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Atypical Family 히어로는 아닙니다만 [Premieres May 4]

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  • Literal Title: Sending Me to You
  • Hangul: 히어로는 아닙니다만혼례대첩
  • Director: Jo Hyun-Tak
  • Writer: Joo Hwa-Mi
  • Network: JTBC
  • Streaming Site: Disney+
  • Episodes: 12
  • Release Date: 4 May – 9 June 2024
  • Website: Official | NamuWiki | MDL | AsianWiki


Plot Summary

Bok Gwi-Joo (Jang Ki-Yong) and his family were born with different supernatural powers. Bok Gwi-Joo is able to travel back in time, but only to happy times in his life. He can't change the past, so he can only dwell on those happy moments. Bok Gwi-Joo becomes afflicted with depression and this leads him to lose his supernatural power. His family also loses their own powers due to modern day problems like insomnia, bulimia, and smartphone addiction. One day, Do Da-He (Chun Woo-Hee) happens to get involved with Bok Gwi-Joo and his family. She begins to live with them and change occurs.




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Jang Ki Yong And Chun Woo Hee Confirmed To Star In New Drama



Jang Ki Yong and Chun Woo Hee will be starring in the new JTBC drama “Although I Am Not a Hero” (literal title)!


“Although I Am Not a Hero” tells the story of a supernatural family who lost their powers. The drama will be directed by Cho Hyun Tak, who helmed the dramas “Maids,” “Mirror of the Witch,” “SKY Castle,” and “Snowdrop,” and will be scripted by writer Joo Hwa Mi, who wrote dramas including “Waiting for Love,” “Marriage, Not Dating,” “Introverted Boss,” and “Meow, the Secret Boy.”


Jang Ki Yong will take on the role of Bok Gwi Joo, a man who lost his psychic power due to depression. Bok Gwi Joo’s supernatural ability enables him to return to the past but only to the times he was happy. As he can’t change the past, there is nothing he can do other than dwell on his past happiness, which is also fading away along with his ability. However, Bok Gwi Joo’s unhappy life faces a change when Do Da Hae appears in front of him.


Chun Woo Hee will play the role of Do Da Hae, a suspicious woman who appears in front of a family with supernatural powers. While planning to take on a new challenge, Do Da Hae gets entangled with Bok Gwi Joo, who is suffering from depression and has lost his psychic power, and his family, who also lost their abilities due to insomnia, bulimia, and a smartphone addiction, and starts living with the Bok family as if it is fated to be.


Jang Ki Yong, who was discharged from the military earlier in February, remarked, “It’s been a long time since I’ve worked on a project, so I’m working on it half with excitement and half with anticipation. I will keep this pleasant excitement until the end and greet viewers with a great project. Please show lots of anticipation and interest.”


Chun Woo Hee, who received great love from viewers through various projects, also shared, “‘Although I Am Not a Hero’ is a heartwarming drama about family and happiness. I’m looking forward to what my chemistry will be like with great actors including Jang Ki Yong. I hope we will be happy during filming. Please show lots of interest [for our drama].”

“Although I Am Not a Hero” is set to premiere in 2024.



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Chun Woo Hee Is A Mysterious Woman Who Suddenly Appears Before Jang Ki Yong And His Supernatural Family In New Drama



JTBC’s upcoming fantasy romance drama “Although I Am Not a Hero” (literal title) has unveiled its first poster!


Warning: contains mentions of mental disorders and eating disorders.


“Although I Am Not a Hero” tells the story of a man from a supernatural family, who lost their extraordinary powers after suffering from very realistic issues, and the peculiar woman he meets by fate. The drama is directed by Cho Hyun Tak of “SKY Castle” and penned by writer Joo Hwa Mi of “Marriage, Not Dating.” Writer Kang Eun Kyung of “Dr. Romantic” also participated in the drama.


Jang Ki Yong takes on the role of Bok Gwi Joo. Bok Gwi Joo has a supernatural ability that enables him to return to times in the past, but he loses his power due to depression. Chun Woo Hee will play the role of Do Da Hae, a mysterious woman who appears in front of Bok Gwi Joo’s family.


The newly released poster shows the mysterious Do Da Hae taking center stage, standing before Bok Gwi Joo’s family. The Bok family members remain concealed behind curtains, evoking a sense of intrigue regarding the secrets they harbor and the true nature of their extraordinary abilities.


Bok Gwi Joo’s somber face and the haunting silhouette cast by his turmoil embody the weight of his depression.


Bok Man Heum (Go Doo Shim)’s resolute figure emanates strength and resilience, symbolizing her as the backbone of the Bok household. Bok Man Heum loses her psychic ability to see the future in her dreams due to insomnia.


Bok Dong Hee (Claudia Kim), Bok Gwi Joo’s sister who can no longer utilize her ability to fly due to bulimia, stands with a mischievous grin, hinting at the unpredictability of her character.


Bok Yi Na (Park So Yi), Bok Gwi Joo’s lovely daughter, radiates an enigmatic calmness with her poker face, her lack of shadow in the poster adding to the intrigue surrounding her yet-to-be-revealed superpower.


Lastly, Eom Soon Ku (Oh Man Seok) stands out as the nurturing father figure, diligently looking after the family despite being the only person in the Bok family without any supernatural ability.



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Chun Woo Hee Becomes Unexpectedly Intertwined With Jang Ki Yong's Supernatural Family In "The Atypical Family" Posters & Teaser



“The Atypical Family” tells the story of a supernatural family who lost their powers after suffering from very realistic issues. The drama is directed by Cho Hyun Tak of “SKY Castle” and penned by writer Joo Hwa Mi of “Marriage, Not Dating” and writer Kang Eun Kyung of “Dr. Romantic.” Chun Woo Hee stars as Do Da Hae, a mysterious woman who appears in front of Bok Gwi Joo’s (Jang Ki Yong’s) family.


On April 8, “The Atypical Family” unveiled character posters of the Bok family including Bok Gwi Joo (Jang Ki Yong), Bok Man Heum (Go Doo Shim), Bok Dong Hee (Claudia Kim). Bok Yi Na (Park So Yi), and Uhm Soon Goo (Oh Man Seok) as well as Do Da Hae (Chun Woo Hee).


Jang Ki Yong plays the “depressed time traveler” Bok Gwi Joo who was once a firefighter with positive energy and a strong sense of calling but is now having trouble getting through each day. Although Bok Gwi Joo has the ability to time slip to when he was happy, he loses both his happiness and special ability due to an unexpected accident. Bok Gwi Joo’s poster captures his sad gaze and his pained shadow, which reflects his current sadness.




Chun Woo Hee takes on the role of the suspicious woman and “polite trespasser” Do Da Hae who suddenly appears in front of Bok Gwi Joo. Unlike Bok Gwi Joo who is shrouded in darkness, Do Da Hae’s poster is bright and vibrant in sharp contrast with Bok Gwi Joo’s poster, raising anticipation for how they will save each other.




The uneasy expression of Bok Man Heum, who is described as a “clairvoyant dreamer who can’t sleep,” foreshadows the changes that will come to her family. Her dignified shadow conveys the weight of her responsibility as the Bok family’s pillar.





Bok Dong Hee is a “flight ability user who is like a feather” who was once a runway model. However, after retirement, she picked up weight and no longer has the ability to fly. Viewers are curious to find out how the unpredictable Bok Dong Hee will become intertwined with Do Da Hae as well.





Unlike the other characters, Bok Gwi Joo’s daughter Bok Yi Na does not have a shadow. “Transparent presence” Bok Yi Na has a sharp gaze behind her big glasses, making viewers curious to find out why she does not have a shadow.





Although he does not have a special ability, father Uhm Soon Goo takes great care of the family as an expert in housekeeping and looking after those with special abilities.






The production team shared, “Do Da Hae appears in front of Bok Gwi Joo, whose present is broken as he is confined in the past, and the changes she will bring to the Bok family will be interesting. The drama will deliver a new form of entertainment different from preexisting fantasy romance.”


“The Atypical Family” will premiere on May 4 at 10:30 p.m. KST.



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