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Treasure Island 보물섬 [Upcoming]

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English Title (Literal): Treasure Island

Director: Jin Chang Gyu

Writer: Lee Myung Hee

Episodes: TBA

Broadcast Station: SBS

Streaming Site: TBA

Schedule: TBA

Website: NamuWiki | Naver | MDL


Plot Summary


The drama tells the story about a man, Seo Dong Joo, who hacked a political slush fund worth 2 trillion won to survive and then lost all his memories.




  • Park Hyung Sik - Seo Dong Joo
  • Heo Joon Ho
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Park Hyung Sik Headlines Political-Crime Drama 'Treasure Island'


On March 26, Park Hyung Sik has been confirmed to headline the political-crime series "Treasure Island," penned by the brilliant writer Lee Myung Hee.


Based on the news cited by a media outlet, the actor is poised to continue his success story with this new series.


"Treasure Island" follows the story of a man who hacks into a 2 trillion KRW political slush fund to survive, and a political fixer who, unexpectedly, kills the man and loses the 2 trillion KRW.


However, the hacker survives but returns with no memory, giving the viewers an unpredictable narrative and exciting plot.


In the forthcoming series "Treasure Island," Park Hyung Sik will play the character Seo Dong Joo, the lead of the external cooperation team at Daehan Group's chairman's secretariat.


Dong Joo was born with photographic memory. While he is known as a loyal man in the company, he harbors a hidden ambition to take over Daehan, making him a character of ambition with a secretive family history.


"Treasure Island" will be helmed by "Military Prosecutor Doberman" director Jin Chang Gyu. It has been said that the team is currently in the casting phase and once everything is settled, the production will start filming in June.



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