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  1. My final random thoughts recap at Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce) posted on Sunday is nowhere to be seen? What happened?  My PC must have "eaten" it up! It did freeze for a long time... *cry*

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    2. oppasaranghaeyo


      Yeah. It froze for hours. Then I saw it posted. And logged out. But apparently it was not captured. I dont see that post now. It was right after an earlier one with short replies. :PiplupCry: 

      I will prob repost from memory lol. 

    3. ktcjdrama


      I was looking forward to your thoughts... 

      That happened to me before too. Not here, but in another forum. So much so that whenever the screen froze, I would first copy whatever I've written before refreshing the page.

    4. oppasaranghaeyo


      Good tip. TQ. I will do that next time *fingers crossed*

      The thought of that long post and having to "feel" all that again isn't tempting. But for you, I will "do it" one more time. I will soon. :)  

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