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  1. The drama is going to slow for me. Maybe because all I want to see is KYJ I felt bad for “Hannah/HW she obviously dealing with mental issues and I think people misunderstood her. she doesn’t try to clear up other’s people perspective. She even admitted she is suicidal. She is definitely broken. right now I think Hee Joo is two faced or living in her own bubble. I think the body dump is either past or future. Maybe HJ got rid of HW, nobody likes to be reminded of the past they want to forget. Or Possibly woo Jae, that how he ended up in hospital. Just predicting Woo Jae and HW marriage fell apart and HJ had something to do with it. HJ hubby found out so he keeps tabs on woo Jae. HW is back for revenge. and yes I think the boy is a birth secret. I really hope episodes 3 grabs my interest…..
  2. finished creepy episode 1. got a glimpse of KYJ very mellow start with good attention getters. who died. Who killed who. Why the creepy stalking. What’s up with the past between these women. Take notice the conversation between the two women of THIS incident and THAT incident. Something happen in the past……
  3. First episode is here! on Netflix. Perfect timing. Going watch in lunch break
  4. I don’t view the age gap between the ML and FL as a problem. Obviously the storyline will need to romantic relationship. The misunderstandings, lack of communication, financial status, jealousy and secret births are all what drives this drama chaos. The setting and storyline of father and daughter reminded me of Uee’s drama My Only One.
  5. I wonder if cavities were bad during these times. or they just pulled everything out till no teeth left?
  6. Not peeking at comments here since currently on episode 5. But just had to say this series has been brutal! This is weird…. Everyone in my house talking about this drama. I am the only one that is a devoted kdrama fan. So it’s very weird to be talking about something I am accustomed to watching alone. This series has also grabbed attention of so many of my non kdrama friends as well. I do wonder what makes squid game stand out to the international audience. is it the cold killing? There are so many good dramas I hope others will notice.
  7. Anyone notice the bad edits or scene cut in episode 2. The queen comforts Dami then 360 scene to the queen dying. Had to replay the scene to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Am glad watched straight 2 episodes at one time, very frustrating watching episode 1. The attitude towards females is difficult to digest. overall this is very good drama that I hope Dami gets revenge.
  8. https://www.netflix.com/title/81473219?trkid=13747225&s=i&vlang=en&clip=81495264 Sorry Am rusty again,
  9. Discovered Watching cdramas is dangerous gamble with new KDramas coming out. 

    1. bairama


      do you forget this? 😝



  10. Soon this series will start ?! No more delaying? On Netflix? yahhhhh!!!’ More exposure for KYJ… honest this only reason I will watch this drama
  11. @SilverMoonTea not yet it’s not available on platforms I normally watch. am about to give in and subscribe again to IQIYI so I can watch.
  12. @abs-oluteM @bairama thanks for shaking me awake. I was totally loss in cdrama land I forgot the start date of this drama. Just getting started on the episode 1. Loving his hair! I want to grab it and massage my fingers through it. I need to stop.. going back to finish the episodes
  13. @UnniSara thanks! So HR made himself not see? Or this is part of the curse to protect him.
  14. Totally into this drama! a bit confused about the demons. Where did the Demon go after it was unlocked? Has it been roaming 19yrs? I thought when HC and HR reconnect his sight will be restored. so was suprised HR became demon like…. Will HC loose her sight… hmm I need go back and rewatch about curses. Was totally distracted looking at the animation of the demons.
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