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  1. 🫣 not peeking at comments. On purpose I have miraculously restrained watching and waiting to binge. Sometimes it’s nice to watch episode after episode. So little feed in Twitter says the kiss happened. Apparently PHS did a good job since his name is trending on my twitter ready to binge and will be back for catch up on comments
  2. Finished series. The setting of the “love” and fireworks sprinklers by others watching was silly. That was too much. yin playing the guitar at end did remind me for an moment previous movie Upcoming Summer. That dude Meng is handsome. Definitely felt like seeing Eye Candy hanging by a thread at the end. A tame series ending. Left me curious what was cut. I fast forwarded most the pool table games. I wonder what Lei Lei next work will be. I think he suits the action genre better. This drama was okay. Lots of kissing and cuddling but I’m not left with the desire to go back and review any scenes. It’s not leaving a mouth watering urge. one thing I’ve learned…. Finland is cold!🥶
  3. Am confused… when did they seal the deal? Despite the cuddles and kissing Yin has behaved like a monk
  4. I actually enjoyed these scenes. Sometimes I don’t feel it’s natural and forced I am in the middle of ep 23….. watching through my fingers…. So embarrassed by this live confession. I burry my head embarrassed for YaoYao. That was a bit too much. Who demands a confessional right before a match!? Anyway. Back to watching….. I’m so weirdo ( haven’t finished watched Lei Lei the prior tennis drama yet… wasn’t feeling the vibe wirh FL. In this drama, I feel more relaxed to watch lei lei maybe I just dont catter to Noona relationships? I have the same problem with finish my boo KJY Reflection series. Trying not to be critical. It’s just not my thing I guesses. Anyway back to the show
  5. Well I guess the upcoming episodes is about eating hearty and getting fat? 😂
  6. Finally watched ep 1 and 2. awkward….. but realistically expected since they feel this strong vibe between each other. on the scenery. Where was this filmed? Beautiful snow but too realistic chilly.
  7. Finally binged watched while on holiday break. Song Kang is just toooooooooo good looking. Enjoying the eye candy. I think the only Happy ever after they both can have is both are Demons. Or human. Started to wonder if time will catch up with his 91 yr old self as Human? Or he will fade into thin air
  8. Finally my KJY……… thank you @abs-oluteM for opening this thread….. hmmm first thing that cross my mind when reading the pairing… kiss kiss scene? Hmmm. Shin Hye don’t disappoint me! I don’t even know what the series is about. I just watch automatically because of Shin Hye and ofc my hot oppa KJY
  9. Anyone still watching? happy to see Hyo Sim move out and LOVE her oldest bro finally standing up. He knew it was so wrong to let her carry the responsibility of the family. I love the fact he told his wife…. Get ready…Mentally 😂😂 The wicked glee of Tae Mins mom gives off the vibe maybe she is the one who ordered Tae Ho father death.
  10. @Tofu i found myself falling asleep trying to watch. Forced myself several times to make it to episode 2. It never happened. I agree with you it’s disheartening seeing this woman chase him around. since cdramas take FOREVER to get to the point. I jumped straight to episode 7. It gets better. My only reason for watching is I enjoy the ML. He does an excellent job in other two dramas. That is why am watching.
  11. No 2nd Kiss. but nice to rewatch them smooches 😘
  12. He’s a man. What can we expect Definitely overconfident move. But he knew he couldn’t get his family back. It’s having control of the situation and fate. If he got arrested he would rot in prison with no control. Dying under his desirable outline gave him satisfaction.
  13. @Min86I didn’t think that far ahead of TaeMin not being the biological son. Now I wonder if HyoShim long lost father is the secretary? That is a selfish reason to diss your family. More juice to the story line if TaeMin and HyoShim are brother and sister. taemin definitely can’t have HS… the selfish self centered sister in law finally showed her human colors. Finally can understand her reason for pushing Pil Lip to play golf and give her 200 percent to her kids. It’s normal wanting your kids to have better opportunities than you did. though it does seem kids don’t really comprehend what the point of all is this barking up the tree. Parenting is exhausting. I will lift my criticism toward the sister in law. as for the older brothers… they have a long way to go. They don’t represent the protection of family. Even the eldest feeding his baby sister to the wolves with the modeling contract makes me see his role pointless. Why are the brothers in the drama? the youngest brother struggles to achieve success is understood with his education and background. I can empathize his struggle and what he is doing. Though it’s somewhat idiotic most of the time TaeHo is slick giving him points. I really like him giving HS space. At the same time kinda cute the way he is staying on her radar
  14. I’m suprised I’m watching this drama after it technically fell off the earth. it's mostly due to more of habit to watch weekend dramas. HyonShim family is pathetic to a perfect T. Can’t help feel sorry for HS. What’s more pathetic when Prince Charming rescues dear HS, will have to be liable for the rest of family as well. It’s just too pathetic. I think I’m only watching cuz I think TaeMin is kinda cute. everyone else ain’t worth mentioning… when the grandma comes out of her mole hole things will get interesting
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