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[Release Notes] 0.5.0


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  • The Developer Mode has been made available for our top founders to bring custom changes from the Admin Control Panel.
  • Invision Community software version has been updated to v.4.4.10
  • Anti-Defense Spam installed.
  • Feature Plan added.
  • Suggestions added.
  • Bug Reports added
  • Release Notes added.
  • Core forum sections added.
  • PM notice displays when composing a private message.
  • Clubs & Blogs have been implemented for future community involvement.
  • Online indicator to the forums page.
  • 'Mark Message as Unread' feature added in private messages
  • Group formatting in mentions added.
  • 'Remove Forums Title' from Forums Index
  • Partial Discord Integration Widget added.
  • JangHaven Light Mode 4.4 (Beta) available!

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