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  1. Thanks for the nice wrap up. i think now i can go and finish up the story despite the short angst. Thank you the nice sharing.
  2. BE or HE? anyone can reveal??? i feel like if it is like only get back at ep 32 and 4 episodes to go, it is quite bad. i so enjoy the moments btw the leads.
  3. loooks like this is going to be a one of those that many ppl died in the end. plus angsty towards end with only 1 episodes of wrapping up....aiyyaaaa...can only hope no BE.
  4. yipppeee it is monday...i kinda slow down watching cause looks like lots of angst in this week episodes. so will it slower. but looking forward for all your comments
  5. ya the preview looks worrying. so sad for WQ. hopefully they don drag over ep 30. will end in 2 weeks i believe. But i seriously feel sad for XGY. the character is so lovable and really feel he deserve a nice nice gal. so heartbreaking he found out that he and wq will never be cause of her brother's death. Also i feel somebody so good lilke XGY may eventually die in the drama.
  6. i really like TXL description of XGY.. He is a real gentleman. TXL did not say XGY is born in the wrong era instead he uses the word this era does not deserve such a good man. Which is so true.
  7. thanks i was watching ep 19 not 20..thought i don want the angst wo the following episodes hahaha....
  8. every episode is making me sitting tightly on my chair. no boring moment. nice balance of excitement of mind games, politics and gun fires (without too complicated plot) with the leads sweet love.
  9. love love ep 17-18. love the expression of TXL when he realised that WQ remembered everything of the first kiss haha..it has so much sweetness, vulnerabilities and joy.... love how even though TXL is reckless, brazen and ambitious, he is a fair person with intergrity; a good kind person in the heart with the ability to love ppl around him very well - his soldiers, his subordinates, his sister and shuang-er, and now MWQ. and i love how he can be so cute and boyish too...which actually fit his character writing because he is actually a 25 yo. someone who is at the peak of his life supposedly if his army and family weren't wiped out 10 years ago. my claps to Oliver Chen. He did so well.
  10. in ep18 her father asked her why she knows so much about the business. she says she finish the entire economics business degree in japan and did her practical training in japan trading and stock exchange. her father was shocked and mentioned but u are only 20, she explained that she got in at 16 as special entrance. wow!!! genius gal!!! Ep 2 she mentioned she did a side study in architectures...maybe like electives or minor. hahahaa.....TXL is a military and political genius and she is a business and academic genius....i shuddered if i am their enemy hahaha...
  11. OMG MWQ is a business & economics genius. The girl got special entrance to university at the age of 16 wow....TXL just picked up for himself a piece of GOLD BAR alright!!! now make sense why she can calculate every step of the way with the soldiers turn security police saga.
  12. from my understanding of the trailers: 17-18 they confirmed on their relationship. 2nd kiss and yes it is tonight!!! and TXL has WT in his hands which caused WQ to worry about it. Looks like out Commander Tan is a gentleman. both time he never make a move on WQ. both initiated by WQ. 19-20 General Xu wants to consolidate the relationship with Boss Mu. Hence the idea of alliance marriage between XGY and WQ. WQ and TXL is doing a under the wrap relaitionship. WQ very worried about the engagement suggestion and ep 20 she slapped TXL because he says he need to balance between the power struggle with General Xu and his relationship with WQ. meaning he is still thinking if WQ is worth tipping the balance with General Xu. I mean i am sure there is something in his mind. something scheming going on. There is also japanese coming into the picture now. 21-22 TXL announced he will officially court WQ. XGY very upset as he announce pending their engagement. the argument. both men stood firma nd WQ dad also knows d and advise against it.. And ep 22 looks like they are out in open with the relationship and looks like WQ makes peace with XGY.
  13. 13 and 14 are really funny because i reckon, TXL is over reacting hahaha...i mean XGY just got shot and had his chest opened up..and TXL is concern and i mean seriously concern that XGY and WQ can do anything....hahaha...the guy cant even get his own water. But after seeing the last confession scene i guess TXL does have foresight. Everyone is down on guard and WQ would feeling raw after almost killed in the kidnapping. if this is not WQ, i believe any gal would have say yes to XGY - handsome, powerful, smart on top of being kind and gentlemen plus he almost lost his life trying to save her. So it is a DANGER zone to put them together indeed. But i just love TXL illogicalness in worrying how XGY and WQ are alone. shows he is leaving NOTHING to chance when it comes to her. 15 16 are so exciting. non stop story unravelling. after i watched these two episodes, i can conclude this TXL X MWQ combined together = i don want to be their enemy. no thank you. They are too scary...not 1+ 1 = 2, it is more like 2 to the power of max turbo. their interaction is perfect. i love the way he always look at her so proudly whenever she figure out something and match his mind. there is a twinkle in his eyes that speaks so loud...'go on my dear, u got it...smart gal'. the whole 2 episodes give me a vibe that these two are perfect match. And they can only fall in love with one another because no matter how kind and good XGY is he isnt a match for her either. and no other woman will do for him either. she is a perfect gift from above who landed in his cabin bedroom hahahaa (ep 1). And u guys see how TXL is tipping around XGY with fishy sentences like me and ms wq understand each other, we are closer than u think bla bla bla...his jealousy and his urge to stack his claim is like uncontrollable hahahaha lol. love this drama for writing this character so well...reckless, brazen, ambitious yet playful kind and smart. The actor did a perfect job. i lol with all his silliness over WQ (the office placement, the walking up and down along the corridor in front of her office, him pouring water over himself, pretending he is working after that kiss from her etc etc) but cant help sigh and goes drooling when he does his smart capable moments. Oliver Chen is officially on my list of to watch idol. i am his fan now!!!!
  14. The whole 2 episodes i cant help but feel so tired for XGY.....besides WQ who seriously want to look him, rest are all there for other reasons hahahaha....TXL is basically worry WQ being snatched the moment she is out of his sight (he is so hilarious, oliver chen all his expression is priceless lol), the actress for TXL, Su marshal for the actress, little sister for Pei marshal etc. i mean it is a circus when all he need is rest...the guy just had his chest cut open...for goodness sake. But i really think XGY is such a nice guy. and the way he confessed to WQ is also so sweet. he is definitely less thorny than TXL. and i just realised that every time WQ is in danger, he will stand up to protect her without second thought. the hostage case when he goes to replace her, the party assassination case when they reach the roof, TXL said don go there may be tricks, he just went anyway; the jumping into the river and taking the bullet. u guys realised he always does for her Without second thoughts. i mean as a woman, a guy who do things for u wo second thoughts really would be worth it in real life i guess. i maybe developing SML syndrome here...they just make his character too nice but prob less interesting in a way. I guess it is a case of nice guy finish last hahahahaah.....
  15. i know...it was like what is she about to say....aiiiikkkkksss Glad it is still airing tonight till wed. i think 17-18 will be their confirmation on the relationship. i believe the ost and opening and closing theme shows they will be married and from a few of her later hairstyles it will that of a married woman taking control over the business and thus supporting his army greatly. the story kind have a Song sisters vibes with song meiling and chang kai shek. I really love how intelligent both are and how they can meet not only emotionally but mentally as well. and i can see the whole process of why they can fall in love. it is logically. other people just not going to be a match. i call this soul mates. Yeap there is no boring moment so far...in both plots and romance. yeah the dad looks like a careful fellow but not ruthless so far. but i guess he cant be a richest man in shanghai wo something underneath. lets wait and see. i believe the stepmother n wanting will be out by ep 16 or 17. Hip hip hooray!!!! Regarding the kidnapping, the boss Min is working for both stepmom and General Xu. the real deal boss is General Xu. General Xu wanted him to stir the pot for TXL in Shanghai with his private army thing. the plot is should be on the surface going to kidnap WQ dad (claiming TXL army kidnapping richest man is a big deal) but only stepmom and Boss min know that on that day it will be WQ in the car only. because the stepmom already hold back dad with excuse of WT being sick. that is my understanding.
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