuff: In SK, is it standard to present a birthday cake on top of its box? Those are such stable and classy boxes. 😂 Ever since the bazaar episode, I've been a bit wary of Shin. It felt like he was still a bit immature, unstable and vulnerable to things like what happened this episode, but I didn't think they'll actually do something like it. Anyway, here's what I mean from the bazaar: So far, here are the parallel scenes I've found for this episode:
  14. If they're taking scenes from BTIMFL, then there's a good chance of this. In BTIMFL, Somin fell asleep during their first night together. Maybe here the opposite could happen with Ja-Sung as the one who falls asleep? 😄 Or maybe they'll reverse troll us and it happens for real. 😱😱
  15. @abs-oluteMvery well said! I agree with all of them. Each episode having a theme that relates the built environment with our lives is very effective. It's also what makes BTIMFL work so well. The monologue ties the episode together and gives a sort of summary. It also makes everything feel well though out. It's the icing on the very scrumptious cake. Just to add while I'm at it. One thing that had a big impact for me on ep 10 is how Ja-Sung defended their relationship to Ui-joo. Sure, he's been a bit fed up with her with all the blocking she did that day. But him exploding like that, to me, shows how serious he is with the relationship and how he'll defend Young-won when needed. I do like that the cover up phase seems like it'll be over sooner rather than later, especially with the preview with Shin and Chan. I think it's a nice pace so that there will be more time for other phases of the relationship.
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