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Bad Prosecutor 진검승부 [2022]


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Bad Prosecutor 진검승부



Korean Title: Jingeomseungbu / 진검승부
English Title: Bad Prosecutor / True Sword Battle (Literal Translation)
Director: Kim Sung Ho (Previous work: Move To Heaven)
Writer: Im Young Bin (Previous work: Sketch)
Network: KBS
Episodes: 12
Release Date: October 5th, 2022 (Wednesdays/Thursdays)
English Subtitles: 
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A story about a prosecutor named Jin Jung who is armed with bad manners and delinquency. He breaks down the sanctuaries created by wealth and power, and he even takes down the greedy people living in those sanctuaries. He uses expedient methods over conventional ones, tricks over standard procedures, and delinquency over sincerity in order to stop the corrupt authorities from undermining society. (Credit)



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Do Kyung Soo as Jin Jung



Lee Se Hee as Shin A Ra




Ha Joon as Oh Do Hwan




Kim Sang Ho as Park Jae Kyeong




Lee Si Un as Go Joong Do




Joo Bo Young as Baek Eun Ji




Kim Tae Woo 


Yeon Jun Suk as Lee Cheol Ki

Kim Chang Wan

Choi Kwang Il as Lee Jang Won

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Prosecutor Jin Jung and his team is so badass! I love how they work together (even if one of them is forced, haha!). Jin Jung is straight up crazy. I don't think "bad" is the correct term to describe him. He's thinks of the craziest ideas to get what he wants. Jin Jung is after the deputy chief prosecutor and will stop at nothing to solve the crime he's committed. 


The villain prosecutor is quite hard to appetize. He's annoying, obnoxious, and will do whatever to move up the social ladder. I remembered the actor also played the same character in Crazy Love. I disliked him then too. 


Anyway, I was hoping they wrapped up this storyline in the first two episodes, but it seems like it'll get dragged out a bit. So far, it's a good start to a new, yet again, lawyer series. 

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Content Writing Reporter Kim Saet Byul.




Neo Entertainment, Vlad Studio.



Actor Do Kyung Soo 'EXO's D.O.' is singing for the OST of the KBS2 drama Bad Prosecutor.


According to SM Entertainment on October 7, "Do Kyung Soo is singing the OST himself. On the 19th, the song 'Bite', which is the OST of KBS2's new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Bad Prosecutor', will be released through various music sites."


In 'Bad Prosecutor', D.O. plays the role of prosecutor Jin Jung, who relies on action and trickery rather than traditional practices of law.



'click on this link for more details'






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Bad Prosecutor  •  teaser  •  photos  archive hosted by KBS  •  Wavve















Edited by twink_twink_


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Content Writing MK Sports Reporter Kim Na Young.


Do Kyung Soo (EXO's D.O.) captured the small screen in 'Bad Prosecutor'.

Do Kyung Soo is well-received for leading the drama in an exciting way in the KBS 2TV Wednesday-Thursday drama Bad Prosecutor as 'Jin Jung', a badass prosecutor who has never been there before.


In the last 5 episodes, Jin Jung, who was urgently arrested as a suspect in the murder case of Deputy Prosecutor Lee Jang Won (Choi Kwang Il), escaped the interrogation room by receiving a seolleongtang with a hidden key in handcuffs. The story of continuously digging into the real culprit with tenacity drew attention.






In particular, Jin Jung remembers the lessons of Park Jae Kyung (Kim Sang Ho) and the advice of Shin A Ra (Lee Se Hee) in the past, and decides to find the drug maker first, catches a group of people running away from the club by driving a bike. It succeeded in suppressing it and presented catharsis to the viewers.


In this process, D.O.’s character Jin Jung proves he’s willing to battle fire with fire by punishing the bad guys using their own methods. Do Kyung Soo received a hot response by gracefully performing the actions of running, rolling, and flying on the roof, as well as maneuvering between expedients and tricks, with one goal of punishing the evil crowd, with a light movement.


On the other hand, 'Bad Prosecutor' is an action investigation drama' made the sanctuary created by wealth and power, and even the hordes of evil living in it.













Jin Jung dogged determination to deliver justice at all costs makes the viewer root for the little guy. One can only hope that this ‘bad prosecutor’ does good on his promise and learns a thing or two about himself on his journey. :pandaangel:  Of course the ‘tactic’ of the prosecutors’ office turns out corrupt and of course the rot goes all the way to the office’s upper echelons, and of course our hero publicly exposes the Deputy Chief Prosecutor’s nefarious ways. Jin Jung, he's so amazing. :PikaSwag:


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Written By Reporter Choi Hye Jin, Star News.



SM Entertainment.


EXO's Suho participated in the OST of 'Bad Prosecutor.'


According to SM Entertainment on November 27, the OST Part.4 'Call Me A Freak' sung by Suho is a song that combines rhythmic and funk rock guitar riffs with intense drum and bass performances.















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Written By Reporter Cha Hye Young Ten Asia.



(Photo=Neo Entertainment, Vlad Studio)



An unusual two-shot between Do Kyung Soo and Yeon Jun Seok was captured in 'Bad Prosecutor'.


KBS 2TV's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Bad Prosecutor' amidst the investigation that coolly breaks down the sanctuary created by wealth and power, and even the hordes of evil living in it. With a clever retaliation method that makes viewers grip, the evil cartel is being executed and captured the small screens of Su and Mok.


In the last broadcast, Jin Jung (Do Kyung Soo) captured Kim Tae Ho (Kim Tae Woo), the chief of the prosecutor's office and blew a needle at Kim Tae Ho's low self-confidence.


In the 9th episode, which will be aired on the 2nd, Jin Jung and Lee Cheol Gi (Yeon Jun seok) are caught on a motor boat on the sea where the wind blows and they are heading somewhere.


A scene in the play where Jin Jung and Lee Cheol Gi wearing sunglasses stand tall on the bow of a motor boat. The two men carefully stare at the front with a dignified pose, irrespective of the sea breeze blowing their hair.


Moreover, after they moved on the truck, they sent a big greeting to someone. Indeed, 'Bad Inspector' is raising the question of who the person he went to meet while leaving the land and heading to the sea, and what kind of investigation he is working on is raising curiosity.







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Content Writing Kim Do Won



'Bad Prosecutor' relieving criminal investigation drama drew poetic justice and ended with view rate of 6.3%






According to Nielsen Korea, on Friday, the last episode of KBS 2TV's "Bad Prosecutor," which aired on November 10 at 9:50 p.m., recorded a view rate of 6.3%.


In the final episode, prosecutor Jin Jung (played by Do Kyung Soo) takes Seo Hyun Kyu (Kim Chang Wan) held power, shook the political, business circles to the court and sentences him to death.


Jin Jung finally returned to Division Three of Detective, was sent back to the civil service office, but he got a request to investigate some cases that are difficult to deal with for his own reasons.


Courtroom scene in drama "Bad Prosecutor" tried to stand out by making the prosecutors the main character, who run around using various expedients and tricks to punish the evil deed.


Jin Jung shows action scenes, bringing around his wooden sword, faking reports that there is a bomb installed in a flight to stop the flight, and trespassing different places without a search warrant in order to hide evidences.


There were opinions saying that the development of the story was too stereotypical and some scenes were absurd, but there were also opinions saying that it was relieving to see how the rebellious prosecutor broke the corruption of the power holders.


Most of all, the acting of Do Kyoung Soo, who came back after his discharge from the military, was on point. He played the role of a prosecutor with a cheesy image and led the center of the play by performing cool action scenes and emotional acting. 




(Photo = provided by SM Entertainment, Neo Entertainment, Vlad Studio)







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