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Dopojarak: Story of Homme the K-Wander 도포자락 휘날리며 2022 [Current Variety Show- Fri/Sat]

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Five K-Wanderers gather together to reignite the desire to travel. Not only will they get to travel to Denmark, but they will also have fun introducing Korean culture and selling items that contain the beauty of Korea. The five members who will introduce the Korean wave while enjoying traveling are the following: a reliable leader, Kim Jong Kook, Ji Hyun Woo who is gaining popularity from Young Lady and Gentleman, the talented Joo Woo Jae who becomes the king of games every night, Noh Sang Hyun who is introducing K-drama to the world through Pachinko, and Hwang Dae Heon, a short track athlete who made the nation proud by winning the gold medal in the Olympics. Let's enjoy the exciting trip with them.


Director: Hwang Ji Young.

Other Name: With the Silk of Dohpo Flying.
Network: MBC, wavve. 

Date Aired: Jul 10, 2022 - Sep 11, 2022







Kim Jong Kook

Ji Hyun Woo

Joo Woo Jae

Noh Sang Hyun

Hwang Dae Heon


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[TV Report = Reporter Ha Ha Na]




Photo Provided = MBC 'Walking In The Air'


Ji Hyun Woo and Joo Woo Jae were only teasing Noh Sang Hyun's marketing strategy.

MBC entertainment program 'Double-in-the-dark' aired on August 14th.


Dopo Five challenged the competition mission to sell items that received less attention by issuing a water wrap penalty. In particular, Noh Sang Hyun is expected to show off his brain by implementing an unusual sales strategy and showing off his desire to win. 


The opposing team, Joo Woo Jae, saw this and said, "It's a complete Danish boss. He clenched his teeth," and Ji Hyun Woo also said, "I didn't come out from Babson College Department of Economics" 


On the other hand, 'Available Waves' will be broadcast at 6:30 pm on the 14th.







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Posted (edited)

By Lee Gyu Lee


Reality shows go abroad again amid eased COVID-19 travel restrictions. 



Posters for "Dopojarak: Story of Homme the K-Wanderer," left and "Europe Outside the Tent" / Courtesy of MBC, tvN.


Before the COVID-19 outbreak began sweeping across the globe in 2020, traveling shows and reality programs filmed overseas were not hard to find on Korean TV.


The pandemic resulted in border restrictions and flight bans in many countries, limiting overseas travelers in an effort to prevent the virus from spreading, shooting shows in other countries became almost impossible. 


However, with many countries starting to ease such border and flight restrictions, more shows that feature cast members traveling in different countries have been rising again.


Two shows about traveling to European countries, "Dopojarak: Story of Homme the K-Wanderer" and "Europe Outside the Tent," have recently premiered.


MBC's new variety show, "Dopojarak," which kicked off last month, follows five cast members from different entertainment fields: singer Kim Jong Kook, actors Ji Hyun Woo and Noh Sang Hyun, model Joo Woo Jae and short track speed skating medalist Hwang Dae Heon.


The cast members, each with a different skill set, go on a journey to introduce traditional Korean products to the locals in Denmark while experiencing the beauty of the country.


"We acknowledge that this show would come as a challenge during the pandemic era but we wanted to try out making (the show). We made this show in hopes of offering a sense of refreshment with the scenery to viewers," the show's producer, Hwang Ji Young, said during a press conference last month. "The reason we chose Demark is that it was one of the countries where people's lives have almost become normal. So we thought it would be interesting for viewers to experience that atmosphere from the country."


a link from a source:




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Export News Reporter Lee Yi Jin.



Singer Kim Jong Kook, actors Ji Hyun Woo and Noh Sang Hyun, model Joo Woo Jae with track athlete Hwang Dae Heon are successfully completed the operation of the fourth culture shop.


On the 28th, MBC's 'Aarhus' aired a scene where Kim Jong Kook, Ji Hyun Woo, Joo Woo Jae, Noh Sang Hyun and Hwang Dae Heon ran a culture shop in Aarhus, Denmark.


On this day, the members were embarrassed when it suddenly rained while selling goods, and they looked at the reactions of the customers. The customers seemed familiar, and the members continued their business by adapting to the fickle weather that suddenly stopped raining.


Kim Jong Kook said, "Even though the rain and wind are blowing, it doesn't seem as shocking as we feel. People here naturally accept it."


Also, the members felt cold when a strong wind blew and one customer sent a blanket. Ji Hyun Woo said, "I was afraid it would be cold, so he gave me a blanket as a gift. I was grateful for that feeling."


The weather has changed several times and Ji Hyun Woo trembled, saying, "Dae Heon, this is life. Hwang Dae Heon replied, "This too shall pass" and Ji Hyun Woo said, "It seems to have been made in Denmark." More guests than the members were expected to promote the Korea's vibrant cultural legacy.









'click on the link'








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Export News Reporter Lee Yi Jin.




Singer Kim Jong Kook, actors Ji Hyun Woo, Noh Sang Hyun, model Joo Woo Jae and Olympic athlete Hwang Dae Heon reunited after 3 months.


On the 4th episode of MBC's 'About the Spread', the scene where Kim Jong Kook, Ji Hyun Woo, Joo Woo Jae, Noh Sang Hyun and Hwang Dae Heon got together for the first time in three months since the last filming went on the air.


On this day, the production team gathered the members ahead of the broadcast of the 5th K-Culture Shop was filmed in Denmark in May.


Ji Hyun Woo, Noh Sang Hyun and Joo Woo Jae arrived in turn and Joo Woo Jae asked, "How are you?"







Photo = MBC Broadcast Screen









'click on this link for more details'





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Content Writing Newsen Reporter Park Ah Reum.


Dopo Five show their sincerity towards each other.



Photo=Provided by MBC.


On the September 11th episode of MBC's entertainment program 'Dapper Fluttering', Kim Jong Kook, Ji Hyun Woo, Joo Woo Jae, Noh Sang Hyun and Hwang Dae Heon from 'Dopo Five' heading to Grenen, located in Skagen, the northern most part of Denmark will be revealed.


Ji Hyun Woo expressed his awe when he saw the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meeting each other, saying, "I never imagined that waves and waves meet." Kim Jong Kook said, "It's amazing. Waves are hitting from both sides.” and exclaimed curiosity while looking into the clear sea. There seems to be nothing at the end of that sea.”


'tap on the link'






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Star News Reporter Choi Hye Jin.


Kim Jong Kook & Ji Hyun Woo the last story in Denmark. Soothing camping sounds.





Dopo Five (Kim Jong Kook, Ji Hyun Woo, Joo Woo Jae, Noh Sang Hyeon and Hwang Dae Heon) on camping trip in Denmark.


The last story of Dopo Five, who introduced Korean traditional culture in Denmark, will be drawn in the MBC entertainment program 'Flying In The Wind', which will be aired on September, 11. In the recent recording, Dopo Five were headed to the national park camping site as their last journey.


Noh Sang Hyeon felt a beautiful natural landscape with endless green plains, exclaimed, "This is Northern Europe." Ji Hyun Woo faced the animals running freely, said, "The animals here will be really happy."



'a link from a source'




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Content Writing iMBC Baek Ah Young.






Hwang Dae Heon was challenged a new packaging method.


On the 11th, MBC's 'Applying, Fluttering', the last sale following last week, was depicted.


On this day, Hwang Dae Heon with a serious expression appeared next to Ji Hyun Woo giving a smile. Dopo Five saw the scenes in the studio, burst out laughing and asked, “Did you hear the bad news alone?”


Hwang Dae Heon asked Ji Hyun Woo, "Do you have anything to eat?" Hwang Dae Heon replied, "I'm thinking about making a pack now." It was about trying a different way of packaging than before.





Screen capture MBC.



'click on this link for more details'




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Written By Lee Se Jin.


Unscripted shows move focus away from comedy.




A still image shows the cast of "Dopojarak: Story of Homme the K-Wanderer" playing a traditional Korean game with people in Denmark. (MBC)



While many terrestrial broadcasters and cable channels have stuck with airing the latest trend -- dating reality shows -- some creators are trying to offer fresh entertainment programs.


Terrestrial broadcaster MBC’s “Dopojarak: Story of Homme the K-Wanderer” centers around five celebrities promoting South Korean culture in Denmark. The show premiered in July and recently came to an end.



'click on this link for more details'



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