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Destined / Chang Feng Du 长风渡 [2023]


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Destined / Chang Feng Du 长风渡



Chinese Title: Chang Feng Du / 长风渡

English Title: Destined
Director: Yin Thao (Previous work: Love and Redemption, Who Rules the World, Ancient Love Poetry)
Screenwriter: Rao Jun (Previous work: Ancient Love Poetry, A Girl Like Me)
Genre: Historical
Episodes: 40
Broadcasting Network: iQIYI
Airing Date: June 18th, 2023



Liu Yu Ru, daughter of a merchant, has only one hope in life: to find a good husband and marry into a good family so that she could escape from her own family composed of her very sick mother, her cruel stepmother and her neglectful father. Therefore, she trains very hard to become a perfect lady whom anyone would want as a wife and a daughter-in-law.


She thinks she's finally succeeded when she marries the rich young master Gu Jiu Si. But she realizes that her husband despises her, as he thinks she's only a gold-digger, and would rather spend his time in brothels than with his wife.


Yu Ru finally understands that she must take her destiny into her own hands and that she cannot rely on others to survive. She learns business with her mother-in-law, eventually earning her place in the family, and even succeeds in taming her husband, becoming able to stand up to him and change him from a drunken playboy into a brave, honest and righteous man.


This is the story of a weak and pitiful lady who grows up to become a strong and smart woman who no longer needs anyone to survive and can stand up for herself, even gaining the love of a husband who despised her and changing him for the best. (Credit)



Official Websites 
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Bai Jing Ting as Gu Jiu Si



Song Yi as Liu Yu Ru


Supporting Cast


Liu Xue Yi as Luo Zi Shang

Zhang Hao Wei as Ye Shi An

Zhang Rui as Zhou Ye

Zhao Zi Qi as Jiang Rou


Character Chart.


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