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  1. Insecure is a perfect word. She has a relationship when the guy vanish into thin air. W lmz n his profession vanishing into thin air is already a norm.. N now he is not really giving her that relationship security by confirming. The car conversation in ep 22 is very strong in showing their standing. She wants certainties n he cant give. Oh well... Hope it will work out soon. As tomolo is thurs n hsrsh if we end the week w some cliffhanger.
  2. @abs-oluteMso glad i m not the only confused one. Exactly like back to sq 1. He is like i like u but i m not going to do anything yet. Ehmmm.... Aarghhh To her: its like u just kiss me n show me all the jealousy signs n tell me as much but when i asked for confirmation you just keep quiet.. To save face i guess i will tell him i don like u but i can kiss u too (the kitchen scene). Not to forget she almost did a confession n got jolted by those boys. Must be darn embarrassing. Kinda felt he is making her a fool. All that on top of what u say about mum n fake dating arrangements. PLUS in less than 48 hours, It is a lot happening: she had a 14 hour shift n had not slept at all, not to mention the fact she join the operation after being dunk into the sea n trapped in a car. N having a car chase. I would be traumatised. My head would be swimming. But i really hv to kick lmz for bugging into ppl relationship. Dr zhang n xj mum. Next is ty n cousin. He really think who works n who don. That i agree w xc. Who are we to decide. In normal relationship msybe, but in love relationship u gotta leave ppl to decide for themselves. In a way he is deciding for them too.
  3. Looks like he is expecting transferring camp or another station. Oh dear. He is thinking too much. Ep 22 i m tearing out my hair over these two. They kissed 2x n behave like couple then they say they r not in a relationship. What?!!! She says she doesn't like him.. At least he admitted many times, in the car, their kitchen talk. It looks like she is suspecting zr n felt uneasy w him. But just stubbornly refused to think badly of him. Guess it is like u just trust ur childhood friend whom u din see for so long but still feel the bond. Feelings wise she is over zr. That is clear. N She obviously sides lmz. In the hospital she apologised to zr for lmz behaviour. That is what a gf or wife amd mother would do. It is obvious subconsciously its like i m his so i need to apologise for him. N Thank God mommy comes n want to chase our er miao. Otherwise that bug will he thrre for don know how long. er miao looks relieved wo that mic. But that buying dress stint is so good, i never see a c drama ml dealt w jealousy so beautifully, classy haha lol.. I lol lots these 2 episodes. But tearing my hair over their dragginess. Guess she is also a thinker... N she want the complete rituals of confession n guy askinh gal to be his gf. That i can concur. Cause to me the man need to be responsible n pop the question before hand holding n kissing. Even if later comes first, the question still need to be formally asked. I m old chinawoman style.
  4. But one point i don agree w is dr zhang asked xc to go get the lungs like its a parcel of food or something. I mean if muze is not arounf say in camp or zhang doesn't know they r staying together, xc will go in a taxi? Ehmmn... isnt it better procedures to ask an ambulance n a doc to escort it back. Can even avoid the jam if they hv siren on.
  5. I guess there is many discussions here n elsewhere like mydramalist on the illogicalness of the drama. Yes, i think xc is unprofessional in the usual prodession standard. But there will always be one or two individuals who is just so beyond logic, idealistics n passionate. These ppl will always be hammered because they don follow the usual standard. U hv a bunch of senior doctors who is so jaded they look at numbers, risks calculation, benefits cost ratio. I think we need realiatic ppl to move the world like well oil engine but we also need passionate ppl who can create miracles n make changes. They portrayed xc as such. I remembered many years ago when i was pregnant w my daughter n has placenta previa. Need to be bed rest as any bleeding can end my life n ny baby life. But the doctor did not want to give me leave stating the numbers of patients bleeding to death vs economy shows it is not necessary. Value no there. That moment my parents n my husband wanted to slap him. Its so cruel. At moments like that we all want doc like xc right..we don want drs who think themselves as god n decide for patients. I m more surprised dr zhang says the things he say. He comes across as a kind fun passionate person but suddenly he was so hmmmm.... i m in higher management style n start talking about number, risk n ops, think all along his surbodinates all were not that scare of him. See how they tease him on the bus, during the ny eve party.. N why dr zhang called xc to collect lungs like the entire hospital no other doctors ka haha.... . I think everyone knows how xc cares about the gal. She is literally her patient. So it is natural to share the news w her. N getting her to go is just natural for me as she knows the case so well. Zr has no love for xc. Just an obsession.. Creepy obsession. he think he can walk back into her life n she will fall right back into his arm. N he will get close to xia family n get his work done. He is obsessed in cutting lmz off. Some ppl think it is random zr call to crash muze. To me it is a logical opportunity, distance from home to airport n airport to hospital is long. About 2 hours, So it can be at any point in time the assasin comes in n a long stretch to finish them n since they r taking care of the lungs, he expect lmz to be more careful w driving. But i cant understand why isnt any news in convicting liu ran molester/rapist. Poor gal. That is so awful.
  6. The bit he took of the seat belt is well done. Smooth, manly n motive clear. He took it off to use his body to cover her up.. What a man!!! Hopefully tonight more sweetness than heart thumping actions. At least a proper date before is annual leave end. My interest in dots in now perked. It is on iqiyi too. May try watching it.. But i dont do kdrama causebi dislike reading subs as the language i m. Not familiar. Kinda distracting from the screen
  7. He is man who wants his toy back at his beck n call. Just pure possessiveness.. I find him a snake. He consciencely play w xc n migu feelings. See how he is sweet n charming when he wants something from migu. But the moment he doesn't need her like during ep 20. He says he is busy so cannot meet. He was cold. Brrrrrr.....
  8. Yes i felt my heart went on a roller coaster ride. Lmz is good for someone who has been too busy for a relationship. Now i really look forward for dating moments between them.. Exactly.. It is a act of a cruel man. That lungs are someone innocent life. What evilness. No matter what back story he has that is not an excuse to cause harm to innocent. Love how xc shouted lmz when lungs news come from. Dr zhang haha.... Din dr zhang find it weird that she says ahe is at home after lunch. N next thing he is on speakers phone w her n lmz.. Hahaha.... N how he tied her laces for her... I n swooning w this lmz sweetness. N did u guys see he pulled her down w him in the pushing game haha... That is on purpose n he got his peck on the lips haha Ya... At leasr she is useful. Cakes not everyday i don want to get fat... Bank card yes... In chinese drama when a man hand over his salary card, it is always to his sifur (wifey) haha...
  9. Zr prob heard all the sizzling conversations between them goes cuckold n want ti slaughter lmz off. Hilarous xc actually believe she pushed a soldier off balance. Even er miao knows its a ttrick. Poor lmz... First u hv tian Yong then er miao as interruptions haha...
  10. Yes so touching. U know a guy is interested in you when he is wilking to give u his wallet. N they do wo thinking. That's just so sweet.
  11. https://video.weibo.com/show?fid=1034:4648443273216030 Trailer 21 22. Official first kiss hehe... N we now can like cousin haha.... Actually after understanding her back story, we really can love her n forgive her for the initial weirdness.
  12. Really these 2 episodes other than their sweetness are twisting my poor heart up n around.. First the poor gal who drank herbicide n her watching her dad died. Then the lung rescue. I officially super hated zr. He is a sadist n cruel man. Fancy trying to kill off lmz while he is delivering the lungs. W xc in the car somemore. N he twisted the truth w the shipyard shooting saying lmz spoil it to get old master to kill lmz off. Liar coward snake. Arrrrgggghhhh.... When will xc wake up n stop defending him. I really cannot stand it anymore. His eery appearance at the hospital right after the accident sends creep n goosebumps to me.
  13. Hehe.... Don worry.... As long as we are entertained, I think it is a good drama. Bound to be voices if unhappiness. On mydramalist the complaints were mostly targeted at migu character.. Which i also cannot stand. Her puppy eyes look for zr is making me very ickyyy... Recent illogicalness is she was brought w him to his office cause police was questionning zr. N police says loud n super clear its a shooting. M gun is 3d. Omgood lord!!!! .. She saw his 'toy' gun which he brought w him to the convention. Even in normal circumstances why would any grown man carry a toy gun w him to a m medical meeting.. I just cannot comprehend why she is not feeling one inch worry when the police visited zr over murder w 3d gun n all she could do is go jelly over the hologram. N muze is telling him to stay away from xc her bestie, police are questionning him. I mean what a bird brain.. Serious i don expect her to be smart but this is so illogically stupid.
  14. Waaaa one morning I din visit n this site moved so fast haha.. If 31 to 40 dump it will be next week then since this week is 19 20 21 22 33 24. Haha... Its tonight yippeeeee Waaa many Malaysian here. I m sarawakian hehe... Kuching.
  15. She was wearing a blue strip pjs n a white cardigans.. Din see the words.
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