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  1. @Tofu Hope you have fun and be safe! @JenL I just never heard of Providoor from anyone. And didn't see any ads about it either. I have never tried Philippe but @TRaNz has and he loves it a lot. It's one of his go-to French cuisine. I think if the lockdown continues or happens again, I might actually try out Providoor. Yes please, the foodie thread needs some new entries! Yeah I'm still at the office. I'm due for my second dose of vaccine in a few more weeks so hopefully this will help... 💪🏻 The % of side effects are low but the risk is there and we just never know if we could be that unlucky one - that's why I think it's scary. Not saying I'm not worried about Pfizer either, which I do (knowing how dodgy manufacturers can be), so I waited for a while. At work there are people who got AZ and they are fine too. Most had Pfizer, they are good too. Some reacted to it slightly badly for the 2nd shot (lethargic) and most people have COVID (sore) arm.
  2. @Alice Wonderland No official Eng sub yet. It'll take a while for VIU to release subbed BTS and for now, I've only seen C-subs on Weibo. And below is a cut version. English subbed of Press Con Aiya, I totally forgot to post the below gif which captured Ahn Hyo Seop's "shocked" (?) expression really well. Well done, AHS!
  3. @TRaNz I never knew Providoor until now! It has Philippe, Rockpool, Longrain, Cumulus and Sake! The others I don't know hahaha! Does it taste good, @JenL? EASI I have heard of but didn't use. Actually TraNz, Society is doing Father's Day meal within 10 km. Vue de Monde and Attica too are doing a at home meal. But honestly with Vue de Monde's price of $275, I think I'll wait xD To be honest, I think places like Philippe I wait till lockdown finishes. Fine dining is not just about the food but also experiencing the ambient, atmosphere and services. Oh wow @JenL thank goodness you're OK. I voluntarily test it once because I was coughing put of nowhere during the first lockdown. Wanted to have a peace of mind. I'm also worried that with the exposure site getting closer to my workplace that it's just going to be a matter of time that someone brings it to work and gave it to us all. It'd be like a Domino effect.
  4. I'm dying from laughing guys. @bairama Make sure you watch E3. I'm not even half way through and I'm laughing out loud... YY was so funny. In the game they had to wear a huge teacup costume & YY couldn't get up once he fell forward and just when you thought he finally got up and then he fell backwards The older team cheats so much
  5. [KCON:TACT 4 U] SF9 - Believer [KCON:TACT 4 U] SF9 - Now or Never
  6. SF9 2nd Photo Book [COMMA] TEASER VIDEO
  7. @SilverMoonTea Bahahahaha I had a feeling I spelled it wrong but memory is fading. I've corrected it :P I wrote that post while at work so was working on a super small window so even grammar mistake didn't have time to check. @Chocolate Bahahahaha I laughed at the bit about "kiasu". But I think your govt may have foreseen that even if you buy more, you wouldn't operate at a loss since you can resell it. Interesting that you guys didn't pick AZ, unlike AU - pfffff. We even got a deal to make it here and now nobody wants AZ if they could get Pfizer. Speaking about Moderna, I read that Japan has rejected it due to contamination. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/sep/02/japans-moderna-covid-vaccine-rollout-hit-by-recall-and-contamination-scares
  8. @Chocolate Question. Are all Singaporeans vaccinated? Why is SG giving out more vaccines to other countries (just read news you guys also give 100k of Moderna to Brunei)? Do you guys manufacture them or you've bought too many? LOL Singaporeans wouldn't want to visit Brunei (do you?) especially now have local active cases everyday. @Tofu Where are you going? Are you guys allowed to go to Canada? Weren't you planning on visiting Soju (nearly wrote Hanyeon, his old username - hope I spelled it right, memory is fading) before? Did that ever happen? Hahaha true @abs-oluteM cannot tell her son "Stop watching TV"... but technically my Dad yells at us all the time about this and he himself was not hardworking back in his old days (I hear so much gossips about their old times when I went travelling with him & visited his old friends).
  9. Lol it's OK, coz...AHS is my Oppa too 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  10. Yeah it was me who mentioned the goblin. @abs-oluteMSomehow I thought it was subbed as that when I watched it at the dark side. But my downloaded (with Viki sub) didn't mention that! Are you guys talking about the Elle video? I think if you wait a bit, it will come with Eng subs. Have a look at other videos as indicator.
  11. A ferret I think. Haha Park Gyu Young was memorable as the spoilt brat in Romance is a Bonus Book. Good thing is she got a character growth. You should totally check out Sweet Home. She's in there too (on Netflix)
  12. Yayyy, Team Yang Yang win the second Hide & Seek game in E2! Idol YY cr: Wow-YangYang
  13. @Tofu I was so bored I started watching The Irresistable variety show, with YY in it... the one where he had a laughing fit. I'm only on episode 1 and annoyed these younger men are losing the games to the older ones!! C'mon, man! But honestly YY was caught because the fans (or public) recognised him! Tsk.
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