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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 [2020]

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Chinese title: 仲夏满天心/Zhòng xià mǎn tiān xīn
English title: Midsummer is Full of Hearts 

Genre:  Comedy, Modern, Romance

Episodes: 24

Director: Zhang Li Chuan

Broadcast Period: 8/28/2020



Xu Wei Zhou as Jin Zeyi
Yang Chao Yue as Luo Tianran
Chen Yi Tong as young Luo Tianran
Shi Shi as Tiffany
Li Jia Ming as Yun Shu
Xu Jia Le as young Yun Shu
Jiang Zi Xin as Jin Xiaoqin



Luo Tian Ran (Yang Choayue) is a fiercely independent and strong-minded young woman with a high sense of self-worth.

Although she is tone-deaf, she dreams of making a splash in the music industry as a songwriter.

However, due to some ill-fated interventions from a pair of her friends, she ends up having to move out of her house.

Fate intervenes, and her path crosses with a pop superstar named Jin Ze Yi (Timmy Xu), who comes across as something of a spoiled brat. Despite his cold exterior, he is actually secretly childlike and needy.

The duo is forced to live in the same house on a temporary basis.

At first, it seems they will never see eye-to-eye, as their personalities are so very different. However, over time, Luo Tian Ran gradually falls for Jin Ze Yi’s charms – and the feeling becomes mutual.

Could love bloom between this decidedly odd couple?



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