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  1. Tuna for me ☺️ and Dilraba 👑 if we'd throw in an unnie.
  2. Aaaah they're reunited! Can't wait.
  3. I'm diving in head first. Got interested when I read an article about it and saw some Ep 1 clips. I think it's the kind of romcom I totallly dig.
  4. My bad, it's top percentile of psychopaths, which makes it less than 1% of gene carriers.
  5. This is Yohan 😂 the real-life Yohan from Broduce X 101. Kudos to LSG and LJH for making this drama bearable. KHW got his first major role after appearing in show so congrats to our baby YH. Okay, so I want to love this show but it's absurd. It humanizes a serial killer but dehumanizes psychopaths. Again, they didn't have to debate on aborting carrier babies since according to them only 1% of gene carriers become serial killers. They would end up killing not only geniuses but also successful psychopaths, who are productive members of society. Then after presenting a flawed and unethical experiment, they turned it into a law? It's eugenics. And they didn't even consider the existence of sociopathic serial killers. And think about it, the proponents were never tested, and almost every character here wanted to kill somebody at one point. The baby swap is also weird. The moms would rather become a criminal than a responsible parent, like maybe asking for professional help if your kid starts exhibiting disturbing behavior. On top of that, YH's real mom allowed her son to live a tortured life as a murderer's child. Then the brain transplant So I maintain that it's a scifi thriller (or psyfi 😆), where these things would make sense in its own world. Or poetic license.
  6. Watch Beyond Evil, you guys! It's a masterpiece. Shin Ha Kyun is so crazily good. I knew Oh Jung Se would nail it again. He's so fantastic! And Dohyunie, our boy. He just outdoes himself every time.
  7. If the govt refuses to kill HH, let BR do it in jail. Finish him for me please. It's difficult to read spoiler tweets now knowing YH's involvement. This is also a PSA when dealing with psychopaths. Don't play their games unless you've got backup. I revisited FMA Brotherhood, and I suddenly remembered the 7 Virtues. Yeah, they're the reversed 7 Deadly Sins. This drama has turned them into 7 Deadly Virtues 😂
  8. Best Drama - Beyond Evil. Every episode takes you for a slow ride then it accelerates until it hits a speeding truck. Best Actor - Shin Ha Kyun. Did you see how he broke down after that jaw-dropping phone call? Your heart was broken along his. But SJK will take it because he's 😎 Best Actress - SYJ for channeling her inner self 😂 Best Supporting Actor - Oh Jung Se for his method acting and nuanced performance Best Supporting Actress - Mama Counter I just wanna hug her as she feeds me Best New Actor - Dohyunnie for stealing his own show. Best Screenplay - Beyond Evil. Tightly written, gripping and just enough whatda Best Director - Vincenzo's for the extravagance and sass and for casting Kim Seungcheol
  9. So this seems to be a long-term psychosocial study of Daniel and HH's theories lol I bet at least one of the proponents of this crazy idea is an organizational psychopath. And did HH already predict the ending by sending Daniel 2 dead mice? Or will they go the Unbreakable/Glass route?
  10. They've still got some tricks left. This reminds me of Jdorama medicals where they're focused on solving the conflict, and then it turns out that it's only part of the greater problem. Yeah, politics is everywhere. Or some postmodern social experiment where they present the truth, twist it, and then twist it even further at the end. Surprise, they're psychoanalyzing the viewers. I really feel sorry for Jaehoon. If only he grew up in a nurturing home, he would have been taught how to be a decent human being.
  11. That hair flipping must be a parody of Fiery Priest 😂 I cried while watching the tenants fight the goons till I realized I was being ridiculous. This show badly needs a second season! Cassanos!
  12. I'm dropping by to say OMG!!! Oppa is so handsome in the poster, he looks way younger there. How is that even possible? (Okay, fine possibly shopped, but still)
  13. I think they're too ambitious and too focused on heightening the thrill factor that they failed to make the narrative coherent and cohesive (cf. Beyond Evil -- it's glorious till the end). A special isn't necessary if they tighten the script editing: flip those half-truths in Arc 2 and complete the narrative with BR's perspective through police investigation. Given that it's a 20-episode drama, it's really hard to believe that YH is the killer - emo kid died too early 😆 Moreover, It's more logical that the killer is a police officer rather than a sad doctor. YH can be a high-functioning psycho all along or just antisocial. He doesn't need to pretend to be jolly. But BR needs to be affable and he's too nice 🙂 How do I want this to end? The PD broadcasting YH's findings, which will ultimately make BR the mouse. It's her redemption as well. A psycho's downfall starts not when he's arrested by the police. It's when his intricate pattern of violence is finally unravelled and his motives understood. And I hope the writer realizes that she needs to put a shrink in there.
  14. Yaas! Haruna~ She and Sachou are really good actors. Too bad he dropped her like a hot potato so less screen appearance for him. He looks so manly now that he's gotten much older.
  15. I'm so deep into this! My onscreen lookalike and my ultimate cutie getting paired up is uWu madness. Let me guess! She's the turtle in their picture
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