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  1. They really do look alike! I remember someone said when they saw Yuri dressing as a guy in Bossam, they thought Yuri is Ilwoo’s little brother 😂😂😂 Look at this screenshot. I have to screenshot it because they are in the same angle and they look almost the same, especially the nose 🤭 couples usually look alike 😌
  2. Exactly. If they are always like that then it’s not a problem. Ilwoo is not the active kind on Instagram but Yuri is. She even socialized with Kim Gaesi and her daughter in law 😂😂😂 Why not Bawoo? 🥲 If they want to promote the drama, isn’t interacting with each other on Instagram an efficient way to do so? Well, at least they are close in real life. I bet some people would think Ilwoo-Yuri don’t like each other if they judge solely on Instagram’s interactions 😂 Bawoo is so smooth. 😂 Ever since they pretend to be husband-wife, he never missed a chance to flirt with her 😂
  3. He also liked once. The photo of their cooking competition 😂 Yuri never liked anything from him until recently. They only liked one photo from each other (with their name tagged) while they keep liking other actors’ photos (no tag). I see Yuri liked a lot of Junhyuk (Chunbae)’s photos and commented as well as Shin Hyunsoo’s. Ilwoo also liked Shin Dongmi (courtlady Jo) and Shin Hyunsoo’s photos recently. Kinda weird imo 🤔 I stalked all Bossam’s actors IG 😂😂😂
  4. This is exactly what I’m talking about. Yuri likes to comment on her costars’ Instagram calling their character’s names like this. But with Bossam, she only does that to Hyunsoo so far. Yuri’s comment on Ilwoo’s Instagram: Error not found 😂
  5. They look so gooood 😭 btw I just watched the vlog again and I noticed a part where the Korean caption said “WooSoo couple’s Princess Sookyung, Yuri is here” but the English subtitles only said “Princess Sookyung, Yuri is here” 😂 Also, just “hard work today” instead of “hard work today, WooSoo couple”. The part where Ilwoo said “you said you wanted wine so I brought it” there is a small line in Korean that is not translated. It said “remember what Yuri said”. LOL I like the editor 😂
  6. @SilverMoonTea Girl you speak my mind. I think he is least comfortable with Go Ara out of the 3 girls. They didn’t even have chemistry on screen. 🤭 He remains friends with Jin Se Yeon (still comments on her Instagram sometimes and supports her drama, his private Instagram also follows her). With Park So Dam, some said they used to date so that is why now they aren’t friends anymore. (Which kinda bugged me for real cuz Sodam is one of Yuri’s best friends now, if Ilwoo and Yuri really do have feelings for each other, I wonder if they are comfortable). I don’t know if this is true but it is interesting to know. One thing I am sure is that Yuri is now the girl that appears the most in his Instagram 😂😂😂
  7. I watched his videos with Sandara and I can tell that the vibe is different. Ilwoo has never seen so comfortable with other co-stars like when he is with Yuri. He is friendly but not the too friendly type (idk if it makes sense 😂) Anyway, same with Yuri, but it is opposite. Yuri has always been comfortable with her male costars. I remember when Gogh Starry Night aired, she and Kim Youngkwang posted some selfies that really look like a couple. She also interacts with her costars on Instagram actively. But when it comes to Ilwoo, it is different. Barely interact, being shy and everything. I don’t know anymore 😂
  8. Okay I just woke up and had to check the video right away 😂 This is things I notice (once again under my delulu eyes) - When Ilwoo holds the camera and announces there will be a special guest joining him, he looks shy and excited (to me). Looks like he is waiting for the dinner. 😂 - The way he waves his hand when Yuri came is so flirty (again, to me) 😂 - He brought her wine because she loves it (like duh this dude sure knows how to make her happy) - Notice the caption when they make bibimbap “It is illegal to look this cute while making bibimbap”. If Ilwoo participates in editing videos, I will take this as another compliment to Ms Yuri 😂 - The tension: Ilwoo is not afraid looking straight into Yuri’s eyes and holds the gaze for long (i.e when he told her he brought her wine, he looks at her maybe to check her reaction). He does that a lot throughout the video. Meanwhile, Ms Yuri keeps being shy 🤭 She often cut the eye contact with him and looks somewhere else. Maybe she cannot handle his intense gaze? Idk. So that is my 2-cent analysis for today. Might add more but the video is too short so maybe that’s it. What do you guys think? 😂😂😂
  9. I remember Knetz asked for season 2 of Bossam when it just aired 4 episodes 😂 The drama is not super popular in terms of media but the ratings said it all. Hopefully we can get more promotion contents from MBN and lead actors. 🥰 Omg kudos to Jung Ilwoo’s acting skills. He deserves to be much more popular than he is now 👏👏👏
  10. LOL this is so random but look at my YouTube recommendations. Right after I mentioned Jisung and Lee Boyoung here, this is what I saw 😂 Hopefully this means our couple could end up like them 😂😂😂🙏
  11. I also think Ilwoo would prefer someone who is not a celebrity considering his family background. But then again, Lee Boyoung also had a rule of not dating celebrities and yet she is now happily married to Jisung. So I guess until Ilwoo/Yuri reveal their relationship (with someone other than each other) we can still hope 😂 For now I have a feeling they are still just friends. (Idk why 😫) But who knows in the future things could change, like G-Dragon and Jennie remain friends for such a long time until they date 😂
  12. Guys MBN just posted behind the scenes video and guess what, still no behind the scenes for our couple 😫😫😫 I was hoping they would release something for the hug in episode 8 but they did not, now they also ignore the lovey dovey shooting arrow scene. I hate themmmm 😭😭😭 Now I seriously wonder if MBN would release a behind the scenes for their kiss (if there is one) 😤
  13. She looks extremely shy whenever Ilwoo teases her. And this boy sure loves teasing her 😂 Actually, when Ilwoo dressed well and dolled up, no one can’t handle him, not just Yuri 😂😂😂
  14. They sure do remind me of me and my crush 😂 Yuri is pretty comfortable with boys but she is usually shy when she is with Ilwoo 😂
  15. Omg it is like we have telepathy or something. I literally just edited my previous comment to add this part 😂😂😂😂
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