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The Judge From Hell 지옥에서 온 판사 [TBD 2024]


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The Judge From Hell 

지옥에서 온 판사




Park Shin Hye will be starring as Kang Bit Na, a demon from hell who has entered the body of a judge. Judge Kang Bit Na is blessed with beauty and an elite background, but her true identity is a demon who has come from hell on a mission: she must punish those who feel no remorse despite being responsible for the death of other people, and her duty is to send them to hell by killing them.


Meanwhile, Kim Jae Young will be playing Han Da On, a warm-hearted detective in the violent crimes unit. Not only is he caring and gentle, but he is also a sharp and perceptive police officer with exceptional powers of observation. Despite being so warm that he can even melt the heart of a demon, Han Da On is secretly hiding a painful emotional wound that no one else knows about.

[Source: Soompi , Naver]


Number of Episodes: 0

Airing date : 2024

Aired On: Friday, Saturday

Original Network: SBS

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