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  1. guan lin seems more 'alive' in this one lol good for a casual watch!
  2. Anyone watching this? How is it so far? LGL's previous drama was too slow paced for me haha (even though Im a wannable)
  3. Chinese title: 张公案 / Zhang Gong An English title: A League of Nobleman Genre: Historical, mystery, detective Episodes: 29 Director: Yang Fan, Jia Xiao Xiong, Wan Li Yang Broadcast Period: Jan. 30th, 2023 Cast: Song Wei Long as Zhang Ping Jing Bo Ran as Lan Jue Wang Duo as Gu Qingzhang Bi Wen Jun Guo Cheng as Chen Chou Zhang Shu Lun as Emperor Hong Yao as Wang Yan Chen Chuang as Er Pi Jiang Hou Tong Jiang as Shi Fu (Teacher) Li Tai Yan as Lan Lin Jampa Tseten as Xu Dong Ren Luo Min as Wang Qin Shi Yue Ling as Empress Dowager Wang Jian Guo as Ying Xi Yang Yun Zhuo as Xuan Ji Yang Meng as Liu Xian Zong Xiao Jun as Boss Jia Zhang Zhi Zhong as Gong Shang Shu (Minister Gong) Zhang Shao Rong as Tao Zhoufeng Synopsis: Zhang Ping is a poor scholar who wanders on the streets, who makes use of his skills in pulling noodles to make a living. Despite being unremarkable in looks, he has a meddlesome nature and likes to involve himself in the cases of the government. Using his sharp observational skills and out of the box thinking, he is able to grasp the unique points of each case. However due to his solitary nature he isn't well liked by others. Lan Jue, the Minister of Rites, is constantly embroiled in the political strife of the court. Possessing a gentle and elegant appearance, he appears to lead a smooth-sailing life, but actually hides a growth history that is unknown to many. One day as Zhang Ping travels to the capital to take the National Examinations, he accidentally gets embroiled in the Lan Jue's secret operation. Using his genius reasoning, he managed to solve the case, but also disrupts Lan Jue's plan, while also discovering Lan Jue's secret and saving his life. From then on, the two people with a disparity in status and contradictory ideals became close friends, facing tough cases straight on and going through life and death situations together. Under Lan Jue's recommendation, Zhang Ping slowly transforms from a poor scholar to a minister in the Dali Temple, solving cases and handling affairs in the court; making a name for himself as a genius detective. Sources: dramawiki @Lynne @NiteWalker Moderator tag to get it added to the directory list. Trailer Helpful Links l
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