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  1. bai

    bro :letalQQ:

    1. abs-oluteM


      I miss him too. 

  2. everyone hopes this is your last birthday, happy birthday cov.
  3. hello JangHaven, this site are the people. Somehow it reminds me of Kings of Convenience - Live Long song, as I wish the same thing for this space to live long as more people discovered this king of convenience as their fun haven. Thank you very much
  4. along with good grief, this is so good. They always slay the live version
  5. @bairama sis you're wonderful today, step by step ok
  6. @abs-oluteM ahahah be patient m until there is a solid solution, cry on dramas from the screen instead take care yo
  7. @MayanEcho wishing you for more power. And maybe, just if you like this type of song, welcome to this anthem😊
  8. @abs-oluteM from that lists I've tried x, Eight Ounce, and Little People. Is Pause new cafe?? Little People have great foods, I like them a lot. They sold various bagels and cakes that good with coffee. I worked around those areas. Hmm like business trip? I was like cowok panggilan from one service/consultation to another lul. Oh girl..
  9. @abs-oluteM Ah.. I was around in KLCC? Bukit Bintang, Imbi, Pudu, Port Klang Pulau Indah? I dropped Brahms. Still not in level for commit on a kdrama yet these days, but I would like to try peeking for some new shows.
  10. oh my, can I unsee this? How dare you
  11. I will link this one, just uploaded 17 hours ago. Chaeyeon Oh that near ending on her performance video, when she swirls and then lay down, love it. Though, I like more the dance style that more focusing on the choreography & technic. While on that performance, she more have freestyle time and it just pure using seductive pose/move? She can do much more that require technic, I believe. I really want to see more of that side from her in the future. Here I like her sync with Lia Kim. It's like she is the smooth version while Lia Kim the popping version one.
  12. @abs-oluteM yeah sure haha its alright, but The event I can't think any for now, what should work in the forum space.. Maybe because we just know each other basic house, wand & patronus: favorite appreciation? On the passport we have favorite object/food, character, spell/potion, place, beast, quidditch team. Each member can explain the reason
  13. @bairama sis, - proudly high mtc? No I'm not. And what high maintenance? Coffee related is count? - in rl, yes I don't show how soft I am. Not like here that I tell it's valid so please oh god I feel I can't face abs, mademoi & silvermoon here after this
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