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  1. Drama - Oasis at #3 Actors - JDY #3 SIA #5 CYW #6
  2. Finally the long awaited OST Let Me Go!
  3. It was intense. I love the first 2 episodes - the comedy, sadness, anger…I am pleasantly surprised the 3 young leads are good, better than I expected.
  4. The English OST is hauntingly good!! Waiting for it to be released.
  5. Not yet maybe later tonight. Oh Jung Shin! Falling for Seol In Ah all over again!
  6. @abs-oluteM its ok if CYW is the bad guy. He’s still relatively new actor so good grounding to hone his acting. SIA also played the antagonist in Mr Queen and after that doing fine as second lead in Business Proposal. The preview is so funny! SIA…Bruce Lee Looking forward to catch ep1. SIA and CYW having fun bts.
  7. Oh boy! The blue knit, the neck scarf, oh dear! SIA oufit isn’t the best too. For once the director dressed better haha.
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