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  1. My knowledge to the story is up to there, I think you guys should continue to watch. I might missed out names or some detail because it's been a while since I read it.
  2. Did you guys figure it out yet? Or still want me to say something. His trauma was revealed slightly very early in the book
  3. Pew pew 22 :wow:

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  4. I'm not too sure about Dramalist because they sometimes also include in rumours and etc, but I haven't read any news regarding this on her studio's weibo yet, so maybe it was never officially confirmed? or maybe covid prevented them from filming? I haven't seen any cancellation news either? (Maybe I've missed it)
  5. I've been....spending my free time watching Liu Yuning's livestream.......... I need to start this, i watched too many cuts
  6. can we just talk about the "HaoDu" in love's face expression is blessed. I feel like i'm seeing Yuninang and not Hao Du
  7. @40somethingahjummamy comment wasn’t directed at you at all. I wrote it yesterday when i found this thread but just didn’t post it and i also didn’t read your comment yet because I only came in to post that. I just read it your old comment just so I can understand what you meant in the new one. I only said hate cause some people mistaken me as an anti-Reba since I said I liked the side couple more? Anyway, sorry that I created a misunderstanding for posting. Thank you for your post.
  8. No worry about spoiling me because I've spoilt myself by watching a lot of clips! Literally, the long duration period of time when she goes missing, you can literally see the character development, going from a classy and spoilt princess to a mature independent person. You can also see how she started to treat ShuYu, not as clingy or closed as before, she become more understanding.
  9. So, first of all. I'm saying all of this based on my own opinions and perspectives, so please don't hate me. I started out this drama without any proper expectation because first of all, I didn't know anyone on that cast list beside Yuning and Lusi, Alen Fang and Reba, but I wouldn't even gonna call myself a fan of any of them because I barely watched any of their shows properly. Except for Lusi, where I only watched half of TROTAR, oh My Emperor! and untouchable lovers (so you can see I only watched her old stuff when she first started) as Yuning, I knew him from Douyin, but I never watched his acting or anything and only knew him as "the guy that sing". For Reba, of course, Ten Miles but that was the only drama I watched, lastly, Alen Fang was from the love of hypnosis. Anyway, the only reason why I had to explain myself first because people tend to mistaken that I'm purposely disliking the drama? but I don't? From my perspective, at the very beginning around 1-25? I was very frustrated at Changge because she does thing recklessly and without forethought, as you can see from the beginning, she likes to jump into hole, knowing it was dangerous but she didn't have an instinct to guard herself, so she was caught multiple times (make sense, i don't blame her cause this is still the beginning). Moving to when they had to face Ashile Sun, when the couple she was with (I actually forgot but they died to scarified for the attack, oh this was after A'Dou died btw) so at this point, I actually praise her because despite of everything, she was able to understand that, so many lives have lost and at this point, she doesn't have anyone on her side, so she have to surrender herself until she find a way out. Perfect, but the only thing that bother me was Reba's emotional scene, I felt like even during A'Dou's dying scene, I wasn't able to feel the 'pain' that was supposed to be delivered to me, but I was willing to overlooked it. Then afterward, we have the whole Ashile Sun trying to save her and she declined (i think at this point we all know Ashile Sun like her but she haven't been able to reply to his feeling because she's so occupied with so many problems). The one main thing, i didn't like is that the drama is trying really hard to prove that she is a smart character, but they're making it look she was has to be smart physically rather than mentally, which kind of throws me off cause being strong doesn't = strong female lead (I mean as in she throws herself out to fight and stuff). If we have to talk about emotional scene, I actually poured my tears out at the scene of Xiao Wu, despite he was only being shown for like 3 minutes per episodes but for some reason, the scene of him begging for rice and dying at the gate really gets to me. (I actually started to hate this show because they keep killing character that I was starting to like ) As this point, i'm up to episode 33-35? My attention span for the main lead is literally 15% because i know they gonna drag this relationship thing for a while (and we're already half way through the drama) so my literal focused is on Haoyan (even though everyone is saying it but i really do think, Haoyan stand out a lot in this drama). I can see the deep affection he have for Leyan. When he found her, after being missing for so long, you can see the urge of him wanting to hug her, because she's her bawling over a kid, but as someone with a "low" status compared to her, you can see the complications that they both have, plus Leyan is still into Shuyu. **The end, ShuYu need to move on or move out, he's like giving Leyan wrong signal by caring for her but at the same time, smirking at Hao Du, on top of that, caring for CHANGGE?? Like dude....what do you want? Once again, my opinion and I don't hate the show.
  10. Well i’m watching 33 right now and yes? He is still in the way. spoiler if you haven’t cause i know viki only have up to 30
  11. I’m frustrated cause ShuYu is in the way of Haoyan
  12. How did y’all not tag me in this. I needed a place to vent my frustration
  13. Not yet, not yet but I did saw a clip of him falling of the bike
  14. I’m quite poor and in debts, idk about everyone else
  15. Daddi Tang (Tang Xiao Tian) the second lead in the drama. I call him sugar daddy because it’s daddi and Tang means sugar
  16. Ooo I knew her since Whirlwind Girl. I was more interested in her than the Yang Yang couple
  17. I think it will, honestly i don’t know but Songyun seems to be quite professional and she does have a clear lines with her friends to be honest, even if she date, i would be happy for her but i don’t think she’s the type to date co-stars/friends I remember people used to ship her with Wei Daxun and Dylan Xiong too
  18. Yeah! I heard Ou Hao also bought the whole cinema and also two showtimes
  19. I don't know if anyone noticed but Sugar Daddy is also in the Happy Camp episode, i had to watch the trailer 3 times to know
  20. My server want to try word of honours. Although, i’m not too hype cause i watched a few episodess and it seems like i need to full on concentrate but the hype is real so i’m gonna try it out. Also on weekends, we’re rewatching Nice To Meet You and Someday or One Day
  21. Can we talk about Keyao, when she shut down those two sisters? man, like it ended so easily for those two, I lowkey wanted some more action, but damn, I replay that scene a lot.
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