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  1. Lol! Them secretaries going at it had me saying WTF?!! And, was it YW's tomb? I thought it might have been the tomb from that woman with the green eyes, I don't know why. About the painting...isn't it the one Yeon Woo's husband in the past had? I think so. That's why I wonder if its a family antique? and the person in black might be sent from the step mom...I wonder though if from the present or the past. Seems to me, her mission in life (now and back then) was to gain control of the family's $. And yes, she is a great villain, but I keep waiting to watch her in a role like in "My Only One" or somehting...light, funny and good. Oh, now we also have the mom of YW in the present...or at least someone who looks like her. Wonder where she'l fit into the story.
  2. Seems like the TaeHo-HyoShim relationship will start developing today https://www.soompi.com/article/1629727wpp/uee-finds-herself-enjoying-ha-juns-presence-in-live-your-own-life
  3. Myabe that's the reason why I'm watching it too. After a couple of very disappointing weekend dramas, this one is watchable. I keep hoping things will start getting more interesting once the ML start dating...let's see. HyoShim's family annoys me. Especially the two younger brothers...and the Mom. I HATE that mom! I found TaeMin cute but for a while now, he's just getting too crazy. His delusional love story will make him go bonkers like his mom...or when he finds out about that nasty secretary being his dad (at least I think there's the chance he is) Wonder how long can grandma be in hiding.
  4. I was thinking the same. Seems like his sudden death, and how it went, it's a little too convinient when thinking about how ambitious that stepmom is. I love Jin Young but it'd have been nice to see her playing a nice person again. She does great villains though. I keep waiting to find out if Grandfather having that painting means he knows something or how the family line continued after Yoon Woo's husband died? are they direct descendants? and if so, how? Interesting that the maid followed her to the present...it seems like the one who wanted to kill her followed her as well...why?
  5. Watched the first ep and I will give it a go. I do hope that we get a little more screentime with other characters though.
  6. Thank you for the shoutout @Tofu This year, I found myself starting dramas and then dropping them almost right away, also I didn't have a lot of time to binge watch them later. So, for the dramas I actually enjoyed or am enjoying (bc unexpectedly, I found myself hooked to some dramas rn): - King The Land: I didn't really expect to like it much, but I did. I laughed and cringed and rooted for the MC. - see you in my 19th Life: I loved the first episodes but I felt like the last couple of eps were a little convoluted. - Twinkling Watermelon: Watched it 4 days.. I LOVED it, even if some parts were predictable. Loved the leads, but mostly the bromance between teenager dad/ son. Oh, and the slow development btwen Future dad and mom. - Dr Cha: Enjoyed the drama, but tbh, sometimes had to Ffd a lot. Finally, I'm enjoying The Story of Park's Marriage Contract a lot. Hope the story keeps the pace and the light moments between the leads. And I'm giving the weekend drama another chance, and Live Your Own Life is keeping me interested, though ffding the scenes between some characters that are just too annoying. I think the biggest disappointment was Strong Girl Nam Soon. Just...watched the first 4 eps and then the last two.
  7. Who's watching this one? I only watched ep 1 so far...not sure if I'll continue or wait until it's done and then watch it.
  8. Anyone watched the 5th episode already? This drama has me feeling all the feelings!
  9. I liked it but also think the motivation for all the murders was a bit weak. I mean, the real culprit was once all the obvious ones were discarded, a pretty obvious thing. But how it was handled was a bit 'meh'. To be honest, what I enjoyed most about this was the relationship between the FL and her parents and the young parents to be falling in love with each other. They were cute!
  10. We are already panicking on Twitter bc of that!!! I seriously don't understand why the writers keep the villains and their inferiority complex at the center of the drama. Like, there's enough mess with the families and the sweet, blossoming relationship between YD and TK. Anyways, I just started skipping those scenes with SJ feeling pity for herself and JH playing the victim. Let's see how this story moves along now, that were at the second half.
  11. Yes!!! It's been a while! That's what I thought too. Seems like he has no idea about his mother and what happened, so I guess he's trying to find that out. Btw, is anyone feeling the second main couple? I don't know, but I am not quite sold on them yet.
  12. I watched the ep and I can't believe how fast it went for me. Like, I was so hooked!!! The whole ep felt packed with so many important things, I had to rewatch it though. JE finding out about her little sister and the ending too brought me tears of joy/amazement at how important those moment were. She's the cutest!! And wow, her talent! Definitely loved her asking him to marry her! And this exchange: JE: “Didn’t I grow up to be pretty?” SH: “You grew up to be just as weird as you were back then” had me and also So, since I haven't read the webtoon I must say...I am hating SeoHa's dad very much and that horrible woman he has by his side too. Hope to see more of that too. And does anyone else thinks that maybe the reason why little sister seem so interested in SH is because of his connection to her lost sister? I really hope she's not really into him. Otherwise that'd be a little weird for all of them later...if they at some point find out JE secret. Let's wait and see what next weekend brings! Ps: I took a break from kdramas last year, but this drama, King The Land and the weekend drama got me started again lol. Have a nice week, chingus!!!
  13. Right? I also got that feeling. Lol. Yay! I'm really excited about this!! Poor ML will think FL is some kind of crazy stalker probably hahahaha Agree! Loving Hye Sun here. She's definitely delivering. And the child actors did their job too! Also, liking this one a little bit more than King The Land. But, I'm enjoying them both. I'm also happy I can watch them as the same time as everyone else, bc usually Netflix (germany) starts airing everything later.
  14. Hello chingus!!! Watched the ep yesterday and loved the ML. Not quite so feeling the FL. Love the relationships with her friends though. Also, can't wait to find out what's the deal with the missing (dead) mom? And what role did the half sister play in that. It's also going to be interesting to find out if that sister will try to manipulate FL once she realizes there's something going on with ML. Bc, FL definitely impressed her and in a way, got her quick promotion bc of her. right? Let's wait for next ep!
  15. Watched the first ep yesterday and I am hooked. Can't wait for the next one!!
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