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Mr Plankton Mr. 플랑크톤 [Q4, 2024]

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Plot Summary

Nobody loves Hae Jo (Woo Do-Hwan), because nobody, including Hae Jo, knows who is his real father. This make people think he is like an impure substance among them. One day, he hears news that will change his life. He decides to go look for his real father. He happens to have Jo Jae-Mi (Lee Yoo-Mi) accompany him on his journey.


Jo Jae-Mi always wanted to have a family. She is going to marry Eo Heung (Oh Jung-Se), who is the successor in the Eo Family. The Eo family, including their mother Beom Ho-Ja (Kim Hae-Sook), run a food company. They don't like Jo Jae-Mi as Eo Heung's wife, but accept her because Eo Heung told them that she is pregnant. On the day of their wedding and before the wedding ceremony starts, Jo Jae-Mi disappears with Hae Jo (source: AsianWiki).


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