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  1. Loved the first season! I bought the book right away... Um mm, I will just stick with watching the series. No offense to the author. just didn't click for me. I think am too loyal to other historical fiction authors. Look forward to season 2 PS it's a shame won't see that gorgeous brown backside in season 2.
  2. I still feel the king is unfair to his own daughter and others while Left Councillor is running free. The worst part is the King knows that Jung Il Woo is a great kisser, thou shall not wasting the man skill 😆 Giggles, this reminds me of scenes where Princess worked so hard to write eroctic books but really had never done the deed herself. its going to be totally awkward until BW Takes the lead. Currently my plate is too full with dramas. Which is great! funny thing I wanted to discuss with some one then I suddenly remembered come here. Lol
  3. I wish KiMi put down her hair with wedding dress. What is the reason her hair up for about 37 episodes???? nice to see Wenbo not wasting anytime. Loved his proposal. is anyone bugged by the sofa in their loft? I keep getting distracted by the pillows on sofa. Have the urge to throw them across the room. Episode 38 left me worrying something going happen to KiMi in store. Or maybe not. to be honest I fast forwarded through the training scenes of XKL. It wasn’t that exciting as the earthquake. Is this drama about to end soon? Need another drama to replace, sword and brocade and Love is sweet. I am officially addicted to CDramas. There I admitted it.... and that is a big admission for since I have been a die hard Kdrama fan.
  4. I’m watching Just started and definitely enjoying. I have a thing for Alpha Male leads
  5. I feel Doctor Shaio and XKY relationship with each other is odd. feels like everyone watching from the window.... They have a very cool sibling relationship Really enjoying watch WB grovel to Xia. Thank goodness too because it was painful watching her run after him. I’m late joining the chat. But have been peeking in. Trying to balance watching many dramas.
  6. Finally caught up to sub ep 40. Very frustrated watching. number 1... I could never live with such mother in law power. I wouldn’t even survive living in this time with such oppression the woman experienced. Poor Daniyang... what a frustrating episode. I did peek at the last raw 45 episode. Didn’t notice the mustache disappeared. Will make sure to double check when it’s finally subbed. Currently switching over to Tencent vip. The iqiy vip was a fatal rip off., still only on 36 posted in my end. I finished Love is sweet and caught up with you are my hero. I see mention of Mr Gu .. so will check that out also. Looks like CDramas are definitely my new thing in 2021
  7. Finally caught up with subs at ep30. It’s seems most here are caught up to episode 36. I don’t have much input now. I am too far behind relying on subs. This thread moving faster and I seem to can’t keep up. It’s not a bad thing means the drama is good. I’ve enjoyed reading the comments here and very happy with YAMH and Love is Sweet recommendations. This is a first for me, currently watching more CDramas than Kdramas! Am guessing next week this drama will be done airing. since am so behind, I probably won’t be peeking in. thanks again for the recommendations.
  8. Made note now..... Lol. These drama suggestions have definitely filled the void while waiting for subs. just caught up with YAMH. Did a quick peek at ep 35 Raw.. it’s like impossible not peek! I think my curiosity is hopefully tame for now. .... Finally I can say Good riddance to Concubine Q.... now back to watching Subbed SB... nice to know now which episode the hot scenes come.
  9. Thanks for recommending! I started this to kill time . Ironic noticed Wallace in background appear in Episode 4. actually am surprised I enjoy this drama and You are my hero. since I honestly watch 80% Kdrama.
  10. @abs-oluteMthanks! I didn't peek but the timeframe is nice points
  11. Just finished wrapping up to ep 24. someone mentioned earlier questinging the timing of sharig the preview of episodes in advance. I feel previews maybe not for me, because I kept feeling disappointed when the scenes didn't air yet. for me I focused too much on when the scene was going to appear. Therefore, I will refrain watching clips and just sit back and enjoy the drama. I do feel sorry for shiyi sister being in such an abusive marriage. If feels like everyone is aware but nobody steps in to help her. Therefore, reseentment toward Shiyi continues. Hopefully, the sisters can lean on each other in the future and mend their sisterhood. I did enjoy the tension in ep 22-24, felt like Shiyi was walking into disaster zone with her secret investigations. I assume the first sepearation is maybe due to LF involvement with Yiannang death. Darn those previews, have drove me crazy wondeirng when will see these kisses between the two leads. well obviously the main couple hasnt done the deed yet. Love how LY teased Shiyi with "well we can get it done as back up plan" it was sweet of him to just let that go. Girl got guts. On last note, the women in this drama dont trust men. PERIOD. All them are saving their jewerly and dowry to have some kinda left over power of freedom. What a difficult time it was live back then.
  12. A little worried will binge watch again without sleep Monday. Did this the first round, when I discovered VIP membership I only do this when I’m emotional invested in dramas.....
  13. @abs-oluteM @Mouse Hello! It’s been forever since I’ve found a drama to chat about. Hope this thread is good despite the fast pace. This is a first for me seeing “divorce” in historical drama. Will be interesting to see why. I suspect the killer is someone close to LY that forces him to divorce I did notice shiyi kept saying to many people “don’t worry I know what to do”. I got the impression she was saying that more to herself. I kinda dig the way Wallace Chung walks... I can’t explain it but I find it cute. to The Who post IG thanks! Love the spoilers!
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