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  1. The fact that SG’s ears turned red because he was told that he just showed off and not related to his past or his current costar in Mouse is such a relief. Thank you for this @SGxSM. thank you @Warm Paws for another great video. And the comments are on point that it’s not just in a drama like in other ships, but it happened IRL. LSJ is trully a cool matchmaker😎. @Myshipperheart_SGSM keep those observations coming. I really love to read your post and reflecting on LF scenes . I watch those scenes again and your observations are always right.
  2. @Myshipperheart_SGSM i think this is the vid where SM said when she’s into a guy, she’ll let her know through eye contact and show him lots of reaction/ attention. Notice how she likes to hit someone while laughing which she never did with SG. 🤔
  3. @Myshipperheart_SGSM your observations are awesome. I think SBS should make a special episode on LF clips that has been edited out esp Seungmin moments. They can market it and will sellout better than a drama. 🥰
  4. I soo love this scene that after they ate at the resto , eventhough that went home through separate cars, and when they got out, appa SG played with little Yoojin and as soon as YJ saw eomma SM, she immediately held SM’s hand and went inside the house leaving SG. They naturally fit like a little family . Hope they realize that.❤️
  5. Yes . The relationship is in the works or they are working on their relationship. It’s like: Dating-Relationship-Marriage-Babies🤪
  6. Yes, she said that she got many requests for Seungmin tarot reading. It’s just funny how she pronounces SG’s name as Seung-ji lol and how many times she doesn’t get SM’ name right.( No offense ). Well, I’m not into fortune telling. If they are not destined for each other, then so be it. But only time will tell. Who knows? 🤞
  7. Yes. Sad to say, the tarot reader said that she doesn’t see any love connection between the two because they focus only on work.SG and SM only have working relationship and they will work together in the future. I don’t believe in fortunetelling or tarot reading but it will be nice if the prediction of a collab in the future pushes through and if the two doesn’t have a thing that’s going on right now, then maybe , they will fall for each other when paired together in a future project. 🤞🏻
  8. Somin did a survey a year ago asking subscribers (on her yt ssomeday) what they would like to be called. SSOMDAENGI was chosen which rhymes with SEUNGGI 🤣lol
  9. I sooooo love this 😍😍😍😍. It’s been a year of watching ang rewatching LF. And everytime I read or hear observations about Seungmin and what happened between them filming, my heart goes🧨💣😍🥰❤️
  10. Wow this thread is really thriving. I remember this was always stuck on page 4. Then i saw a comment from a fan on YT her wishing for a forum then i pointed this out to her but she replied that there were no more activities since it has only 4 pages. Look at it now!🤨 @Seung-Minyou are right. We just have to keep on going ang wishing that k ent directors and writers notice The demand of a drama for this two. Maybe just maybe SG is saving romcom project for SM. Who knows? ☺️
  11. @Seung-Min PNR only had special appearance / cameo role in TSOYH so they might not be introduced properly. They were also in What’s wrong with sec kim for cameos.You’re right, we don’t have time to watch all other shows ‘coz we’re busy reliving LF moments😍 Here’s her appearance ing TSOYH. Lol🤪😇😂 https://www.instagram.com/p/BQAcP6RAZwk/?igshid=c0lgolpte2zp
  12. I read somewhere that LSJ and PNR worked before in a show called Talent for sale before LF so they might be really close. But PNR was also in SM’s The Sound of Your Heart so i was surprised when they introduced themselves to each other on the first ep at SM’s house.
  13. @Seung-Mini was thinking if Somin’s parents are present at the day of the shoot at Somin’s house, they may had met SG already. For sure it took hours to shoot that scene and when they talk in the garden it was already dark. And Yeolmoo was also there . For sure, the whole family watched Yeolmoo being lulled by SG .
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