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  1. @OsmanthusTea, well, the good thing is at least you don't get welts whenever you're.getting.physically.intimate.darn.it!
  2. I'm so excited! S1 was the highlight of my lockdown and I'm looking forward to more heartwarming hospital scenes.
  3. Delulu me still thinks YH didn't kill.anybody. that or he's a bad actor.
  4. Yaaas! Will wait for it at my favorite website coffee shop. Thanks! @SilverMoonTea
  5. uWu our psychocat BR 😺 You're born a psychopath (unless you have a brain transplant 😅😅). HH was a psycho from the start and became a serial killer to be able to realize his ambitions. He was triggered. There's this misconception that psycho = murderer. No, a psycho can be that boss who didn't want to approve your vacation leave because business comes first. They don't need to kill for them to be classified as such. But ofc my boss could have already imagined killing me a hundred times or so.
  6. Mouse is trolling us. This is like an OCN thriller writer gets into an accident and gets a brain transplant from an MBC dailies writer and a tvN scifi producer. I'm not impressed anymore. I'll read the recaps instead 😂
  7. I'm deeply saddened by YH's death, not only because he's a hunky dude and an eye candy emo kid but because he looked convincingly depressed and repressed. He didn't look sinister at all. Not even charismatic. That's why I want to know more about him whether or not he's a killer. But alas, he's offed.
  8. *Here We Are (Find Me in Your Memory) - great composition and vocals, fits the storyline *Winter is Coming (Goblin) - haunting and hopeful *Beautiful (Goblin, original songwriter demo version) - like a '90s love song for no one and everyone, overshadowed by the supreme being otherwise known as Crush *Princess Hours opening theme - iconic *Fox Rain (My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho) - the dubidubidurapa song *That Woman/That Man (Secret Garden) - Hyunbin. Enough said. *For a While (The First Shop of Coffee Prince) - jazzy *Give My Love (Save the Last Dance For Me
  9. I still think YH isn't the killer. Rather, he's chasing the culprit.😂 He's such a sad boy. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMEebGbA_RR/?igshid=giuyeaosveww So far the narrative is presented along the line of Dr. Lee's study, so it heavily leans towards YH being the killer. When the perspective shifts later, we'll see whether we're manipulated as well.
  10. Omg Park Il Do's origin 🤣 Not-oppa is gonna be a villain again, and I'm so excited! But I might just read the recaps because I'm scared. Edit: Sunghoon looks bulked up here but he's surprisingly skinny on Running Man (he said he doesn't go to the gym and his hobby is lying in bed 🤣🤣).
  11. I think BR is staging this kidnapping as a bait. I also think YH is a sociopath and is probably working for someone. P.O is possibly the third baby. And I'll just stay seated because I don't wanna lose sleep.
  12. Not all psychopaths become violent or turn to crime. If they're raised in a good environment and with adequate therapy, they can learn how to curb their impulse and even become successful in their career. I'm not even talking about the "genius" type, but the psychopaths who use their traits to their advantage. So I think the debate on aborting a gene-carrying baby has another layer aside from preventing potential crimes; it's the personal and social responsibility to nurture psychopathic kids.
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