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"Unicorn" is a comedic drama about the CEO of a start-up company, "McCom" and the crew that keeps the business afloat.


Directer : Kim Hye Young (김혜영)
Screenwriter : In Ji Hye (인지혜) 

                                    Yoo Byung Jae (유병재)
TV Channel/Platform: Coupang Play

Episodes: 12
Airing dates: August, 26 ~ Upcoming
Airs On: Friday


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coupang play

Shin Ha Kyun as Steve.




Won JinA Instagram

  Won Jin Ah as Ashley.



 Support Role


  Lee Yoo Jin as Jay.

  Kim Young Ah as Monica.

  Bae Yoo Ram as Jessie.

  Bae Yoon Kyung as Carol.

  Kim Wook as Philip.

  Lee Joong Ok as Kwak Seung Bum.

  Heo Jun Seok as Lee Geun Ho.

  Kim Dae Geon as Lee Kang Hwi.
















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By Lee Gyu Lee.



Posters for the new sitcom, "Unicorn," left, and the drama series "Little Women" / Courtesy of Coupang Play, tvN.


Star directors' new series to A-listers' small screen comeback expected in coming weeks.


An array of series by top directors and stars are set to be released in the coming weeks, with genres ranging from sitcom and romantic comedy to a mystery drama.


Director Lee Byeong Heon, who is known for leading the hit comedy film "Extreme Job" (2019) and the romantic comedy series "Be Melodramatic" (2019), is releasing a new sitcom, "Unicorn" as a creative director.


Coupang Play's new original, written by TV personality and screenwriter Yoo Byung Jae, follows the chaotic struggles of people at a startup, led by its CEO, Steve (Shin Ha Kyun).


Along with the narcissistic, fanatical boss, the workers at the company, including money-hungry Ashley (Won Jin Ah) and mysterious Jay (Lee You Jin), must find their way to survive in the tough startup world.


The series, set to hit the streaming service on August 26, is directed by Kim Hye-young, who co-led Lee Byeong Heon's series "Be Melodramatic."



a link from a source: 




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By Lee Ji An.

Coupang Play's new original sitcom 'Unicorn' shows chaos and comedy of K start-ups.



From left, actors Heo Jun Seok, Lee Joong Ok, Shin Ha Kyun, Kim Young A, Bae Yoon Kyung, Won Jin Ah, Kim Wook, Lee Yoo Jin and Bae Yoo Ram, pose as unicorns before the local press during Coupang Play's new sitcom "Unicorn" on Monday at Conrad Seoul in Yeongdeungpo District, Western Seoul [YONHAP]



Writer Yoo Byung Jae speaks during the press conference of Unicorn. Photo = Yonhap.





















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My Daily Reporter Myung Hee Sook.



Actor Shin Ha Kyun is back with a heavily armed sitcom with a sensual smile. It proved in the first episode that the bold choice was never wrong.


In Coupang Play's 'Unicorn', which was first released at 8 p.m on the 26th, the story centered on the startup company McCom.


CEO Steve (Shin Ha Kyun) introduced product development using brain waves. Everyone cheered for the dazzling PPT and innovative product introduction as if they were watching Steve Jobs, but the actual product presented was 'Chavne', a male-only hair machine that calmly presses the side hair using brain waves.





a link from a source:








hai everyone. :Party01:  this drama is really good. good plot and humors are really enjoyable. the first and second episodes, which were first released on the night of August, 26 lasted less than two hours, seem to act as a strong pitching that can hold up to 6 weeks until the 12, twice a week. the crew that makes up the startup McCom is a situation that makes viewers look forward to the upcoming episodes by taking off their masks and exuding their hidden talents. best of all, the combination is good. among them, Ashley and Lee Yoo Jin as Jay, their chemistry seem to be a lot of fun to watch which is in charge of the only romance in the scenes. besides that, Steve (versatile actor Shin Ha Kyun) has a knack for the sense of humor and it's impossible to erase his feeling. the quality of laughter doesn't cross the line without being exaggerated or lacking is like a 'veteran'. life is a dream. let's continue. hwaiting. :SquirtleWonderfull:



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Newsen Reporter Lee Min Ji.




The pleasant chemistry of the McCom crew were revealed. Coupang Play sitcom 'Unicorn', which has been receiving a lot of response since its first release on August 26, released a special office poster on August, 31.


Coupang Play's sitcom 'Unicorn' is a chaotic K-startup struggle between McCom CEO Steve (Shin Ha Kyun) and the crew are slowly turning.


The published poster stimulates curiosity with the appearance of crews gathered around the desk as if it was McCom meeting time. The video of the 'Unicorn' poster shooting site released together raises curiosity about the work by conveying the pleasant synergy of the actors are perfectly expressed their unique characters.

















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Osen, Reporter Choi Na Young.





Hip-hop artist pH-1 will be the first OST of the sitcom 'Unicorn'.


The OST Part.1 'Dreamers' of Coupang Play sitcom 'Unicorn', which pH-1 participated in, will be released today (2nd) at 2 pm on major music platforms.


Dreamers is a song that was inserted into the ending credits of 'Unicorn' and has been inundated with requests for the release of music from viewers since the first release of the sitcom. This song, written by pH-1 to comfort and brings hope by sending a message of encouragement for McCom crews whereby  they sometimes fail and walk in a different direction from others.



[Photo] Most Contents, Higher Music Records.


The range music of 'Unicorn' came from the music director of Netflix's original 'DP.' pH-1 is a hip-hop artist has established his own position as a singing rap representative with melodic rapping. Coupang Play sitcom 'Unicorn' OST Part.1 'Dreamers', in which pH-1 participated in singing, can be enjoyed through major online music platforms starting at 6 pm on September, 2.










Courtesy of Coupang Play.









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By Sports Seoul.




Actor Shin Ha Kyun is captivating the small room with his colorful performances in sitcom 'Unicorn.' 


In the Coupang Play sitcom 'Unicorn', which was released on the 2nd, Steve (Shin Ha Kyun) finally pushed the wheel that everyone was opposed to. In addition, with Monica (played by Kim Young Ah) of the HR team, they tried to innovate such as horizontal anti-speech culture and introduction of in-house money. However, the in-house money system led to endless inflation, and the anti-speaking culture faltered.






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Osen Reporter Jang Woo Young.



Photo=Coupang Play.


Uncontrollable use of irreverence language she spoke out with a face that seemed like she didn't know even a single word was more shocking and reversal. Even then, she disarms the viewers with his lovely charm. The unicorn-like character in sitcom 'Unicorn' is Won Jin Ah 'Ashley.' 


Coupang Play's sitcom 'Unicorn' is a work depicting the struggle between Steve (Shin Ha Kyun), CEO of McCom and the crew in the chaotic K-start up grand challenge. After the first had released on the 26th of last month, a total of 4 episodes were released until the last 2nd.



'a link from a source'










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On 9/1/2022 at 8:36 PM, twink_twink_ said:

I'm currently watching it which is considered to be the sitcom series. chingu, how about you?

I'm not watching but I like the male actor so I'm still deciding if it'll be worth my time. What do you think of it?

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