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National Team Wife 국가대표 와이프 [2021-2022]

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(National Team Wife) is an upcoming South Korean television series starring Han Da-gam, Han Sang-jin, Shin Seung-hwan, Seo In-seok, and Shim Ji-ho.The series directed by Choi Ji-young, revolves around Seo Cho-hee, who struggles to raise the standard of life through a house in Gangnam, but she realizes that happiness is not about the house, but the loving people living in the house who care for each other. The daily drama is slated to premiere on KBS1 on October 4, 2021 and will air on every weekday at 20:30 (KST).



Main Role

Han Da Gam as Seo Cho Hee 
Shim Ji Ho as Seo Kang Rim
Han Sang Jin as Kang Nam Goo

Support Role

Kim Jae In as Gu Roo Mi
Shin Seung Hwan as Bang Hyung Do
Shin Hyun Tak as Kang Seok Goo
Kim Na On as Oh Geum Sung
Kim Tae Yeon as Kang Ri Ah
Lee Chae Bin as Bang Sa Rang
Kim Duk Hyun as Go Sung Man
Kim Ga Ran as Yeo Eui Kyung
Ahn Jung Ho as Ok Su Hyun
Han So Hyun as Lee Mae Ri
Jo Eun Sook as Oh Poong Geum
Yoon Da Young as Seo Bo Ri
Jo Hyang Gi as No Won Joo
Oh Soo Min as Choi Sun Hae
Choi Jong Nam as Soo Sun Joong
Jung Bo Min as Han Seul Ah
Geum Bo Ra as Na Sun Deok
Yang Mi Kyung as Oh Jang Geum
Kim Chae Yoon as Song Pa Ran
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I watched ep. 1. Still unable to figure out what is going on. I know that the FL moved to a new house with her husband, MIL and daughter. She is having trouble at work.  Shim Ji Hoo is a lawyer obsessed with cleanness. He seems to be the FL brother. The FL goes to pick up anchovies and dried pollack from her mother's diner because her MIL requested it. When she comes home, it is messy and there are unwashed dishes in the sink. She starts washing them angrily.

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Seems that the FL has asked her husband for a divorce?


The MIL is something else yet again. It's kind of funny how proud she is of her son, but so not appreciative of his wife who supported him and earned the money to get him through grad school. Then again, I guess that's typical, in dramas anyway, for the mother to be blind to her own children's flaws while nitpicking everyone else's flaws.


4 hours ago, Nohamahmoud2002 said:

Seems that Shim Ji Hu likes his student.


Definitely looks like it. He didn't like being set up on the blind date anyway.


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39 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

Seems that the FL has asked her husband for a divorce?


I read that in some comments but I guess it is in ep. 7?  Not watched it yet.


I really prefer Shim Ji Hoo's story, I am watching because of it. The wife's story is a bit boring.

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The divorce wasn't real. It's the FL trying to figure out how to qualify to get an apartment in Gangnam. She thought that if she was a single mom she might be able to qualify for more assistance or something to afford it.


On 10/12/2021 at 11:57 AM, Nohamahmoud2002 said:

I really prefer Shim Ji Hoo's story, I am watching because of it. The wife's story is a bit boring.


I've only seen him in a couple of dramas, and he had makjang characters in both! :lmao2:


Agree that the wife story is a bit boring, and her husband is rather weak and her MIL is a straight up nightmare though at least not rich so she can't do truly evil things. Then again, I guess if MIL was rich then she would have insisted that her son marry a rich woman rather than one who had to work to support him. :P

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CH keeps lamenting her bad luck whenever she meets her school friends. She lies about leaving Gangnam. I feel she is depressed. But really she has a good job and nice daughter. I think she should try to save up slowly and buy a house but not rush off things. Her husband and BIL are useless, but what can we do? It is always the case in dailies lol.

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On 10/14/2021 at 12:30 AM, stroppyse said:

I've only seen him in a couple of dramas, and he had makjang characters in both!


I saw him in a couple of episodes from Love till the end, but liked him in The return of superman 




He is a good father.


Anyway, I like the fact that SA works at the clothes repair shop. It is next to the restaurant of KR's mom, this means they will meet more often.

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