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Webnovels, novels, manga, comics lovers come and join us!!! discuss what books / stories that got you so enthrall that you just dying to tell someone about it :)
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  2. im pretty sure if he did nothing and stay there right at a corner it still a treat ot stare at hahahahahaha
  3. It is, but that's kind of Gu Man's style. I remember reading Shan Shan Comes to Eat, reaching the end, and going, "Wait, what? It's over already?" LOL. The author has a habit of getting straight to the point and then cutting you off! But fortunately we sometimes get epilogues that share more. ;) Haha, I'm sure we'll get a broody Yang Yang. That's fine, though. Pensive, broody Yang Yang is always a treat to stare at.
  4. @NiteWalker @themarchioness I've finished re-reading You're my glory... lols. Yang Yang and Dilireba's voice keep playing in my head whenever I read their line.... They totally fit the character. To be honest, I think the story is pretty short, things happens pretty quickly in the main timeline... LOL.. Qiao Jingjing is very determined girl! hahaha... Love her character.
  5. i pick up the book right after the drama announcement and as i read it, i can totally project both YangYang and Dilreba at it..... also the drama show a down cast YuTu who are in a cross roads of where he should take or dive for his future..... i really want to see that in YangYang as they had been having him in a perfection roles that doesnt really face much blockage in things he undertake....
  6. I totally reread it recently, after the drama was announced, haha. It doesn't take long to reread after all. I actually love all of it - the build up's fun and even though they don't get together until the end, there are all the epilogues that follow which show us how they are as a couple. So I feel like we actually get quite a bit of them together as a couple? One thing I appreciate about Gu Man novels is that they get straight to the point. It's the drama that, I'm sure, will end up making things much more complicated. :P
  7. i like reading comics or manga so one of my favorite ways to read them now (since my library is closed cuz of corona) is by using this app called webtoon. it has MILLIONS of genres and even more comics!
  8. well if i want to re-read it will be the last parts hahahaha...the front part a bit boring and draggy to be honest
  9. @NiteWalker I'm planning to re-read it again... maybe later after Go Ahead...
  10. are you both ( @themarchioness @Lynne) going to talk about You are my glory.....i read it....and i love the story.....just that they made the CP got together right towards the end lols
  11. It is about a hundred years gumiho (Korean nine-tailed fox) and a female university student who got linked to each other by accident. She swallows the gumiho's fox orb (an orb at the origin of his power) by accident. They have to live together to solve the issue before the orb breaks inside of her body in one year's time. (source) Korean Webtoon (ongoing) Unofficial translation by day_day (up to Chapter 45 , on going) Characters Shin WooYeo: Shin WooYeo is a gumiho born in 1117. He is a writer. He has a calm personality with a cold voice. He is trying to become a human. Lee Dam: Lee Dam has never dated anyone and is a 24 years old university student. She likes to advise her friends about their love relationships. She is an easy-going girl with humor. Gye SeonWoo: Gye SeonWoo is a university student that just came back from his military service. He is rich and handsome so he is very popular with girls. He is so popular that he is a trash that does not care about the girls he dates. In 3 years, he dated more than 30 girls.However, he falls in love with Dam by accident after making a bet with his friends to make her like him. This webtoon is to be adapted to a kdrama. Jang Ki Yong and Hyeri are in talks for the main leads.
  12. @themarchioness Looking forward to our future book discussions / rants... cough.. cough...
  13. Welcome to the Reading Room for JangHaven’s Reading Corners Book Club! Grab a book from the Library or suggest one to add.* Tell us what you liked, what you didn’t like, what you would recommend or what you wouldn’t. All opinions are welcome so long as they are friendly and respectful. We look forward to hearing what you have to say! This thread is for general discussions and hanging out. If you want to enjoy a lengthy discussion on a specific book, separate from this thread, feel free to create a new topic for that purpose. In the future, we hope to also host Book Club reads and we’ll create separate topics for those when we do. *In the meantime, if you have a book you’d like to recommend for our Library just reply and tag @NiteWalker or @themarchioness and we’d be glad to add it.
  14. Credit: https://hui3r.wordpress.com/mo-bao-fei-bao/one-life-one-incarnation-beautiful-bones-completed/ Synopsis: Beautiful bones. Rare in this world. Those with bone do not have skin. Those with skin do not have bone. Most people’s eyes see only the obvious, seeing only the appearance on the outside and not the appearance of the inside. If there was someone in today’s society who carried with her the memories of two lifetimes and she loved you, what a blessing that would be. That is what Shi Yi felt for Zhousheng Chen. But he had long forgotten her already. Drama Adaptions:
  15. Credit: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/youre-my-glory/?pg=4 Title: You're My Glory Synopsis: Actress Qiao Jing Jing has one month to get her gaming skills up to the level her publicist has claimed she has. Turns out, her high school crush is an expert. Associated Names 你是我的荣耀
  16. The Library Sorted by Author, Book Title, Drama Title (if applicable) TC = translation complete // TWIP = translation WIP (many of which are mostly completed!) Ba Yue Chang An Hello, Old Times (TWIP) > My Huckleberry Friends (drama) Unrequited Love (TWIP) > Unrequited Love (2019) (drama) & Unrequited Love (2020) (pending drama) With You/The Best of Us (TWIP) > With You (drama) Ban Li Zi (Chestnut) Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (TC) Good Morning, Miss Ghost (TWIP) Just Blame Me for Being Blind in the Beginning (TC) Marriage Concerto (Small Thing Called Love) (TC) Midnight Cinderella (TWIP) My World Falls into the River of Love (TC) Slowly Falling for ChangKong (TWIP) Sonata: Fleeing to Avoid an Arranged Marriage (TWIP) Dan Er Man Hua A Lifetime of Peace and Care (TC) Ding Mo Don't Turn from Summer (TWIP) Love Me If You Dare (TC) > Love Me If You Dare (drama) Memory Lost (TC) > Memory Lost (drama) Our Glamorous Time (TC) > Our Glamorous Time (drama) Pristine Darkness (TWIP) When a Snail Falls in Love (TC) > When a Snail Falls in Love (drama) Feng Nong A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to Be Appreciated (Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang) (TC) > General and I (drama) Grumpy Crab Rebirth on the Doors to the Civil Affairs Bureau (TC) Guanxin Zeluan Legend of Concubine's Daughter Minglan (TWIP) > The Story of Minglan (drama) Gu Man Blazing Sunlight (TC) Come & Eat, Shan Shan (TC) > Boss & Me (drama) Just One Smile is Very Alluring (TC) > Love O2O (drama) Silent Separation (TC) > My Sunshine (drama) You're My Glory (TWIP) > You're My Glory (pending drama) Hu Cong Mi Suan Legend of Fei (TWIP) > Legend of Fei (pending drama) Jin Xia Mo Master Devil Don't Kiss Me (TWIP) > Master Devil Do Not Kill Me 1, 2, & 3 (dramas) Jiu Xiao Qi My Mr. Mermaid (TC) > My Mr. Mermaid (drama) Rock Sugar and Pear Stew (TWIP) > Skate into Love (drama) Those Sweet Times (TWIP) Mao Bao Fei Bao Easily Set Aflame (TC) Fish Playing While Trapped in a Secret Room (Sequel to God's Left Hand) (TC) > Dt.Appledog's Time (drama pending) God's Left Hand (Prequel to Fish Playing While Trapped in a Secret Room) (TC) Life: A Black and White Film (TC) My Darling (TC) One Life One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones (TC) > Love Your Bones Forever (drama) Really, Really Miss You (TC) Stewed Squid with Honey (TC) > Go Go Squid! (drama) The Healing Sunshine (TC) The Road Home (TC) Together Forever (TC) Ming Yue Ting Feng Ambiguous Relationship (TC) Fate (TC) Hey! Don't Act Unruly (TC) Nanye Lin'er Accompany You to the Top of the World (TWIP) > Gank Your Heart (drama) Qiao Yi I Don't Like This World, I Only Like You (TC) > Le Coup de Foudre (drama) Qin Jian The Princess Weiyoung/The Poisonous Daughter (TWIP) > The Princess Weiyoung (drama) Qing Mei You're Beautiful When You Smile (TWIP) > Falling Into Your Love (pending drama) Sui Hou Zhu Don't Be So Proud (TC) > Proud of Love S1 & Proud of Love S2 (dramas) Sui Wei The Most Majestic You (TC) Starlight Has No Past (TWIP) Xin Yi Wu The Fading Away of Our Youth (So Young) (TC) > So Young (2013) (drama) & So Young (2016) (drama) You Are Still Here (TC) > Never Gone (drama) Xuan Yin Li Chuan's Past (TC) > Remembering Li Chuan (drama) Zhao Gan Gan A Love So Beautiful (TC) > A Love So Beautiful (drama) Put Your Head on My Shoulder (TWIP) > Put Your Head on My Shoulder (drama) The Love Equations (TWIP) > The Love Equations (drama) Library Notes: Webnovels are linked to the original translator's site, unless there are multiple translators and then to Novel Updates. Dramas are linked to their respective JangHaven topic, unless there are none and then to MyDramalist.

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