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Shu Jin Ren Jia ( Shu Brocade Family ) 2024

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This will be a Tencent Drama and TSY is confirmed. However , the rumoured male lead as of now is Zhang xincheng. So keeping it Reserved.


Synopsis : In the Tang Dynasty, Ji Yingying, a young lady from Huanhua Dyeing Workshop in Yizhou, and Zhao Xiuyuan, a big brocade family in Yizhou, were childhood sweethearts. However, due to family pressure, Zhao Xiuyuan could only marry Niu Wuniang, the daughter of the official Niu family. Ji met Yang Jingyuan, the third son of Jin Wang Yang's family. Yang Jingyuan fell in love with her at first sight, but Ji Yingying was very dissatisfied with Yang Jingyuan. Soon the two became a pair of happy friends, and their feelings were getting warmer. At this time, the prince of Nanzhao Kingdom, the White King, visited Yizhou. This man coveted Ji’s dyeing skills and used the Zhao family’s secret dyeing recipe to steal the Ji’s dyeing recipe. The Yang family's visit to raise relatives also allowed the Ji family to temporarily survive the crisis. The White King calculated the failure of Ji's family, so he attacked Yizhou and took Ji Yingying away. Yang Jingyuan led the army to protect his homeland and finally repelled the enemy and the family was reunited.

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