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Oh! My Sweet Liar 偷心画师 [2020]

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Chinese title: 偷心画师 / Tou Xin Hua Shi
English title: Oh! My Sweet Liar!

Genre: Historical, romance

Director: Ke Zheng Ming

Episodes: 29

Broadcast Date:  9/16/2020



Xia Ning Jun as Li Hongbin
Xi Zi as Xiong Xiruo
Lan Bo as Li Hongyu
Kang Ke Ren as Dai Ru'er
Tian Shu Chen as Song Zhi
Xiao Ai as Li Jingrui
Huang Xing Yuan as Li Jingyou
He Ling Yao as Song Qin
Yu Bai Shui as A Bu
Xie Yu Jiao Yang as Ye Zhihan
Song Zi Qin as Ning Xin
Luo Liu Yu as Mei Xiang
Dai He Jia Qi as A Shuang
Yang Da Peng as Li Jingtong
Tan Li Min as Madame Li
Cui Yi as A Niang



Xiong Ruoxi is a talented painter who possesses an excellent memory. However, she was arrested for drawing a painting of the Li family's mysterious picture book. While escaping, she accepts a well-paid order; which requires her to sneak into the Li manor to draw a painting of the mysterious "Four Lohan". Xiong Ruoxi was sent to serve Li Hongbin, the young master of Li manor who is rumored to be cruel and abusive. However, she somehow accidentally spends the night with him. While attempting to escape, she was caught and had no choice but to lie about being pregnant with Li Hongbin's child. Li Hongbin also went along with the lie, as he wanted to escape from an arranged marriage with the daughter of Song family. Thus, the two became a fake couple; but along with time, began to fall in love with each other. Together, they deal with the different factions of the Li family who tries hard to expose Xiong Ruqi's identity; and at the same time deal with the Song family who is trying to steal the Yunyao Yuntiehu from the Li family. From her mission, Xiong Ruoxi also discovers a secret; which helps solve the crisis's of the Yunyao, and also exterminates the traitors of the Li family.









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