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  1. She might not be cutesy this time, fighting with Sang Yan a lot. 😅 In First Frost there wouldn't be much appearances of Sang Zhi, though I hope they'd include in the drama the first time kiddo SZ meets Wen Yi Fan. 🙂 The second time they'd actually talk would be when SY brings SZ to the rented flat he and WYF stays. This would be just before SZ goes to Yi He uni.
  2. I think CZY and ZLS are also filming other projects. 😅 Apparently there are new C-ent rules now of no overlapping of projects to avoid scheduling disruptions and conflicts in the set. It would have been lovely though if they could make cameos. Their replacements however are also OK - Zhang Miao Yi was the FL of When I Fly Towards You, another novel of Zhu Yi adapted into drama, the author of HL and FF. She's a cutie like ZLS. @SilverMoonTea I didn't realise they started shooting FF though I've heard a month or so ago it's BJT as Sang Yan. Did they have a booting ceremony?
  3. I know him in his 2021 BL romcom Kieta Hatsukoi. The other ML is Ren Meguro, who has become one of my favourites after seeing his movie Watashi No Shiawase Na Kekkon, and dramas 「silent」and Trillion Game. Look at these two cuties! I haven't watched other dramas of Michieda though I've seen some clips of his other projects. Someday I want to see him as the villain in a psycho thriller. He has such a wholesome face, a plus to mess up viewers if he takes that kind of role.
  4. Topic 13. A memorable scene from a drama I watched 1. Breakdown scenes of Sang Zhi at the airport, and Duan Jia Xu's father's death in Hidden Love. Memorable for me cos I wasn't certain if they would be able to make the viewers feel the raw emotions of heart being broken and losing someone without closure; it wasn’t merely crying. And they delivered. ❤️ 2. First meeting of Sou and Tsumigi 8 years after they broke up in「silent」.💔😭 3. First confrontation of the two MLs in Under the Skin. Topic 14. An actor/actress who made a good impression 1. Ren Meguro 2. Liu Haoran 3 Tan Jian Ci 4. Chen Zhe Yuan 5. Michieda Shunsuke 6. Mio Imada 7. Haruna Kawaguchi 8. Ryohei Abe 9. Watanabe Shota
  5. Yep! Fans are so talented with their editing! This is one of my favourite edits, cos it's a mesh of the two roles of the ML and FL, with a song about fireflies and dragons. More Ren Meguro worship while listening to the movie theme, hehehe! XXXXX######XXXXX Someone who could be the best villain, but unfortunately a missed opportunity to explore more of her character in the drama, would have to be the obsessed stalker of Duan Jia Xu. Then there are the villains that make up "Q" in the drama and movies franchise of Detective Chinatown. And... Tan Jian Ci's Shen Yi in Under The Skin - he is also his own best enemy.
  6. Happy Holidays! Sorry for being late to the discussion. 😅 Will be answering in general, which hopefully covers the topics. 😆 My dramas and movies journey this year were mostly Chinese the first half, then Japanese the rest of it. I'm glad that the drama adaptation of Hidden Love has been well-received and there was a clamour of Sang Yan's story to be shot and shown soon. Zhao Lusi and Chen Zhe Yuan were adorable and believable as Sang Zhi and Duan Jia Xu; there were some scenes though that regrettably didn't make the final cut. Also, even if Victor Ma was great as ideal sibling Sang Yan in the drama, part of me prefers that the true Sang Yan, the thug, uncompromising, and darkly secretive brother in the novels, would have been more interesting to watch. For movies I've seen all three Detective Chinatown, discovering the impressive Liu Haoran. Young as he is, he's heaps better than many seasoned older actors who are more often than not stuck in one kind of role one drama after another, perhaps due to still relying more on their looks but remains meh when it comes to acting. I've also seen the 12 eps drama version of Detective Chinatown, which was fun for me to watch since a couple characters are dead ringers to two friends. The three stories of cases to be solved were very entertaining since not only the movie leads appear, the timelines for all the leads be it drama or movie versions on when they're off to their adventures are covered. I've also seen Under the Skin, another mystery genre Cdrama which I've thoroughly enjoyed since it touches on forensic art. Tan Jian Ci and Jin Shijia were perfect for their roles as artist and police detective. More of their bromance in season 2! The release of the animated series of a novel and manga I've been reading last August rekindled my childhood adoration of Japanese shows. 😊 From this anime: ctto I patiently waited for the live action movie, which was, for some months since early this year, I've been seeing the released promo clips in YT every now and then. ctto The story of the ML and FL played by Ren Meguro and Mio Imada was so beautifully portrayed! 😍 And then, they reunited in Trillion Game drama! 🤩 This time, as antagonists! 🤣 The drama that made Ren Meguro one of my favourite, must watch actors though would be Silent. ctto This drama is very unique and deserving of the multiple awards it received, and acting awards for the main and support cast. This drama, had me crying my eyes out in almost all of its 11 episodes. You'd understand from this YT clip link: https://youtu.be/n555J6pJHcM?feature=shared I've seen two more movies of Ren Meguro, Phases of the Moon, and him with his idol group mates Snow Man in the live action Osomatsu-kun. For both movies he also received acting awards. Then there's also his light romcom Kieta Hatsukoi with Naniwa Danshi idol Michieda Sunsuke. I didn't really watch much, and thankfully none of what I've seen made me feel regretful. If anything, I've really enjoyed the time spent seeing these dramas and movies. I'm having a bit of hesitation to watch live action Yu Yu Hakusho, though I still plan to do so before the year is over. I still can't wrap in my head how a 112 eps anime series is only 5 episodes for its drama adaptation.
  7. After watching Osomatsu-san Live Action 😆 Here's the main cast of 6 brothers and 3 storyline enders, practice dancing "Brother Beat", OST of the movie: Official MV:
  8. Trillion Game [Toririon Gemu] (2023) Cr: @trillion_tbs Two old friends go into business together – one's a master communicator, and the other's a great engineer. Their goal? To make a trillion dollars. (Netflix - Trillion Game) Starring: Ren Meguro, Hayato Sano, Mio Imada Catchy ending theme "Dangerholic" for Trillion Game is by Snow Man. 🙂
  9. Watashi No Shiawase Na Kekkon (2023) [My Happy Marriage/As Long As We Both Shall Live] ctto "Born to a noble family, Miyo (Mio Imada) is raised by her abusive stepmother and married off to Kiyoka (Ren Meguro), a soldier so heartless his prior fiancées fled within three days into their engagement. With no home to return to, Miyo slowly starts to open her heart to her cold and pale husband-to-be, despite their rocky introduction... This might just be her chance at finding true love and happiness." (IMDB) First singer is the ML of the movie. 😊
  10. The OST/ BGM of Japanese 2022 drama "Silent". "Tsumugi Aoba (Haruna Kawaguchi) fell in love with Sou Sakura (Ren Meguro), who attended the same high school. They both shared an interest in music. Their relationship got deeper and deeper, but, suddenly, Sou Sakura said goodbye to her without giving a reason for their break-up and he disappeared. "Eight years later, Tsumugi Aoba is now in Tokyo and works part-time at a large CD music store. She is surrounded by music she likes. One day, she happens to see Sou Sakura. She wants to talk to him, but she realizes that he has almost lost his hearing." (AsianWiki: Silent)
  11. It would be darn funny, LOL! WYF doesn't remember nor aware of what she's doing to him, and ehem, blue in frustration SY, will not respond in kind either. 😅 She likes him a lot too, but by nature she is prim and then made even more timid by her trash relatives. There's boldness in her though, otherwise she can't be that confident dancer who takes the stage? 😉 What she wants to do but will never do to him while awake, she does while asleep. 🙃
  12. Bobo 😅 Began with hugs, then bobo kisses to him and hugs, and then LOL, later on, she would also sometimes invade Sang Yan's room and steal Sang Yan's bed real estate. 🤣 All while sleepwalking. WYF sleepwalks by 3am when she's too emotionally bothered or stressed (usually by her estranged parent and relatives) the day before.
  13. But only Sang Yan would remember, hahaha!
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