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Recruiting for Graphics Designers


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Recruiting for additional Graphics Designers


Have you wanted to influence the look of JangHaven? Do you enjoy being visually creative and have the skills to deliver it digitally? Love Asian entertainment?


Come apply to be a member of staff! Please note that all staff positions at JangHaven are unpaid volunteer positions.


Position Description:
Graphics Designers are involved in delivering the aesthetically appropriate design elements for JangHaven and JangHaven Discord as allowed by the underlying platforms and in cooperation with the general staff.
- Involvement in color selections for site elements
- Creation of the logos and icons for the site
- Creation of banners
- Oversight creation of badges and trophies


- Enjoy design
- Technically skilled in design
- Able to work to deadlines, as necessary
- Work well individually and as a virtual team


- As a member of staff, have a voice in the direction of JangHaven

- See your designs and art work prominently displayed on the site
- Make the JangHaven site more aesthetically pleasing
- Receive the gratitude and companionship of your teammates and the other staff


Application Process:

Please submit a DM to @Tofu and @stroppyse with the following:

- let us know that you're interested in the GFX position

- embed a piece of original design or include a link

- tell us about your interest in Asian entertainment



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