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Korean Science Fiction


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Thanks for uploading the file @stroppyse

Technically speaking it's really a conversation between me and @abs-oluteM.  :smile: It's really a taster and on hindsight there was so much more we could have covered. In the end I made the decision while editing to focus on our favourites and what we consider to be good sci-fi broadly speaking.


At the time of recording I wasn't expecting Sweet Home, Awaken or The Uncanny Counter or or known the end result of Kairos. All of which I would make the case of having some sci-fi elements. Perhaps that's a podcast for another time where I would go more into details about what or why I'd consider Awaken as crazy sci-fi, for instance. Recently I went back and revisited Circle and I now I think that's a good one to go into more depth about.


After going back and listening, I realised that there were a whole range of issues that we could have covered with more precision. I also felt perhaps that I didn't deal with the supernatural elements in K sci-fi as well as I should have. There have been debates over the years about whether sci-fi is a subset of the fantasy genre which remains unresolved for obvious reasons, depending on one's philosophical assumptions. However, it is unerringly fascinating to me that combination of the supernatural with science in K dramas in line with local cultural preoccupations.


As for why I consider Life On Mars sci-fi... a post is forthcoming on that. It will contain spoilers about the resolution and so yes, read at your own risk.


Thank you all for listening and for your interest. Enjoy the Christmas and New Year break.


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