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  1. @SnowBlob You're right. None of the episodes truly leave you with a sense of happiness... merely closure, if any. Definitely not something to watch if one is looking for happier viewing fare. In the finale, I believe Det. Ishikawa's sister died, and Ishikawa has taken over the care of her nephew, finally making peace with her sister, acknowledging that she was wrong in believing she could never turn her life around for her child. As for shipping Ishikawa and Tachikawa, these two characters were never romantically involved in the original, though Ishikawa's counterpart there did not have any pe
  2. @SnowBlob I truly enjoyed this season's adaptations... brings back a lot of memories, while refreshing in its own approach, subtle or otherwise. This is the standard that I hold adaptations to, and I really hope they will continue to deliver future seasons with the same quality. Having ended S3 on a high note, if time permits, I will try to catch up where I left off in S2, and see if it compels me to complete it this time round.
  3. Just lost practically everything I rambled about from Eps 5 to 10... argh! Anyway... will try and recollect my thoughts once more, though most likely far less verbose now. Ep5 Night Drive is a pretty faithful adaptation of S5 Ep15 The Road, the taunting cruelty of offering then withdrawing hope a haunting testament to how crucial hope is, especially when in a situation where there is no proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. It drives very close to home, realising that that tiny sliver, found within or without oneself, can make the difference between persevering and overcoming,
  4. @SilverMoonTea + 1 definitely provides good comic relief. It is a shame that his bond with OIB is a little shaken currently, having seen first hand his friend being possessed. Do we know what is +1's background apart from being a super hacker? Hopefully we see him overcome his fear soon and regain the camaraderie we have come to enjoy so much of. I want to know more of Sec. Joo as well and her ties with HJA.
  5. @abs-oluteM Thank you for the shoutout. Finally caught up with all 4 eps of Taxi Driver, and enjoying it immensely so far with a sense of poignancy especially seeing familiar faces from Signal here (PHY and JHG). Vigilantism is the flavour of the day, executed by a group of people who are bound together by a common experience of personal loss. The flashbacks to their loss and grief is heartbreaking to see, and we are made to understand why they would choose to walk this path. Thus far, it has been highly satisfying seeing them dish out payback in varying degrees, particularly when
  6. @SilverMoonTea First things first, congratulations for making full moderator! And thank you for the shoutout re Daebak Real Estate. Am finally caught up to Ep3, and it is definitely ticking the right boxes for me so far. JNR shines in a role so totally different from the ones I've seen her (Remember You, Fated to Love You) - badass and gritty with an underlying vulnerability, while it's great to see JYH once more after The Three Musketeers. And how wonderful to see Secretary Joo, whom I last rooted for as Kim Wook's mother in Missing:The Other Side. Thus far, the drama is doing a g
  7. 2nd season is in the works! Please reunite the same cast and crew! “Missing: The Other Side” Confirms Season 2 Is In The Works TV/FILM Apr 16, 2021 by E. Cha A second season of OCN’s “Missing: The Other Side” is officially in the works! On April 15, the producers of the hit 2020 drama confirmed, “It’s true that we are in the midst of preparations for Season 2 of ‘Missing: The Other Side.’ How
  8. @SilverMoonTea@im0202 Master's Sun drew me right into the land of kdramas, after which there was no turning back. Boarded my first ship, bought my first Director's Cut DVD set all for the love of it, and it still remains a very special place in my heart almost 8 years later. Love the OST, both songs and instrumental, just as I do Ghost's OST, which I watched after Master's Sun. To be honest, I gravitate more towards instrumental soundtracks though I do have my share of songs that I love. Here are a brief sample of some of the perhaps more obscure soundtracks that I love...
  9. @SnowBlobSome episodes are extremely memorable and stay with me even if the details may not be as clear cut, but you give me too much credit for remembering the exact season and episode. All that is thanks to our trusty companions Google and Wikipedia As for the suspense, I guess in that sense, you're probably right, assuming I remember the case clearly. However, that does not detract from my enjoyment of the story, especially since the production quality is high bolstered by strong performances and an excellent soundtrack selection for each case. More often than not, the adaptation holds it
  10. @ktcjdramaHi there! Most of the cases are standalones though there are some which are linked to earlier cases. By all means, do watch. Recommend to start from S1, which introduces the characters in the team.
  11. @SnowBlob Thank you very much for the warm welcome. Half the fun of watching this adaptation is matching it with the episodes in the original and comparing them. Some eps affect me more than others, such as S1 Ep2's Memory (adapted from S1 Ep8 Fly Away) which still leaves me in tears every time I watch, reliving the same feelings of overwhelming helplessness and grief. Others such as Orion and Black Forest chill me just as its original counterparts did. I had trouble matching some of the S2 eps that I did watch, but with 7 seasons of the original, I don't necessarily remember the details of al
  12. Wow! I didn't even realise a 3rd season is released - thanks for the thread @SnowBlob! I loved S1, which I find to be an excellent adaptation of the original (which I love love love), but that spark was somehow missing in S2. Will try and take a look at S3 and see if it revisits the magic that elevated itself to becoming the standard that I hold other adaptations since. If it does, I might try and complete S2...
  13. Thanks for the shoutout @abs-oluteM. To be honest, I really did not watch a lot of dramas in 2020, so can only base on what little I've seen. Since real life is truly calling with a vengeance, very quickly... 1. Who was an actor/actress you discovered this year that blew you away? Kim Bum, whom I sat up and took notice in Tale of the Nine-Tailed. His nuanced portrayal made Yi Rang far more than just a one-dimensional misguided, hurting character and I ached for him long after the drama was over. 2. Who was the most memorable character you watched this year? Jang Pan
  14. Power Change Gratitude Family
  15. Had to watch the last two episodes twice. Bawled through the closing scenes of Ep15, and Ep16, especially the scenes of the brothers. Rang riddled with guilt, watching Yeon's video, then his ultimate sacrifice followed by the video he left, still snarky up to that final, broken "Hyung"... the rewatch still evoked the same waterworks from me, proof just how much Rang and Yeon's relationship has defined this drama for me, far more than the romance ever did. So much so that the first time I watched, I actually resented the lovey-dovey scenes that followed Yeon's return, bitter that they were happ
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