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  1. It's been a while since I visited this forum but I just had to check on here when I heard about @bai. I met her when You Are My Glory was airing and when she shared her beautiful edits. We were so hype up with YangDi and all the sweet crumbs. She even made a Discord server just for all of us to clown freely there. I may not know her long and well but from our limited interaction, I know that she is a kind and sweet person who was also really brave and strong in surviving her loss and fighting for her health. Rest now dear Bai, no more pain where you are. We will miss you but we will continue to cherish all your beautiful edits and continue to also be a positive light even just in this virtual world.
  2. Yang Yang The cool Seo Yea-Ji a.k.a. Ko Moon Yong @mademoiselle This is for you... Thank you for tagging me. =)
  3. It's going to be my first sageuk too! I'm really looking forward to this, the story sounds interesting although it seems that there's going to be a bit of a difference from the manhwa/comics, I hope it's good.
  4. Sharing this MV with Tan Song Yun singing 花愿 (Flower Wish). It has all HouYe and Shiyi's sweet moments.
  5. I had no plan to watch this as well but once I started, I couldn't stop. Houye's (Wallace Chung) voice is definitely dubbed. This is the usual voice they use for the ML in costume dramas. Sometimes it can be a bit jarring, I'm always expecting to see another actor while he is talking.
  6. I just binge watch all 24 episodes of this drama. And so far I'm loving it! It kinda remind me of The Story of Ming-lan, which I really loved and even rewatch (all 73 episodes of it). Anyway, I can't wait for the next episodes. I wonder what will happen with Shiyi's investigation about her mom's death and also her sister's miscarriage.
  7. @abs-oluteM I haven't really posted any of my thoughts here but I think you have seen me tweeting about this non-stop especially during Mondays and Tuesdays. Anyway, I'm glad I didn't drop this drama after I was a bit put off by Hyun Seung's character in the first 2 episodes. I agree with some of the comments about this drama, that there's really nothing new or spectacular about it, some even called it a cliche romance drama. But I think the strength of the drama is in the charm of our main couple, Rowoon really did well in bringing Hyun Seung to life and making him a very likeable ML. Although, I didn't like that they use the usual break up formula right near the end, I understand why it has to happened. I know some people were looking for a more dramatic reason to justify the break up, but I get why Song-ah made the decision. I think the constant pressure from work and the guilt of not being able give her 100% to Hyun Seung were her breaking point. I liked that they didn't try to prolong the conflict and just crammed everything in the last minute of the episode. Did I think Hyun Seung gave in too easily? Maybe. But I also think that he was just waiting for a proper explanation form Song-ah, and she did just that and more. Plus we all know Hyun Seung is just a really nice guy who will do anything for his Sunbae. So I'm really satisfied in how their story was concluded. Another thing I love about this drama, the Chae siblings. I love their relationship! While I was sad that Yeon-Seung's marriage ended in divorce, I'm also glad that the writer didn't force a "happy ending". It was bittersweet but realistic. I also wish that Ji-Seung and Jae Woon got more screen time. I was prepared to dislike Jae Woon in the beginning because I thought he will the typical arrogant chaebol CEO but he turn out to be fair boss, a good friend, a caring brother and a softie boyfriend. As for the 2nd couple, I actually didn't care much about them and I felt like they were just there to set up Hyun Seung and Song-ah's story, especially Jae Chin. That's why I wish they gave more screen time to Ji-Seung and Jae Woon, they were more interesting and fun to me. Overall, I love this drama. It's far from perfect and I would probably change a scene or two but it is something you watch when you just want to smile, much like reading a nice romance book. Nothing too dramatic or deep but just a right balance of swoon and a bit of angst.
  8. @Tofu Thank you for tagging me. @stroppyse It's definitely the Gyeomi couple for me. I love the dynamics of their relationship. Their conversations can be chaotic and all over the place at times but what they are saying actually make a lot of sense.
  9. Just dropping by to share this beautifully written blog I saw in Tumblr about Run On. "The one constant theme in the show is making time for each other." https://scoundrels-in-love.tumblr.com/post/639701498698301441/the-one-constant-theme-in-the-show-is-making-time I initially couldn't get into this drama, I find the pace and dialogue a bit all over the place or frenetic. And Seon-Gyeom really hard to understand since he's too...what's the word? naive, innocent, poker faced. But there's also something about it that piqued my curiosity and now I'm hooked. It's quirky, different but also has a lot to say, especially about the constant misogyny and discrimination that women face in the workplace, bullying in the sporting world and of course about loving and taking care of yourself first.
  10. I just binge watch this yesterday and I really loved it. Same as everybody here I also love So-Mun's character he is such a sweetheart, so pure and also have that sense of justice and love for his friends to stand up to those bullies despite his own disability. I love their makeshift family (the counters), how they all just took So-Mun under their wings and train him even Ha-Na who's supposed to be the aloof one. I am looking forward on how the mystery of Mo-Tak's "accident" will unfold. I can't believe that an entire police force is that corrupt! Are those rich people/politician that powerful?! @Tofu Thank you for sharing that Nike ad. I like how it's done. Bullying is such a rampant problem in schools nowadays. I'm glad that big companies are raising awareness about this.
  11. Yey! A book thread! I love books and my favorite genre are Legal thrillers/dramas and mysteries. John Grisham is certainly one of my earlier reads. If you like this genre there's also Phillip Margolin (his books has female lawyers as protagonist) and also David Baldacci, I like his earlier works more, Absolute Power was one of his best in my opinion. Though I really hate the movie version of this. James Rollins, Tami Hoag and Lisa Gardner are my go to authors, meaning I usually pick up their new releases right away.
  12. First off, Congratulations on the site's 100 days milestone! I'm came across the site when Do You Like Brahms? was still airing and I was looking for articles/opinions/reviews about it. I signed up when I heard the podcast about it. I'm more of a reader than a "writer" or poster so if I don't respond to tags right away, it doesn't mean I'm ignoring you guys, ok? Anyway, I love the forum because, as some people have already said, everybody is very welcoming and friendly and it's always fun to interact with like-minded people. Good luck and here's to the next 100 days (months) more!
  13. @mademoiselle hahaha! they got scared. SBS can't seem to move on as well. Another video is coming in a few minutes.
  14. Another deleted scene?! EDIT: There's a clarification about the photo.
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