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  1. Done with episode 3. Time travel concept is quantum transportation of data, in this case human beings. Very interesting. CGI was bad. Tbh the sliding down through building and zip lining was not required. It was a bit over the top imo. The simple things which stands out the most are poorly executed. When Tae Sul was shot, body guards from Q/T should have come to rescue him. They did rescue Eddy Kim but not Tae Sul LOL...Bong Seon is a body guard but he was clueless, seems like he did not go through his basic training. And again portraying detectives as bunch of idiots. CGI was good durin
  2. Looks like we are gonna have God's gift 14 days kinda ending. Either one of them would perish or they both will forget everything and reset.
  3. Same here. I also don't get any sense of seriousness. I mean they are trying to save the world but the color shading, background score makes certain scenes light hearted. As you said it's just 2 episodes, may be the upcoming episodes would answer our questions but at the same time I fear they are trying to make it look more complicated. CSW is my favorite actor and I trust his decision. Oppa fighting!!!
  4. http://m.slist.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=228384 Found this while browsing twitter. Read it with Google translate. At the last the production crew said that "it will be much easier to interpret if the reasoning is based on the fact that Seo Hae and Tae Sul are in the continuous cycle of sisyphus ". That means one of my assumption was correct that the loop is already going on. We don't know what's the starting point of the loop. That is something to look forward in the upcoming episodes. Also in ep 1, I guess we saw Tae sul got a letter from a kid in elementary? scho
  5. Yes this is definitely not her first time. And the memory losing thing is also contradicting, if she lost her memory she should not have known the lottery ticket number. But again she checked the diary and then got to know that she should warn Tae Sul to not open the suitcase. As you said multi timeline looks cool but if not handled properly will lead to a disaster. Just because this is changed from scifi to mystery fantasy does not mean we will accept anything. Atleast i can't . I am not expecting them to follow any scientific accuracy but I hope they lay down their own rules and don't
  6. I will list down the things that are confusing to me.: In ep 1 the train scene where Seo Hae was relaxing at the top of a train and the drone vanished. How did she get away from that many people? She has a diary with some already happened events, I assume this is not her first time traveling to past. She does not know how to eat banana, so whenever a person goes back in time he/she loses memory?????? The marriage scene.. was it Seo hae remembering or the scene came out of nowhere?? She was being shot and then we see the wound was bleeding. I don't know what happened.. W
  7. To be honest I am confused with many things. I am gonna keep watching till ep 6 to see where the plot is going. The scene transitions doesn't help at all. I am hoping they will explain these in upcoming episodes. The plot sure has potential but needs to be executed properly.
  8. Yep I watched it just now. Office work is killing me. I agree with everyone's views that the plane crashing was bad, it was laughable. Moreover the 3.5 minutes scene was not required. I believe he spoke to Eddy on phone for more than 3 minutes and still ended up with 1 minute left, god knows why? I know it's fantasy mystery genre but the copilot did not contact the destination airport for reporting the situation. I loved the brothers bond right from first scene. Tae sul's guilt for misbehaving with his brother and then regretting as he passed away. Now some theory time.. I believe i
  9. I think i am guessing the correct drama you didn't like. (Alice?) If it is that, I dropped it after watching 2 episodes, in a way it tried to copy some parts of another scifi series that I absolutely love and is one of the best scifi series in my opinion. Initially sisyphus was categorized as a scifi drama but later they changed it to fantasy-mystery. I am keeping my expectations low as I was highly disappointed with Alhambra. But nevertheless I will be watching it because of CSW.
  10. @Chocolate I wonder if Sisyphus will be an amalgamation of different movies/dramas. As they have not tagged it as scifi, I won't rant about the scientific accuracies but I do hope the plot to be decent atleast.
  11. Wohoo, I am new here. But I think I do know some of you guys. Nice to meet you all. As far as I know, JTBC has tagged this as fantasy mystery not a scifi. That being said I feel that the punishment which the Sisyphus got in Greek mythology to push the boulder up again and again will be represented as a time loop in this drama. In the trailer itself at around 1:14 minutes, the events happen backwards and both the leads say that they will do it this time. Well that's just my guess though..
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