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How the Reporting System Works


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How the Reporting System Works


It is our hope that JangHaven will be a place where community members can interact with each other in a peaceful and respectful manner. However, there are cases where members’ actions may not be aligned with the Haven Codex, our Privacy Policy or Terms of Use. 

Therefore, we felt it would be best to inform you of the reporting process, so you understand when and how to make a report, and how the JangHaven Staff then handles and resolves a matter. This will help prevent disputes between community members and JangHaven Staff members. 

What It Is


The reporting system is a means by which a member alerts JangHaven Staff of a potential violation of the Haven Codex, Privacy Policy, or Terms of Use. 


When To Submit a Report


When a community member witnesses a dispute, feels that another member(s) is crossing a line, or perhaps breaks the guidelines of the Haven Codex, a report should be sent to our team so we can have the assigned forum moderator make an investigation.


How To Report


A report can be made either by clicking on the “Report Post” link you see at the top right corner of a post or by sending a private message to a JangHaven Staff member.


How It Works


When you click on the “Report Post” link at the top right corner of a post, it flags the post for a JangHaven Staff member to review. A notification is sent to our team to review the report.


Review Process and Resolution


The reported post/comment does not automatically get deleted/edited just because a member considers it to be against the Haven Codex. Every case report we receive gets peer-reviewed, to make sure our staff proceedings remain neutral, fair, unprejudiced, unbiased and impartial.

If the report gets peer-reviewed with a clear verdict, then the assigned forum moderator can then delete/edit the post and penalize accordingly. Any penalties given is properly logged and carefully double-verified by our forum administrators according to JangHaven Staff Guidelines. How cases are handled may slightly vary but should always follow the same staff Code of Conduct.

Abusing the report system to attack either JangHaven Staff or other members is unacceptable and constitutes to a violation of The Haven Codex. Such behavior is counterproductive – it does not make us work faster or help us acknowledge the case. Too many fake reports results in us taking a longer time to prioritize our work and cases. Such actions could potentially flood a Staff member with unnecessary reports, robbing us of the opportunity and ability to respond to cases in a timely and efficient manner. This, in turn, causes members to feel frustrated as their cases take more time to get resolved, and potentially a need for forum moderators to get second opinions surrounding the matter.

We ask that members exercise patience when waiting for a response and resolution to a report. If we determine that a post/comment has violated the Haven Codex, the JangHaven Staff will address it.

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