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White Cat Legend 大理寺少卿游 [Pending]


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White Cat Legend 大理寺少卿游



Chinese Title: 大理寺少卿游 / Da Li Si Shao Qing You
English Title: White Cat Legend
Novel: Da Li Si Ri Zhi (大理寺日志) by RC
Director: Wang Wei (Previous work: Royal Feast)
Screenwriter: Wei Si Yuan and Hei Yu, Jiang Lai
Episodes: 36
Broadcasting Network: iQIYI
Airing Date: TBD



Set in the glorious Tang dynasty, it revolves around the Dali Temple and its "white cat leader," Li Bing (Ding Yuxi), as he leads his team members to unravel different kinds of mysteries and adventures. (Credit)


Official Websites:
Baidu | Weibo | Douban


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Main Cast.

Ding Yuxi as Li Bing

Zhou Qi as Chen Shi

Wei Zhe Ming as Qiu Jingzhi

Vesta Ding Jia Wen as Cui Pei

Zhang Yi Cong as Sun Pao


Supporting Cast. 


Feng Man as Wang Qi

Wa Er as Ali Baba

Ren Min as Shangguan Qin

He Feng Tian as Lai Zhongshu

Wang Xi Chao as Yi Zhihua

Yang Gen as Hu Si


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