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The Match 승부 [Upcoming movie on 2023]


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The Match 승부






Set in the 1980s-1990s and based on two legendary players of Go, The Match will tell the story of Cho Hun Hyun and his protégé and future rival Lee Chang Ho. It is based on the true story of Go legend Cho Hun Hyun and Lee Chang Ho, who were forced to become rivals. Movie “The Match” is going to deeply portray the story of a Go (Baduk) master who eventually teaches everything to his disciple and finally has to compete with him, who may surpass him, and a disciple who has to surpass his teacher.




Also Known As: Showdown | Seungbu

“The Match” is Director Kim Hyung Joo’s first project in three years after “The Sheriff in Town” in 2017 and has begun filming from December, 17 2020.

• Written by Kim Hyung Joo
김형주| Yoon Jong Bin 윤종빈

• Produced by Kim Tae Won 김태원

• Production Companies: MoonLight Film Company | BH Entertainment

• Distributed by Acemaker Movieworks | Netflix

• Streaming Platform: NETFLIX

• Release Date:  2023


“The Match” is scheduled to be released on Netflix in 2023. Prior to the release, the film launched international sales and was screened at the Busan International Film Festival's Asian Contents & Film Market in October 2021.




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• Lee Byung Hun as Cho Hun Hyun

Lee Byung Hun  is on board to play “The God of War” Cho Hun Hyun, a legendary Go champion, and the first ever Korean to receive 9-dan rank, who began to mentor Lee Chang Ho in the 1980s.
 9-dan is the master/highest rank in Go (Baduk) board game.




• Yoo Ah In as Lee Chang Ho

Yoo Ah In is set to play the role of “Stone Buddha” Lee Chang Ho, another legendary Go Champion of 9-dan rank. “Stone Buddha” is one of Lee’s many nicknames. It derives from the fact that he always keeps a straight face during a match.






• Moon Jung Hee as Jung Mi Hwa




• Kim Kang Hoon as Young Lee Chang Ho

• Ko Chang Seok as Lee Chang Ho's Father

• Jung Suk Yong 

• Hyun Bong Shik 


• Byun Hong Jin



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'The Match'





South Korea’s Acemaker movieworks is launching international sales on The Match, starring Lee Byung Hun (Squid GameThe Man Standing Next) and Yoo Ah In (Burning) as an undefeated Go master and his gifted but willful protégé. 


Directed by Kim Hyung Joo (The Sheriff In Town), the film is set in the 1980s competitive world of Go championships (Go is a strategic board game popular in many parts of Asia).


When Lee’s character discovers a gifted but untrained young boy (Yoo) in an amateur contest, he takes him under his wing to turn into a professional player. But conflicts arise when the protege later turns against his teachings.



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despite the Covid-19 pandemic, “The Match” investment was completed due to the completion of the scenario and the appearance of actors Lee Byung Hun and Yoo Ah In. the work started filming in December 2020 and finished filming in April 2021. afterwards, “The Match” had been preparing for release while working on post-production, but it became difficult due to various circumstances. it will finally be released as a Netflix movie after months of negotiations. Netflix, which has been concentrating on its original movies and series for a while, is said to have carried out such a contract after paying attention to the level of completion of “The Match” and “big cards” star-studded Lee Byung Hun and Yoo Ah In.




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By Kim Da Sol




Yoo Ah In’s new films likely to be postponed







The film industry is closely following news of actor Yoo Ah In being investigated by police for habitual illegal use of propofol. Release dates for Yoo’s new films slated for later this year are also highly likely to be delayed.


According to Yoo’s agency UAA, police earlier this week investigated the 36-year-old actor. Yoo is currently prohibited from leaving the country.


Industry insiders said the production staff and distribution companies are closely reviewing a plan to delay the release dates for tentpole films starring Yoo.


Netflix's new original film “The Match,” starring Lee Byung Hun and Yoo Ah In, which is set for an April release, may be delayed. Yoo appears as Go player Lee Chang Ho, an indispensable character whose part cannot be omitted through editing.


Sources said that Netflix is currently discussing whether to reschedule the release for “The Match” to postpone it later than May. The decision will be made based on results of the police investigation.


“Hi.5,” another film starring Yoo slated for a June theatrical release, is a much-anticipated film as it marks director Kang Hyeong Cheol first new work in five years. His hit projects include “Sunny” (2011) and “Swing Kids” (2018).


Yoo also recently wrapped up shooting for Netflix series "Goodbye EarthThe project was expected to be released in the fourth quarter of this year.


Industry sources said Yoo, the main protagonist in director Yeon Sang Ho's Netflix series “Hellbound” (2021), was preparing to shoot the series' second season starting in June, and the production staff are closely watching the police investigation to decide how to proceed.








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Content Writing Reporter Won Jo






The company behind the upcoming movie The Book of Fish, Ace Maker Movie Works, has denied reports that it received a notice of contract termination from Netflix due to Yoo Ah In’s drug allegations.

According to Ilgan Sports on March 21st, Netflix sent a letter to Ace Maker Movie Works asking if they were aware of the drug allegations and if they understood that it could lead to contract termination.

It’s been confirmed that Netflix sent a notice to The Match's investment company Ace Maker, stating that Yoo Ah In’s alleged drug charge is subject to contract termination. However, both sides share the common understanding that it would be unfair to cancel an entire film that so many people have worked on to the actions of one individual. Thus, it remains to be seen whether the contract termination will actually take place.






Based on real people and a story, The Match portrays the inevitable match of Cho Hun Hyun (Lee Byung Hun) and Lee Chang Ho (Yoo Ah In), who experienced silent anger due to teacher-protege relationship turned into rivals. Netflix had initially planned to release The Match as its original movie in the first quarter.

However, as the situation surrounding Yoo Ah In’s drug case worsened and the possible boycott of the movie, Netflix has had to take measures. 

Ace Maker Movie Works responded that the reports were unfounded, and Netflix stated that there were no set rules regarding the matter.








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