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[Webtoon] A Falling Cohabitation

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0KxB4_4f.jpg It is about a hundred years gumiho (Korean nine-tailed fox) and a female university student who got linked to each other by accident. She swallows the gumiho's fox orb (an orb at the origin of his power) by accident. They have to live together to solve the issue before the orb breaks inside of her body in one year's time.  (source)


Korean Webtoon (ongoing)

Unofficial translation by day_day (up to Chapter 45 , on going)



Shin WooYeo: Shin WooYeo is a gumiho born in 1117. He is a writer. He has a calm personality with a cold voice. He is trying to become a human.

Lee Dam: Lee Dam has never dated anyone and is a 24 years old university student. She likes to advise her friends about their love relationships. She is an easy-going girl with humor.

Gye SeonWoo: Gye SeonWoo is a university student that just came back from his military service. He is rich and handsome so he is very popular with girls. He is so popular that he is a trash that does not care about the girls he dates. In 3 years, he dated more than 30 girls.However, he falls in love with Dam by accident after making a bet with his friends to make her like him. 




This webtoon is to be adapted to a kdrama. Jang Ki Yong and Hyeri are in talks for the main leads.


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