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The Genesis of JangHaven


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Welcome to JangHaven!

JangHaven was founded as a community by a coalition of occasionally dysfunctional friends. Veterans of moderator actions on many a foreign field, we came together seeking an online haven to talk about whatever came to mind, mostly our love for kdramas, cdramas, the actors and actresses in those works, and anything else that came to mind. We liked the idea of sharing our Haven with other people who might be looking for a safe place of refuge as well, so started this community.


The name JangHaven is a Korean-English mash up. "Jang" is Korean for something that is great or the best. "Haven" because we are a haven for anyone looking to find other souls to talk with, and we moderate our threads to ensure that the environment remains a safe, welcoming place for everyone who is interested in Asian entertainment.


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