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Hong Rang 탄금 [Upcoming 2024]


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Hong Rang 탄금



Korean Title: Hong Rang / 탄금
English Title:
Adapted FromTangeum: Geumeul Samkida (Novel) by Jang Da Hye
Director: Kim Hong Sun (Previous work: Money Heist Korea)
Writer: Jang Da Hye (Novelist) and Kin Jin Ah (Previous work: Dr. Brain)
Network: Netflix
Release Date: 2024
English Subtitle: Netflix
Official Website


Hong Rang (Lee Jae Wook) was born into a wealthy family and he was the successor to a large merchants' association in Joseon, but he suddenly disappeared at the age of 8. His older step-sister Jae Yi (Jo Bo Ah) has never given up hope on finding Hong Rang. His mother, Min Yeon Ui (Uhm Ji Won), who is arrogant and the most powerful figure in the merchants' association, has experienced difficult times since his disappearance. After 12 years, Hong Rang, now a 20-year-old man, returns, but he doesn't remember anything prior to his disappearance. He also carries with him a secret. Jae Yi suspects that Hong-Rang is not the real Hong Rang and she becomes attracted to him. (Credit)



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