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Mad for Each Other 이 구역의 미친X [2021]

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Mad for Each Other

이 구역의 미친X (lit. The Crazy X in this Area)


Director: Lee Tae Gon

Writer: Ah Kyung

Broadcast: kakao tv, Netflix

Episodes: 13 (25 min each)


Cast Main:

Jung Woo as Noh Hwi Oh

Oh Yeon Seo as Lee Min Kyung


Cast Supporting:

Ahn Woo Yeon as Sang Yeob

Lee Soo Hyun as Soo Hyun

Kim Nam Hee as Seon Ho

Baek Ji Won as In Ja

Lee Hye Eun as Sun Young

Lee Yeon Du as Joo Ri

Jung Seung Kil as Manager Kim



Drama summary:

No Hwi Oh is a detective in the violent crimes division in Seoul's Gangnam Police Station. He thinks he is doing well until an incident happens and he turns into a crazy person who can't control his temper.


Lee Min Kyung is a woman who is caught up in her own delusions and compulsions. She is living an ordinary life as a pretty woman with a good job until an incident that causes her life to break down. As a result, she is unable to trust anyone and is trapped in a prison of her own making. Her delusions also cause others around her to become angry. 


One rainy day, they have a series of unfortunate encounters unaware that they are also next door neighbors and share the same psychiatrist.


cr: MyDramaList.com, Netflix.com


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I was looking forward to a good comedy when I heard of this drama. Both Jung Woo and Oh Yeon Seo are very good actors who have been underrated, and I was curious about the pairing. The fact that the writer is a complete unknown gave me some misgivings though.


After 1 episodes, I'm not sure where I fall on this drama. There are some entertaining bits, and I'm looking forward to the clearing up of some of the misunderstandings between the 2 leads. However, there is quite a bit of potty humor in the first episode of which I'm not a big fan. Since an episode is only 20 minutes, it seems like a waste (excuse the semi-pun) to have it taken up by that, and makes me think that the writer is a true amateur which can make for a rough ride.


The first episode does make the premise clearer though. Both the male lead and female lead due to incidents in their pasts have developed personality disorders. Noh Hwi Oh has anger management issues, losing his temper over anything and everything, which coupled with his size does make him seem rather threatening. Having said that, Lee Min Kyung after a run in with NHO starts seeing him everywhere and comes tot he conclusion that he is stalking her and wants to harm her. The truth is that LMK has OCD, paranoia, and delusions. And, LMK sees NHO everywhere because they live in the same building as neighbors. They just had not run into each other before. They also see the same psychiatrist, so see each other at the hospital and on the way which only serves to heighten LMK's paranoia.


I'm not sure how much back story this drama will explore since it's such a short length drama, but I am hoping to see NHO and LMK have an effect on each other, possibly providing some balance for each other.


We'll see. Unfortunately, it just doesn't have the budget and production value of the bigger dramas, but I'm hoping that the writing and acting will elevate it.


Anyway, I'm willing to give it at least a 3 episode watch, since it airs Mon, Tues, Wed with 20 min episodes each day.


Btw, the Korean title seems to be referring to who is the crazier one in their vicinity.

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