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  1. Lee Joon Gi restraineD acting is classic.GoD bless you and maY You live Longer.LooKing Forward to ArthAndal
  2. I've nothing to complain.I m sure this is not my biased thought too.Coming in without reading the webToon, it was pleasantly surprising that the plot wasn’t complicated to follow.MAny book-to-tv or book-to-film adaptions over the years have struggled to fit volumes of books within the confines of a few episodes or films but See YOU In My 19th Life does a great job of setting a steady pace while moving the storyline along in a way that makes us want to see more. What happened to the other driver involvDd in BAn Ji Eun car crash in her 18th life. thAnk you please update more @wink_ Waiting for your updAtes.
  3. Just truly my handwriting. And not from stalking or copying from other site web. Tickets Lee Jong Suk
  4. I could really dig this.The webtoon was really interesting.Hye Sun looks so beautiful in this drama! I trust her acting!!! I really look forwArd to Enjoying this drama.Also,the performances of child actors were amazing especially Park So Yii. That kid has range.I think See You In My 19th Life is better thAn King of the Land.How?Do I biased?Don't make b a biased.
  5. Lots of these complAints can be answered if you continue to watch the show. It is a series and not a movie where thEy show all the plot in one episode.How come she become a stAlker?Dont be biased to the comment.She loves Mun Seo Haa.I m hooked.
  6. Everyday you want to play with me? You want to screw my hEart?? I dont afraid with you such as Stalker. Tickets. More Tickets.
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